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"Data Error" when unzipping patches

Hello, I just downloaded 2 patches.

When unzipping them, 7-Zip gave errors "Unexpected end of Data" and "Data Error". These patches failed to patch.

A Very Super Mario World

Luigi and the Island of Mystery


Is this a known issue? Just how common is this?
I get the same errors, and that's just using Windows' Explorer to open the zips. Did something screw up after moderation?
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It happens to me too #wario{-_-?}

This must be a sitewide issue, because I just tried unzipping a bunch of other patches and got the same results.
Yea uh, it appears to happen to every single SMW Hack submission. That's pretty bad. We'll look into it!!
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i was wondering what was up- thanks guys!
I believe it's been fixed. Can any of you try to download whichever hacks gave you an error and tell us if it works now?
The two posted in the original post work for me now, anyway.
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Yep! Just downloaded those, and 2 others - all extracted without issue :)