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Happy Swiss National Day!

August 1st is the Swiss National Day. On that day, the Swiss will take a break from adjusting watches and making super-hard obstacle courses disguised as hotels to watch fireworks.

Happy Swiss Day from an Australian! Here, we obviously don't celebrate it, but i decided to mention it regardless 'cause why not.

swiss meme whatever happy swiss day
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I think the threads like that aren't really good and necessary. Discussing about a Swiss festival in the general discussion forum seems weird, specifically if you aren't from Switzerland.

Things like that should be discussed in The Bar & Grill, but remember they shouldn't break the thread's rules. If you create a thread about sth like that, it may not grow any (decent) discussion.
I have a Discord server as well!
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
Happy Swiss Day. Swiss. I love that word. +
i feel neutral about this
certainly better than threads about the USA's nationalist holidays

the swiss are generally cool
Happy Swiss day! I wish I could visit some national Swiss treasures like the Matterhorn, the nazca and the star factory.
Swish swish swish
Happy Swiss Day!

Swiss is a beautiful, magnificent country.
I would love to live there.

I also remember watching an animation called Heidi, which takes place in Swiss. It was really nice, a bit sad too.
Dawn upon me, morning sun... I anxiously tarry for thee, come to vanquish this horrible era of my life.

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