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Member of the Month - August 2017
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August is here, and for this month we've interviewed the man that released a masterpiece of a hack during the last C3. Ofcourse, I am talking about Blind Devil!

Dan Hey Blind Devil, how are you doing today?
Blind Devil I'm doing well :3

Dan That's great to hear! You've been a member on the site for a little bit over seven years now. What got you to join SMW Central all those years ago, and how did you get into SMW hacking?
Blind Devil Back in 2006 or so, I used to play a lot of SNES games downloaded from a certain Latin American website, called Emunation/Emuarcade.
Blind Devil Someday, I found SMW hacks there, and after several months playing, and seeing more hacks being uploaded, I wondered "man how is this possible".
Blind Devil After googling 'Super Mario World level editor', I found Lunar Magic and this very website. Lurked until 2010, when I finally registered, and here I am now.
Dan So you're not one of the many people that found hacking through an old Flash game or old let's play video. Interesting.
Blind Devil Oh, finding ROM hacks in websites is not that common I guess lol
Dan You must have seen that SMWC has changed a lot over the years. What do you think of how the community has evolved ever since you've first joined?
Blind Devil There was a period I ended up absent from the site events, due to a certain thing I did that made me uneasy to keep participating.
Blind Devil Plus, I had to join the military. Result: like 2 years of inactivity.
Blind Devil Anyway, the community has definitely grown up, and when I returned, I feel I have evolved together.
Dan Is there anything you miss from the old days on SMWC?
Blind Devil I miss some users I used to keep close contact, as well as the Dark Side of the Kingdom collab. This collab was nice because lots of newcomers joined it, and it's kinda rewarding to see the SMW hacking community grow with new people actively contributing to that. Sadly, it was canceled.
Blind Devil I wish I could bring something like this to life, but only time will tell.
Dan Time will tell indeed.

Dan Onto the bigger questions! You released Mushroom Kingdom: Under Crimson Skies in the C3 forums a while ago after working on it for six years. How did you feel when you finally released it?
Blind Devil Well, I worked for about 2 years in it, in fact.
Blind Devil Even though it's not perfect, I'm proud of MKUCS. It's my first successful hack release ever, a dream hack of mine, due to all effort I put into exploring all possible areas of SMW hacking, predominantly making and using my own stuff.
Blind Devil So, in short, it's like a dream fulfilled.
Dan That's something I actually wanted to get to, did you learn how to compose music and write ASM purely for this project? Or was there another reason for learning all of that?
Blind Devil I started music composing and porting in 2010, and in that time, I used to play in a band and compose songs for it.
Blind Devil Fun thing is that all of this began with my DKC3 Water World port, made by ear.
Blind Devil Other than that, composing, learning ASM and improving my drawing skills was mainly for this project, though now I focus on helping other hackers that want to achieve a similar final result.
Dan That's very nice of you to do that! I owe a lot of thanks to you too for helping me out!
Blind Devil You're welcome, being helpful feels good :3
Dan Your hack seems to be inspired by the Legend of Zelda series. What is it that you like from those series?
Blind Devil LoZ is perfect, LoZ is nostalgic... well, I love how their games play, the exploration, the attention to almost every detail... the music, ahhh the music. Man, I love epic, symphonic soundtracks!
Blind Devil It's part of my childhood. And in that time, I didn't even know English. When I started learning, I replayed the old games and liked the storylines a whole lot.
Blind Devil Though I still couldn't play all of them...
Dan There's still enough time!
Dan Anyway, on to the last question before we hop over to some random ones. Despite you now helping other users with their projects, do you have any new projects you're working on all by yourself?
Blind Devil None at the moment. But there are plans for a MKUCS sidestory, starring Luigi.
Blind Devil It'll probably be inspired by Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy if it ever happens.
Dan Ooh! Even more MKUCS! I would love to see that!

Dan Random questions time!
Dan Dogs or cats?
Blind Devil Dogs.
Dan What's your favorite type of food?
Blind Devil Pizza, 'cuz I'm mainstream pizza lover.
Dan 🍕👌
Blind Devil delicious
Dan What is your favorite emoji?
Blind Devil
Blind Devil or
Blind Devil can't decide lul
Dan Which Legend of Zelda game is your favorite?
Blind Devil Twilight Princess!

Dan And that's it for this interview! Is there anything you'd like to say to your friends/the community?
Blind Devil Three things
Blind Devil First, I'd like to dedicate my C3 honorary mention trophy to Daia, my girlfriend. If it wasn't by her, I would have never recorded such song. Love you Daia <3
Blind Devil Secondly, for all people out there: don't ever give up from SMW hacking when you struggle with something! You CAN learn stuff just as I did, so cheers up and don't feel discouraged!
Blind Devil Lastly, thanks SMWC for existing. I owe this site a life.
Dan Those are very sweet words! Thank you for everything, Blind Devil!
Blind Devil Thank you, too, friend! It was a pleasure :3
Congrats Blind Devil. I've heard good things about your hack so I should give it a try.

Inb4 you won't read this untill you're back. Sad!
Blind Devil,
a very good hacker and an excellent music-porter. Absolutely deserved ;3

Congrats #tb{:]}


Congrats dude
You're an excellent hacker in all aspects, an exemplary lover for your girlfriend Daia, and a truly great friend and person to talk with. You can be proud of you, man.
You have my most sincere congratulations. #w{=)}
Congrats dude! I'm surprised at how much you have improved over the years, and your hack seems like a masterpiece (I have yet to play it though). Definitely deserved.

Good interview btw :)
Congrats :> Haven't talked to you much, but you seem very kind and smart, and I'm impressed by your content, so well deserved c:
I'm really glad for your return to the site, and for not only being being an excellent SMW hacker, but also for helping people out with their hacking problems/question even when you already other stuff to work or deal with. I'm also really looking forward for that MKUCS sidestory 👀

Neat interview! You totally deserved MoTM!
A very interessant rom hacker we have here, the luigi sidestory seem nice
Congratulations for the interview my love <3

Hello Guys, I have Discord. DaiaNerd#3629

Very deserved, two friends of mine have played your hack and they said it's very good, so I'll give a try when I have time. Congrats and hope everything goes well with Daia!
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Definitely well deserved. I liked your cldc entry last year.
Congrats!! :)
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