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What was your first relationship like?
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Assuming you already had a boyfriend/girlfriend in the past, what was it like?

For me, it actually wasn't too long ago. I was 14 and it was in the middle of 8th grade, around March or so, and I started talking to this girl in gym class. Well, she actually started talking to me first. The first thing she said to me was "Hello, stranger!", so I said "My name's not stranger, it's Nick!" After that, she told me her name, which won't be disclosed, and then we talked a bit, but then we haven't really talked much again until May. One day, I was on my phone playing some games, and then she came up to me and we started talking some more. She actually seemed very eager to talk to me since she thought I was very fun to talk to. In fact, she even introduced me to some of her friends whom I never talked to again. We actually started talking to each other more and more each day, and I was very happy since I don't really socialize that much in school. Eventually, she asked me out, yes she asked me out, while we were sitting at the lunch table together, and I really liked her, so I said yes. After that, it just turned into constant hugging and kissing and calling each other "boyfriend" and "girlfriend". The funny thing is that several popular kids asked me if I was dating this girl, and they thought we were like the perfect couple. I even texted her a lot, but it was nothing more than "I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! <3". Looking back at these texts makes cringe so much. We even went to the movies together. Once we got to the movies, she took two other couples with her, so it was a triple date, and of course, I didn't even know the other kids at all. During the movie, we just sat together, watched it, held hands, and kissed a few times. After the movie, we took a picture of each other and then we left. On the last day of school we kissed once again, but then I never saw her again since she was going to a different high school. I'm actually kinda glad that this relationship didn't last that long, it only lasted a month, in the first place since I believe that we were too young to date seriously in the first place. Also, in case you're wondering, we didn't have sex. Even now I still feel like I'm too young to get into a serious relationship, as I'm only gonna be a sophomore in high school.

tl;dr: I met a girl in 8th grade, she really liked me, so she asked me out to go to the movies with her, and I said yes. The relationship only lasted a month, and I'm glad it did since all we did was hug and kiss and say we're "dating".

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implying any of us have a social life #wario{>:|}
a dream #wario{<3}#wario{<3}#wario{<3}#wario{<3}#wario{<3}
what are these so-called "relationships" and how does one acquire them
we met on neopets

Relationship? Doesn't that require, like, talking to people?

Hacks I'm working on:

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I had a """"""""""relationship"""""""""" that lasted two weeks when I was 12 and it was a complete joke, we didn't even really like each other and all we did was kiss twice (not even really kissed) and sometimes be together (forcingly it felt to me). It somehow happened after peer pressure from a few guys, why who knows. Maybe pity that I had never been with a girl before. alas
We were still cool as classmates for two or so years after that (pretty much acted like it never happened, I changed so much when I turned 14 anyway).

Whenever I'm on a relationship again, I'll gladly call that my first real relationship :P
Well my first pseudo-relationship (meaning it was with a girl before I realized I was gay) was with a classmate who had been in love with me since middle school. Senior year of high school, we started dating. Just going out to movies and the like. For obvious reasons, I felt uncomfortable being close to her. So I abruptly cut things off with her. Months later, when we both realized we didn't have prom dates, we decided to be each other's. From there, we started up dating again. We spent a good amount of the summer doing stuff together, but right before she left for college, I abruptly broke things off with her again, this time for good. To this day we remain friendly and she knows I'm gay now. I just hope she realizes the way I acted was actually all because of me and not her.

So my first real relationship, this time with a guy, was four years ago. We met on a dating app and would hang out every week or so. We'd have a good time and do a bunch of fun activities. We kept that going for seven months. He could tell, though, that I was still pretty inexperienced with dating and relationships, and he was hoping to settle down, thus we amicably ended our relationship, but we remain good friends to this day. After that, I started playing the field and dating lots of guys, which is cool and keeps life interesting, but from time to time I still desire to have someone steady in my life.
Pretty good so far. I can't complain. Hope it will last much longer!

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My first "relationship" was on my first year of high school when a girl was in love with me and wanted me to call her a different name entirely. I accepted it, but it literally only lasted a few days. We never went out or kissed each other, and it felt more forced on her part than on mine...
There was another girl a few years back who fell in love with me and we hugged each other, but I ended up declining her request to start dating over a different girl I had a crush on (I regretted this afterwards and yes I was an idiot)

I just hope to be on a real relationship this time once I get a real date #thp{;)}
Got way too attached and invested too quickly. I was 16.

She was popular in highschool and I was an introverted metalhead/punk. About a third of the way into the relationship, she started feeling the need to perpetually vocalize her lack of approval for my black clothing, metal jewelry, spikes and long hair, even though for some reason, she did approve of starting a romantic relationship with me in the first place. This goes without saying she was always pushing me to change my appearance.

I had to break it off because I woke the fuck up and decided I deserved better. However, since it was my first relationship, I was willing to put up with that for 10 months.

Apparently, she was gearing up to break it off too, so we decided it was a mutual breakup and we agreed to stay friends. ...After that, she was totally hostile to me from then on and talked a bunch of shit about me to all of her friends and classmates. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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First relationship? Well, shit was awkward as hell, yet very pleasant.
With BMM? It was nice. I don't regret it, even now that it's over.


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I imagine it'll be awkward and she'll have to show me a lot of things. I don't see it happening any time soon anyway, but who knows~


My first relationship wasn't a complete disaster, but it didn't last longer than 3 weeks... and I still lost a great friendship... but it served to learn a few things....

Thinking... Probably I go move my project to a game in Game Maker Studio.

very nice, and then the worst pain i have ever experienced in my life.

e: this is hobz getting real, beyond meta real but real real, please take this sentence seriously

The pain is worth the nice times. The pain is worth the nice times.
The pain is worth the nice times.

Every relationship is a learning experience. Embrace it, dont shy away from them. The pain of regret is stronger than the pain of reject

dont you love it when theyre doing it for attention and not because they actually love you

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I was engaged in my first serious relationship. Things were great until we decided to live together (and worse, share finances) the engagement lasted 50 whole weeks.
it was one wild ride

honestly after it ended ive just had this empty void that i've been unable to fill no matter what i do

its one thing to feel lonely and upset that you've never had a relationship before, its an entirely different beast to deal with the fact that you knew what it was like to be in one and now you no longer are, not being sure if the stars and planets will align and somehow allow another miracle to happen where you find someone else who's interested in you

tldr; was great, the fact that it ended blows, most likely never gonna have another one and i feel like shit because of it

but i tell you what though, i'd never take back the time i invested in it for anything in the world
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