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What was your first relationship like?
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Kinda weird, now that I think about it. After a while, thoughts came up to my head saying "why do i even like this girl in the first place?".

finished it after a month, and i never want a relationship again.
Pretty solid after some giant ups and downs that have occurred over the years that were out of our control.

Engaged and waiting till I have a my own house and not a flat to marry her. Already got two kittens that act like a test run for children so I would say its pretty great.
We was like 5 yrs old and to be honest it was a rather cute experience. We somehow ended up breaking (it's not like it was a serious thing anyway) but we still talk to each other.

take a look at my youtube thingies
I had a sort of online fling with a guy for a month or so. It mostly consisted of both of us being very awkward and ended with both of us finding people closer in physical vicinity.
I've never had a real relationship and don't intend to do so until I'm around mid-20s because I tend to screw small things up, so would likely mess up a big thing too...
My first relationship was okay and probably pretty average. I think you become better at having romantic relationships the more you experience life and grow as a person. That being said, I was only 15 and it was a semi-long distance situation for me and my girlfriend. An upside to not seeing each other everyday was that when we did spend time together it felt really special, however the distance is more or less what caused the relationship to end after about a year.
I loved it.

We did everything together and she liked all the stuff I liked. Every weekend I took her to do something new and fun, be it bowling, amusement parks, going putt putt, go-carting, movies, etc. We even went to Florida together and went to Disney World :> And while we were there we explored the worlds biggest maze, and got to go to this place in Sea World where we get to swim with dolphins! :D

Sadly though, she ended up moving away so that was the end of that. Since her, there were a few, but she was the only one that really wanted to do all that fun stuff as I did. :/

haha, I'm having a relationship a day after I write that post. lol

with a guy named Avery, he's so feminine and adorable and we're really in love with each other. <3
It was like the album Pet Sounds, from the naivete of "Wouldn't it be nice" to the denial of "God Only Knows" to the pain of "Caroline No". I would suppose that's probably how it is for a lot of people.

Nixon's the one.

sit down kids, right here by the fire. it's time for an old man to tell an ancient story from before you all were born.

my first REAL relationship was in 2003, but I'm not gonna talk about that. let's go back a little further... :)

At first I couldn't remember the year, but then I realized the movie I went to see and that dates it to 2002. So, back in 2002, one random day I go see a movie with my friend (back in the day teens used to hang out at the movie theater all the time) and he brings his cousin...I THINK he may have "hooked us up"? Or it was just random, I can't remember too well, but either way, we saw The Time Machine (with Guy Pearce). That movie is AWFUL lmao, even at the time we were all like damn this is cheesy, but we watched it and I held her hand or something. After that, BOOM I had an "AIM girlfriend". During that time, AOL Instant Messenger was THE form of communication among youth. 95% of our "relationship" was talking on AIM, some of it was also on the phone but neither of us had a cell phone so that was limited to house phone availability or what not. Of course that also had the danger of siblings picking up other phones in the house and pressing "Mute" and listening in on our conversations #smrpg{:O}

Why was it mostly online/phone when I met her IRL to begin with? Well, she was a tad "far" (20-30min drive) and plus we were both 15/16 or what not, so didn't exactly have easy method of travel. I relied on my brother and his friends to drive me places to meet up with her, or just whoever I knew who could drive. Meetups included a random thing at some pool, I can't remember what that was about, just that I was swimming with her. Also other random movie theater trips during which we didn't actually watch the movie cause we just made out during. I went to her house once and met her family, I don't think she ever came to mine. It ended pretty quickly, maybe a month or 2, but felt longer cause I was just young -- everything feels long when you're young.

That's all for today, young'ns. Ask Grandpa Raiden anytime about the ol' days if y'all are ever interested.

uhhh she emotionally abused me lol

as in I probably need to make a reality corner thread about it
the first 4 seasons of doctor who are the only good content the modern series has to offer and you cannot convince me that steven moffat is a good writer, i dislike all his episodes even in those seasons
When I was in the 9th grade I dated one of my friends for 2 days. I didn't really know how to "date" per se, and after she told me of her many short relationships, I was like "yeah this aint gonna last" sure enough, the next day she dumped me on facebook on a friday and was going out with a dude next monday. She was really stressed out that day because some mystery man was messaging her. It turns out it was her mom messaging her from the new phone she was getting that day. I'm guessing the actual first thing she did on her phone was dump me lol

I took it like a little bitch btw

i play as fiery boi in team defense phort two
my first relationships was with my hands and our relationship is still healthy and going strong to this day we have no plans to part in the foreseeable future
literal shit

"4shitkids changes the voice of anime, censored anime, and created ghorrible shows. 4KIDS UCKS.
- 13 year old me
Originally posted by leictreon
literal shit

I tend to avoid making advances on feces. It tends to be a very shitty experience. I'll be here all week
the first 4 seasons of doctor who are the only good content the modern series has to offer and you cannot convince me that steven moffat is a good writer, i dislike all his episodes even in those seasons
well people who use "literally" as an intensifier have it coming
I was 22, and it was like 6 dates over 3 months. We were both busy and I just later realized there was nothing there. I liked the idea but not the girl. Wasn't going to string her along.
I think I talked a bit about this before.

My first and only relationship was with one of my workmates. She's 12 years older than me. We started dating a few months after she broke up with her last boyfriend she asked me out. I said "no", but we started dating kissing and dating a week after that anyway.

The relationship was a mess; she was always pushing me to change my appearance, yelling at me for every small mistake I made, randomly ask me "why are you angry?” When I wasn't even angry, and throwing veiled aggressions at me in front of our friends. She would also emotionally blackmail me every time I couldn't see her because I had stuff to do. What bothered me the most is that every time I wasn't speaking she would yell at me "why don't you talk"? Which made me feel unaccepted because I don’t like to talk a lot.

I broke up in January this year after a very heated argument. We still worked together after that and now we're really good friends. We're better of as friends than we were as a couple.
I can't remember. My 1st relationship was in Kindergarten-2nd grade. I'm currently in my 3rd relationship
Signed, one great guy!#
a dumb ldr with some crazy overly jealous girl who is actually very thotty. it lasted 2 months at most.

so far i've had no other relationships, althought i'm very close with my bestie and i guess it more or less fills my emotional needs. fun fact, my ex tried to break our friendship, she was really jealous.

"4shitkids changes the voice of anime, censored anime, and created ghorrible shows. 4KIDS UCKS.
- 13 year old me
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