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Super Luigi Land - SMB2 Shout-Out
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Originally posted by Gamma V
I'm not sure exactly WHAT to do to make this different, but still fitting in the Mario universe. I suppose I could try to make levels more interesting with the new ASM out there. That Wing Cap I saw recently would be useful for a sky level. This criticism has made me think a bit, but has also killed my motivation a bit. These traditional hacks are indeed something I'm perhaps too used to doing.

Don't worry, going outside of the comfort zone can be challenging, but usually worth it

Uhhh, as far as worlds go.. first of all, it doesn't really matter if it's in the mario "universe". But, if you wanna keep everything "canon" here's a list:

Ice Desert (odyssey)
Industrial Greenhouse (odyssey)
Prehistoric/Dinosaur (odyssey)
Food themed (odyssey)
Sunset Resort/Haunted Hotel (sunshine)
Seaport/Harbor Town (sunshine)
Jungle Village (sunshine)
Waterfall Cliffs (sunshine)
Bowse's Theme Park (3D world)
Giant World (SMB3)
Ice Lava (galaxy)
Golf Course in the Sky (galaxy)
Water Park (mario kart 8)
Oriental Mountain (mario party 7)
Train + Train Station (mario party 8)

Also Kyanite I agree wih your post, I guess I was saying that because I know that gamma v prefers easier levels and not to expect anything difficult, but easy does not equal boring

However, I know I said not to talk about design before, but I do feel like I should retract that statement a little bit. Have you ever played the Hack series by Golden Yoshi? Every level feels unique. Not all of your levels need to be gimmicky of course, but each level in your hacks have very little personality. But you can easily fix that. I mean, levels can be unique using aesthetics alone!
Thanks for the suggestions. I finally got another level done.


It's night time, so most of the Goombas are asleep.

If you get too close, though, they'll wake up and chase you, and they move FAST!

Be careful. They may not all be asleep.

I think alot of people perfer the normal traditional games. While these extra hard hacks may be fun for some, I seriously doubt half of them who download them actually finish them. Besides look how many people download a normal difficultly compared to the more difficult ones. What many don't relize is many people don't admit a game is hard, but instead silently quit and look for another. You should make the hack so it's fun for you to play/make. It is after all one of the main drives for a hacker. If you don't want it to difficult then don't, there will plenty of hard difficultly hacks to pop up from elsewhere.


Originally posted by Gamma V

Might as well not to look at the sleeping Goombas, Luigi.

Btw, that's a nice level, Gamma! Keep it up! BOOYAH!
You can also call me as Kamek the Magikoopa or Kamek, but not Kamekku, seriously.

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As Kyanite said, you can change your artstyle and make a hack using the specific one. You can make your hack feel like Mario but make the artstyle either not that cartoony or it 8-bit. You can also make your hack more like JUMP, but not this hard. Every clever trick should be explained first and some people who have a lot of SMW hacks won't get bored with your hacks anyway. If you prefer hacks that feel pretty much like a Mario game, you can either decide on my first argument or put more ASM ideas that still feel like Mario. Wallcatch, changed physics and shell-collectible coins are a good start for something new, but you can do something else to make your audience more hyped for your next works.

Anyways good level! Although you can already see in the video that the sleeping Goomba is glitched after shooting when not awake.

EDIT: Spelling and grammar
Currently working on: Super Mario World: Again in Dinosaur Land (progress: 2 levels done)

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Why does everyone compare to jump, it plays nothing like any nintendo game and its 1-1 looks like a world 9 difficulty. I never played it because it doesn't look appealing to me. It's nothing against its authors either I relize the amount of work,thought,time put into it. I guess I just don't understand the craze abusing glitches etc..
If the difficulty changes to a harder category then those simpler players are left no choice but to silently quit when it gets to hard.


Originally posted by zacmario
If the difficulty changes to a harder category then those simpler players are left no choice but to silently quit when it gets to hard.

I don't get how making a hack more unique and interesting means a higher difficulty level.

Originally posted by zacmario
Why does everyone compare to jump, it plays nothing like any nintendo game and its 1-1 looks like a world 9 difficulty.

I now question if you even read the comments, like at all.

Anyways, Gamma, that level looks pretty decent. Nothing very special or unique, but it gets the job done.
It actually looks alright, I mean you trying to change level design style, and usage of sleeping goombas is a decent start!

Helping with sprites remoderation. Isn't it cool?
I'm huge help!
PM me if you want me to make a level!
Well, I just finished up another level.


This is an athletic level involving those flower platforms first seen in Flora Fields 2.

Some flowers here are bouncy. Whee!

Just a little bonus area in the clouds

I wonder what's down there.

It's time for the first double-post of the thread. I got another level done.


Plenty of plants and pipes here.

There will be A-Coins in the Fortresses and Castles.


Wall-jumping will get you here.

I'm really liking the mix of chocolate and vanilla graphics here.

Hacks I'm working on:

You can also call me Rupture.

The combination is really good.

Hello! I'm an amateur game developer and am working on this project for more than six years: Partners of Honor
I'm currently dedicating myself to SMW Hacking.

Thanks, guys. I'm now just one level away from completing Flora Fields. Here's that penultimate level


A veggie? Yep, this level's a bit of an SMB2 shout-out.

If you see a tuft of grass, press X/Y over it. If you're not small, you also have to hold down to get these things to activate.

Not every tuft of grass contains a veggie. You never quite know what you'll get until you pick it. Sometimes, you may get a shell, which is useful for taking out enemies, as well as hitting out-of-reach blocks and collecting out-of-reach coins.

Even A-Coins can be pulled from the ground. There was one in here, but I already collected it.
Nice use of the SMB2 veggies for this level! #smw{:TUP:}
I like the idea of using veggies and that they contain different things.

However maybe you want to adjust the palettes of the green hills in the FG here? Their brightness / saturation is too outstanding imo and should be toned down a bit to fit the rest of this pleasantly looking level better.

Youtube channel

@Sariel: How's this?
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