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How Use Message Box and Gradient at the Same Time?

※sorry, bad english.
How can I use both gradient and message boxes?
The message box obscures the gradient.
See this video.
I use UberASM Patch(ASAR), H-DMA Gradiant, Effect tool
※PS: Do not ask me to use the VWF dialogues.
※Is it also available in overworld?

There's a fix for it in the ROM map. You can use it like this:

org $05B129
	db $EA,$EA,$EA

org $05B296
	db $0C

For your second question: yes, you can use HDMA on the overworld. If you use the patch version of UberASM, put the code into ow_code.asm. If you use UberASMTool instead, put your code file into the "overworld" folder and add the filename and submap under the "overworld:" label in list.txt.

Note that HDMA on the overworld is weird, though, because there's normally no transparent pixels (unless you use ExGFX). The most effective thing you can do is use an FG gradient to overlay it on top of the map, like so:

However, that'll mess with sprite priority, so e.g. Boos won't work correctly.

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