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Forest Flood Generator by ShUriK KiD

File Name: Forest Flood Generator
Submitted: 2017-07-01 08:55:49 PM by ShUriK KiD
Authors: ShUriK KiD
Tool: PIXI
Type: Generator
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: No
Description: This generator will spawn Sprites (configurable) on the right side of the screen at the low tide height. Additionally it makes the tides more dangerous by pulling the player additionally downwards (also configurable). Using this without SA-1 is not 100% recommended, it will cause slowdown really fast.

Usage note:
Your level must be at least 3 screens long, else the generated sprites will always float upwards. You must use the Layer 3 Tides (low only) or the Sprites will spawn in thin air and do nothing.

How to configure stuff is included in the ASM file.

Example usage:
Rejecting because of this piece of code:

LDA !E4,x ; Sprite X low
STA $0110
LDA !14E0,x ; Sprite X high
STA $0111

REP #$20

LDA $0110
SBC #$0001
STA $0110

SEP #$20

LDA $0111
STA !14E0,x
LDA $0110
STA !E4,x

-> The $0110/$0111 are not remapped for SA-1. In this case luckily they point to something valid so it doesn't crash, however...
-> There is no reason to use Free RAM here at all. XBA swaps the top and bottom bit of A allowing you to construct a 16 bit value from 2 8 bit values without using RAM like this. (Also, DEC instead of SEC : SBC #$0001)