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Ghost house with frozen enemies in there? Great idea! Well, I think there should be some unfrozen enemies in there, but I know, you're still designing the level. Anyways, the only problem is that apostrophe, it looks off and the space for text is wasted that way. You should make a specific tile for the apostrophes if it's possible to do so and put the tiles on the same line as the verses.
I have a Discord server as well!

Back to working on my VLDC12 level!
Originally posted by Rainbow Star
I think there should be some unfrozen enemies in there

There actually are unfrozen boos and eeries, maybe i'll add ball 'n chains too.

Originally posted by Rainbow Star
the only problem is that apostrophe

Is this better?
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Not dead.

Here's finally the last Level of World 3

The Water here is pretty cold, you shouldn't swim in it.
The Purple cheeps cheeps are inspired by the ones in Super Mario Odyssey

Finished Hacks

In progress

World 3 is finished, next up is World 4, a Beach World.

Just like in the last Level, the graphics are drawn by me
Only the Palm Trees belong to Gamma V.

Ignore the Time limit for now
Finished Hacks

In progress

The second Level of World 4 called 'Sunset Athletic'

This Level has Spikes from smb3

The Red ones throw the balls faster

Finished Hacks

In progress

Looks great! But I think the water should be a more purplish tone due to it being at sunset.
Also, it'd be a cool touch to make the Spike's balls beach balls instead, because it is a beach level (from what I can see at least)

please click this!
Only thing I have to suggest is to add some decorations... on ceiling. Or in dirt at least. Other than that looks pretty cool.


The third Level of world 4, a Water Level called Jelly Waters

Here you encounter these wierd Jellyfish.

And also giant Blurps

Finished Hacks

In progress

Here we have the fourth Level, it's one of those "challenge levels" again, in this one, you'll have this Koopa.

I had to look up how surfers talk #ab{:S}

So yeah, you're gonna be surfing.
The screen scrolls along with the surfboard (modified minecart sprite)

And you can see here, you'll see this meter when you land in the water, it takes about 5 seconds to drain, wich makes you lose a life then.

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Yet another tripple post

The 5th Level of World 4, a rainy Beach and Ruins Level

Finished Hacks

In progress

I have two new Levels, and i really hope i'll get feedback this time #ab{;_;}

This is 'Wet Shrooms' the last level before the Boss of world 4

And so we arrive at world 5
Here's the first Level 'Pumpkin Valley'

I thought a """throwin' Boo""" would have been neat.

All the foreground tilesets (except the Water) you see here are made by me
Finished Hacks

In progress

New Levels, finally.

5-2 Dry Bone Fortress

This is russianmans sprite, dry bones that throw bones like Hammers.

5-A Sparky Night, you can acces it after getting the secret exit in 5-2

This Level has lots of Sparkies and Hotheads

Finished Hacks

In progress

5-2 looks decent. Last screen looks bland without showing action (I mean, there are coins, so you most likely need to jump over something or something like that) 5-A looks pretty good, especially last screenshot. GJ!


Two more Levels!
wich means there's one more level untill world 5 is done.

Here's the 5-3, a swamp kind of level that doesn't have a name yet
You sink in the Green Mud.

And the last ghost house of the hack that also needs a name

the first room has autoscrolling

This room has invisible blocks that only appear for one frame

and you're meeting Bunky again!

Finished Hacks

In progress

this hack seems really interesting. i love the overworld, has a very different feel from others ive seen.. probably cuz its more smb3 styled, but i digress. it looks great. overall this hack seems to have a very interesting flair and atmosphere, while still being traditional enough. honestly cant wait to play the full thing.
Thank you UpB!
Currently, 6-2 is in the making, but right now i'm making a Super Mario Bros. Hack (my first one ever) it shouldn't take too long untill in finished it.

so here's the last level of World 5, this one is not what you'd expect in a mario game.
the Level is called 'Larva Nest' a underground section full of Larvas.
This Level is based on a nightmare i once had, about larva like creatures hanging around the ceiling, Of course they were a lot creepier than here.

this wasn't part of the dream, but i thought a miniboss would be cool.

Now to the first level of World 6!

Finished Hacks

In progress

Here's the second Level of World 6, it features skulls jumping out of Lava or reskinned dolphins

Here's a vertical section, where the lava is stationary and everything else sinks, you also have 6 podobos.

Finished Hacks

In progress

I didn't make much progress since mid april, because i was busy, and still am, but i still have these two levels to show

Fortress of magic, where you'll have lots of magikoopas and roto balls.

Then, you'll have a 100 rooms of enemies styled level, where you kill the enemies in one room to go to the next.

These blocks remove the item you currently have in your item box, to prevent a glitch from happening.

Finished Hacks

In progress

I'm gonna to comment on all 3 posts in a row.

Larva Nest: I like it quite a lot, it looks unique. Though those small larvas are hard to notice due to their color. Maybe foreground should be darker.

Looks decent, I can see small priority issue on third pic. but not a big deal.

First half looks :ok_hand:, but not sure about second half. Is it fast enough to not make it feel boring?

Fortress of Magic:
Not whole lot to say, but looks good.

Cool "gimmick", though I'd use uberASM to get rid of item box item instead of blocks.

Overall looks promising. #smrpg{y}


Level 6-5 is your good old airship level.
The first half takes place on the ship.

The second half takes place on the ground, it's still scrolling and you're still getting bombarded.

Finished Hacks

In progress

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