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Layout Request Thread

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I'm tired of people using the damn layout maker.

So, just request it and i'll make one for you. =]

All you have to do is tell me how you want it, the colors, the images(if any), and anything extra.

If you can't explain it, the go on paint and draw how you want it.

I'll try my best to fufill all requests.

[EDIT] Also, don't forget to tell me the font, font size, font color, and the link, hover, active, and visited colors :D.
Your layout has been removed.
yeah i would like a zelda layout please, just a random zelda layout will work, just as long as link, epona, and zelda is in there.
thank you

An InuYasha layout? Any kind =] I'd ask you on MSN; but apparently you're busy xD

Yeah, the layou maker looks bad. Can I request a layout that has this for the background. Can you make the background color #F08858 and have the image only tile horizontally on the bottom so it dosen't break when I stretch it? I'd like the content box to be color #FFCC66, with a black border. If possible can you make a little sidebox to put quotes or whatever? (Drop the sidebox if its too hard.

Font: Arial
Font Size: 12 pt
Font color: #000000
All links are the same as font but with underline.
Link: #D8A712
Hover: #FFFFFF
Active: #F0F090
Visited: #988850

Sorry if this is too hard...

I would very much like a layout that matches my avatar. All greens and includes my sig. (the symbol in the middle of my avatar)
I've got a tricky one. You see what I'm trying to do with my layout here, kind of make it like my text is in the codec? Well, can you do it better, where the text is actually in the box?

Same colors as my current layout, white text, grey links and hover, etc, etc, if you have a better font, that'd be awesome, otherwise, this works well.

Image is here:

I'm not sure how you'd cut or change that, probably extend it.
Sorry I took long. Okay, since Boing gave the most information I finished his first.

I PM'ed it you already :P.

Hope you like it. :)

Next up: Sparx.
Your layout has been removed.
Edit: thank you, and sorry for getting mad, although i was the first to post.
You weren't specific. :P

Anyways, thanks Omega, this is great! I still have to decide what to put on the sides. Hmmm...
delmaru: Okay, okay, I guess you're right. I'll make it right now :).

BBS: Don't worry about it. The layout is all yours. You basically gave me everything I needed!
Your layout has been removed.
thanks, it looks so cooooool!!

This should seriously be stickied =] I can't wait for mine. I'll edit this post once it's finished =]

No problem :).

Also, go to your header and look where it says:

<<z>table class="linkbg" width="90%" height="350px">

Change 90 to 100.
Your layout has been removed.
can you make the text bigger?
Sorry that i've been taking long. My friends keep talking to me on AIM/Yahoo :P.

Anyways, i've just fininshed J Asassin's since I just got on the computer :P

Also, delmaru, TheMonkeyBob and BoingBS: I'm going to re-send you the code because I forgot to make the width 100%. >_<
Your layout has been removed.
Thanks a lot! It's really good!
Originally posted by J Assassin
Thanks a lot! It's really good!

wow, thats really nice.
Can I have it the way it looks in the ss included I want the text to be blue and on the box with the box I want a nice Pale blue colour.

Sorry if I didn't include enough information or whatever.
How about this?

^This pic for Text Box BG^

Normal Text---Arial Black-Size 10-Bold-Black
Link Text-----Arial Black-Size 10-Bold&Underline-Dark Blue
Rollover Link-Arial Black-Size 10-Bold&Underline-Blue
Visited Link--Arial Black-Size 10-Bold&Underline-Green

Px and Pxl stand for Pixel. Ignore the 50 Px on each side, I forgot to delete it :P

It might be hard, but hhopefully I mentioned everything...
Can I get one that has mario with a shine and says shine get! on it. Search shine get on yahoo and the picture should come up. The text can be a little bit bigger, regular color, and just have the text box in the middle.
PM it to please. Thank you.
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