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2017 Kaizo Level Design Contest (Results!)
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Many thanks to everyone who participated this year! Here are the results...

Our 3rd place is nothing less than...
"La Pisscine" by Lazy and lolyoshi, with 73,0/80 points!

Our 2nd place winner is...
"hyperousia" by idol, with 74,5/80 points!

And finally, our 1st place goes to...
"Heart of Te Fiti" by GbreezeSunset, with 75,0/80 points!

Overall ranking:
1. "Heart of Te Fiti" by GbreezeSunset (75,0/80)
2. "hyperousia" by idol (74,5/80)
3. "La Pisscine" by Lazy and lolyoshi (73,0/80)
4. "Radical" by MiracleWater (71,0/80)
5. "Hydrocity Swim Test" by snoruntpyro (70,0/80)
6. "Castle Notatrap" by NGB and Sariel (69,5/80)
7. "STARRRRRRR (o.o)!" by yogui (68,5/80)
8. "Gold Rush" by Sixcorby (68,0/80)
9. "Berry Rush" by Pseudogon (67,5/80)
10. "ULTRASTAR RETURNS" by Morsel + Spiral Volcano by Linkdeadx2 + Janky Cavern by NeXuS15 (65,5/80)
11. "A Haunted Place" by Centipede (65,0/80)
12. "Rapture" by AbuseFreakHacker (64,5/80)
13. "Hard Piece of Crap" by ThePat545 (63,5/80)
14. "WENGERNALPBAHN" by FrozenQuills (63,0/80)
15. "The Ol' Switcheroo" by Hobz (61,5/80)
16. "Level" by TheBiob (60,5/80)
17. "chicken little" by white_moth (59,0/80)
18. "Castle of Bubble" by Superwario1999 + "KAIZO PRANK" by Koopster (56,0/80)
19. "The Three Trials" by natnew (53,5/80)
20. "Mole Shenanigans" by user23507 (52,5/80)
21. "HOLD UP!!!" by Tob (51,5/80)
22. "Goombas on the Moon" by alexandrite (48,5/80)
23. "Invisible Jump Rope" by Sokobansolver (47,5/80)
24. "Pogo Without a Stick" by Hook (46,0/80)
25. "The Shell Shuffle" by Cavin856 (44,5/80)
26. "Painful Hills" by Big Brawler (44,0/80)
27. "Double Down" by DogLivesMatter (43,5/80)
28. "Thwompy Weather" by msi810 (42,5/80)
29. "Dusty Cliffsides" by a hick (41,7/80)
30. "Wendy's Castle" by SwagAssMustafa (41,5/80)
31. "A Totally Generic Kaizo Level" by Minuy600 (38,5/80)
32. "Dis Manibus Sacrum" by Chosentw0 (37,2/80)
33. "Don't Forget POW" by xHF01x (36,0/80)
34. "Muncher's Mountains" by Luansilva12 (35,0/80)
35. "Contest Entry" by Aqua-Grove-Prod (32,5/80)
36. "Hell Awaits" by Zircon (30,7/80)

Here is the individual judge commentary right below:

That should hopefully be everything, at least for now. Expect the compilation to be released in a near future!
rigged for the talkhaus
lol jk congrats nerds
Okay Hand
not last :)
I am getting exponentially
at this contest every time! :O

(circa 2015)

Originally posted by Sixcorby
5. "Artificial Ground" by a hick

(circa 2016)

Originally posted by Katerpie
11. "Traversing Mt. Dig" by a hick

(circa 2017)

Originally posted by Katerpie
29. "Dusty Cliffsides" by a hick

tl;dr I am a legend

Like normal, GGs contest goers!

(also, ft029, your stream was absolute boss just like last time :D)
Congratulations to all contestants. The entries were way, way, way better this year (lots of scores over 60 from me, which I would be happy to replay, and scores over 70, which I will be very happy to replay). Judging was very entertaining, and I thank you all for that.

Also, great job on getting the sole perfect design score from me, Lazy and Lolyoshi, and the sole perfect creativity score from me, Hobz. No one is good at aesthetics though LUL
pool's closed
Originally posted by Lazy
pool's closed

nice. for a level that didnt get tested from a designer who doesnt make kaizo im proud of myself 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

i'm glad we decided to do a savestateless contest this year tho! while some levels went way too overboard, we got some really unique and interesting levels. good job 👏👏

also all y'all should have ur trophies i think. maybe. if i fucked up hmu

It was a long wait, but it was certainly worth it! I'm very proud of myself for making it into the top 10 out of like 40 people. It really means a lot to me because I never thought I was gonna participate in this contest in the first place. I only had a week to make my level since I was so busy. The fact that I've been improving over the years really fills me with joy. Maybe next year's KLDC will be the one where I get first place. #tb{^^}

Also, congrats winners! #smrpg{<3}

Formerly known as nick 139
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Wow. How did I miss almost every of ft´s streams? D:

However this contest contains a lot of great entries and many of them present unique ideas and clever design.

I admit that ours was a tad too repetitive and the boss probably could´ve been executed better. I guess 6th place is what we deserve for it and I´m still proud we scored that high, considering the amount of impressive entries this year. But honestly how cann´t you score our level 10/10 aesthetically?

Congrats to the other participants as well. I like that almost every level is able to represent the effort to attempt to score high. It´s gonna be a great compilation.

Also 35 people participating in a Kaizo contest is quite much. So thanks to the judges as well for continously working on their reviews. Even if one judge dropped out again at least many of your twos' remaining scorings are reasonable and (by what I´ve compared so far) quite equal everytime #tb{:DD}

How the hell did I manage to get a better score than last year.

Anyways, congratulations to the contestants
, especially MiracleWater
, since the quality of these entries has definitively improved over the years from what I've seen, and hopefully it stays like that.
RIP my chances of ever getting top 3 again.

And also thanks a lot to the judges (incluiding Amaraticando) for their efforts, and everyone else that helped to make the contest happen in the first place too for that matter.


My hacks: Justice for Mario / Unnamed Kaizo Hack
Wow, I expected a worse scoring for my first ever kaizo level. I got over 50% of the possible score so I won't complain.
Congrats to the Lazy, lolyoshi, idol and GbreezeSunset!
// Layout by Maxo
Yessss. I'll take 31st. Congrats to the Top 3!

e: Thanks for the tips by the way, this was the first level I made in ages after my return to SMWC so I didn't expect it to be good or anything. Next time, I hope to pour more of my heart into this. The fact it isn't unfun according to FT made me very glad to be honest. And yeah, the a e s t h e t i c sucked. I'll try to avoid cutoff next time around.
My level isn't as creative as anticipated during making it. A few obstacles have mentioned ft about Pain and Pleasure and Super Dram World 2. Only the latter is a complete coincidence because I've never played this hack and what's the most important, I created this level a few months before the Dram 2 release. I admit my kaizo trap at the end isn't the best at all and the waiting sections are kinda boring, but it's easy to notice when the switch will turn so you can easily get to the checkpoint. I'm worried ft didn't like my palettes, but:
1) I'm still not a palette expert.
2) I used to make worse palettes than I can do now, I mean I can use different, but similar colors combined with brightness to cause a wow effect.
Nevertheless, 20th place out of 36 places isn't really bad considering it's my first ever finished contest entry. I need to think of something more creative and better designed for the next year so there's huger chance to place in top 10. Congrats to all the contestants!

EDIT: Is the compilation gonna have something like best and worst world like in VLDC?
I have a Discord server as well!

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Originally posted by Erik557
rigged for the talkhaus
lol jk congrats nerds

Congratulations !
I did better than expected.

About my level, I just did like I do with some of my normal levels: find a gimmick and make the whole level around it (here it's the star ON/OFF sprite from STARW). It's just that since it's kaizo I can do more crazy things that would be too difficult normally.

Maybe I should do more kaizo levels (I won't lol I prefer normal levels).

gj me, and the winners
19/36? I'm ok with that.

Congrats to the winners!

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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - 2017 Kaizo Level Design Contest (Results!)

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