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The Icy Ox' Random Tileset Resources (Requests Open)

Link Thread Closed
I want to open this thread because reasons...

The Lost Vikings - Egypt

I ripped some tilesets of a hard to rip tileset game (I love The Lost Vikings, it's one of my favorite series) Feel free to insert them in SMW (I don't know how to create tilesets to Lunar Magic tho).

Next Thing to do: Get a Request, Rip TLVII's Dark Ages tilesets.

Have a frost day~
Double Posting FTW

Promises are promises:

The Lost Vikings II - Dark Ages

This was a pain in the butt to rip and organize, but it was worth it.

Have a frost day~
Custom - Boneyard

My very own SMW styled tilesets, feel free to use them

Have a frost day~
Nice job with the Boneyard tileset Blizzard Buffalo. And for that matter, with this project in general. While I don't have anything I want ripped from a game, I'm sure other people might.

You should also submit these on Spriter's Resource and MFGG as appropriate.
For gaming news and Wario discussions, check out Gaming Reinvented and Wario Forums respectively.

As for Mario's Nightmare Quest? Well, it's currently on Fusion Gameworks, ROM or the GCN at the moment.
This is nice. Mfgg won't accept it though, it's not Mario related. That don't mean folks here wont use it though.
This thread is now pointless and is closed due to the Graphics & Related Topics Forum finally happening.

Since then, I can showcase my tilesets there, you will see my current and future made tilesets and graphics in the Graphics Rips Showoff Thread.

Have a frost day~
Link Thread Closed