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Hmm, you know, this project has been on hold for a while, and Lunar Magic has updated for quite a while, so I'd like to review the overworld itself. Well, I'm using the version that Magiluigi and several others have to improve the game.

Main map looks good. But there's some things I have to point out:
-Firstly, how come we only used one Cheep-Cheep? I can see another Cheep-Cheep effect being used over by the lake between World 1 and 4B, and over by World 2's marsh as well. All it needs is one horizontal line path to make the effect.
-The cliffs with those corner outlines kind of make every cliff look somewhat ugly and hard to look at, especially so with the cliffs above the desert region. While it is used to define a change in cliff perspective, maybe we could tone it down a bit with the desert's cliffs so the outlines aren't absolutely everywhere.
-This is kind of a nitpick, but the beach transitioning into the ocean doesn't feel natural at all. Neither does the poison swamp around the World 2 castle, Briar Mire. Plus, nobody's ever replaced GFX08 with overworld tiles for this map, so it kind of feels like a wasted opportunity; nothing is there except for the transparency tile. Maybe I or somebody else could draw some better tiles for both of these oddities? I could also draw some ExAnimated waves for the beach, too, since Overworld ExAnimation exists.
-This could also open up the opportunity to add and draw more stuff to this overworld, if necessary.
-Same thing applies with ExAnimation above: Maybe we could also animate stuff like the conveyor belts around World 1, the flowers in World 2, and if possible, the palm trees around World 4? It would certainly make this world much more alive.
-Briar Mire's castle icon looks kind of flat in my opinion.
-There's a few unused tiles on the map: There were some "cliff" tiles that were cursed to fit the 2x1 tile cursed in the landmasses, but they didn't have corner tiles, and there's also two group tiles for palm trees. Here's a link to the unused tiles, the unused ones are the red boxes.
-Something I noticed that Katrina/Extroble failed to notice: A lot of the overworld decorations and tiles lack shadows underneath them, making them look like they're somewhat floating, or not on the ground. Those factory tiles around World 1 are a prime example.
-This is just personal opinion, but I don't like how the unrevealed path tiles are drawn in the blue square in the same image above.
-Image for explanation. Events-wise, why does this path cut off? And I'd also suggest maybe swapping the swamp's event path climbing tiles from ladders to those rock-climbing rocks, and vice versa from the transition to Worlds 1 to 2.

World 3. The first overworld I made for this project. Even with Magi's improvements, it could still use some more...:
-Same thing about what I said about the river and ocean with the main map applies to here.
-Maybe the sakura trees could be animated so they blow in the wind? And maybe also draw some terrain with some sakura leaves scattered on the grass?
-Speaking of this, we could also do a Layer 3 sakura blossom effect on this map, having the cherry blossom leaves blow around in the wind.
-This is personal opinion, but I don't like the pagodas. They don't really look much like pagodas. Especially on the pagoda temple around Tourou Temple; It's flat at the top. Pagodas aren't like that.
-When I made this map, I wasn't provided with a fancy gate of some sort to encase the whole pagoda castle around by the river with a wall. Which is a shame; it would certainly add to the Japanese feel, and would make the whole thing much more authentic.
-Should the level space for Shenmi Frica-Sea be one of those rocks only seen on this map? (the flat rocks with two layers which look somewhat eroded from the ocean)

World 5. Magiluigi did an excellent job revamping this map and changing its aesthetic from day to night.
-Weren't some sort of custom sprites going to be added to this map, involving rollercoaster carts?
-For a rollercoaster, there's a lot of boring vertical lines...
-Holy shit, is all of that Layer 1 necessary? Like that weird-looking "game" booth. There's also an unused "show" booth from Playground Pound...
-Again, lack of shadows underneath the rollercoaster due to Layer 1 shenanigans.
-Those disconnected flags meant to be used for those large tents look odd really could be replaced with some more carts, vending machines, and other decorations that aren't flags or small tents.
-How come the grassy part of the carnival lacks any decorations other than grass and tents? Maybe put some carts or other carnival stuff there. It isn't very lively here.
-Nitpick, but Extroble also made stone brick-esque path tiles for this world in general. How come it's only used on the brick part of the carnival and absolutely nowhere on the grass?
-Why don't we add some other new stuff to this overworld set, like balloons or street lights, or even ExAnimated lights in general? It would certainly add to the "nighttime" vibe.
-The bouncy castle level should probably placed on the level tile, not further away from it. Or at least, give it a proper level tile.
-Why the hell is the rollercoaster opening from Coaster Commotion to Fantastic Elastic so weird-looking?

World 6. It's beautiful...or is it?
-Yeeeeeaaahhh...Let's talk about the HDMA gradient. It just doesn't work with the sun in the background. The sun's palette also doesn't match the gradiant. Maybe have the HDMA have a sky blue at the top of where the sun shines over the clouds? We could also potentially ExAnimate the clouds below the sun to keep the cloud scrolling effect genuine.
-That "DUK" blimp's logo looks really derpy. Just a nitpick, though.
-I don't like the look of that floating island, either. Looks a bit circle-ish. It just sits there, too...
-I'd go further, but I'm not sure how else to improve this cool yet strangely disappointing-looking map.

World 7. The land where hot and cold collide. Magi, good job on these improvements. Just a few minor nitpicks, though:
-Pyro-Cryo Castle's icon is...umm...? Weird. It looks nothing like a castle.
-I feel like the frozen mountains side of this land could benefit with more sparkles. Just a thought.
-How come the lake near Crystalline Citadel doesn't have a waterfall? I'd also love if it was completely frozen in ice. That'd be neat.
-Frostflow Freezer's level should be either a lake (frozen or not) or a cave icon, not a regular level icon.
-Is there a way to spice up the "Fire Valley" a bit? Maybe add a few flames or lava veins? Or is that what those glowing red things are along with the blue ones?
-Just a nitpick, the transition between water and lava looks odd to me.

World 8 was my second submap designed. This one needs a lot of work...
-Extroble had several animated tiles made for this map. Where did they go? The lava especially could benefit and make this map feel truly alive and working.
-This map needs a lot more decoration. That is all.
-This event connecting the island in between the toxic water is really questionable. I intended for a bridge to connect them, not something like this.
-In general, the diagonal pathways on this map look straight-up bad.
-I don't have much to say about this map, honestly...this literally just said itself.

World 9, accessed via the "cursed" oasis. God, help me...
-Obviously, there's a lot of work that needs to be done here... Let's go over them, from the top...
*The level tiles have incorrect graphics.
*There's several missing tiles.
*The Warp Star has the incorrect palette
*I have no idea why the heck there is a piece of land below Candy Calamity. Maybe just replace it with what the Layer 3 background was supposed to be.
*No shadows beneath the hills on Honeydew Hills. Actually, the Honeydew Hills section of the map just feels empty.
*Where the heck are the path and event tiles?
*What in the world was the Layer 3 background behind this blue empty void supposed to be? Some sort of scrolling outer space or galaxy background?

Thankfully, StrikeForcer's showed me the original World 9 map here, so that's good, at least. Maybe we can use it to change it to how she meant to make the map, and add more, too...with improvements.

And, that's it.
Come help save Super Mario World Central Production 2 here!
LV get me that shotgun. I can do it with almost no remorse, whatsoever! Give me mod powers for two minutes and i'll make sure this entire sub-forum will be wiped off the site, and I mean WIPED, none of that junk-forum stuff where deleted posts/threads go; I mean GONE!

I'll follow it up with opening a SMWCP3 sub-forum, it'll be so good that people will forget there even was a SMWCP1 or a 1.5 or a 2 or a VLDCxXx
speaking of world 9, Falconpunch, it looks like the 1st level of world 9 had a name change when I played the updated base rom.

old name: Euphoric Eminence
new name: Honeydew Hills

also the SMWC coin status is not shown while exploring the world 9 OW map
Hm. That does put a thought in my head; Yes, the title of a single level is an extremely minor thing to change, but the fact that someone on the forums needed to discover it for it to be known tells me that there isn't a whole lot of communication going on here. I know that the base ROM updates are apparently now a thing of the past, but surely some kind of comprehensive change log to clue others in wouldn't hurt to have?

The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Ooooooooh. I wonder what I can learn here.

-"SMW CENTRAL needs more collaboration group projects, and more donors."
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