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Staff Status

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This thread will track recent promotions, resignations and duty shifts of staff members. We know everyone doesn't check the Staff page every day, so this should help mitigate that. If you see a new post in here, some change in the staff member structure has occurred.


Recent changes (July 1, 2017 - August 31, 2017):

nameless was promoted to Music Moderator, due to both her skill and her showing interest in joining the team for a long time.
Wakana resigned.
Sinc-X resigned, out of a lack of continued interest.
Koopster resigned, seemingly because he felt that he had done everything he set out to accomplish when joining the team.
idol was promoted to PR Team Manager, to fill the void left by Koopster's resignation, as she had been the most active out of everyone on the PR team at the time.
FPzero was promoted to Public Relations, in order to get the SMWC Podcast started, as well as co-handling the Twitter with idol, who had become busier due to her promotion.
Amaraticando resigned, out of a lack of interest in the community.
Eevee was promoted to Administrator, being Ersanio's choice as he had proven to be capable during his time as hack team leader.
Katerpie was promoted to SMW Hack Section Manager, replacing Eevee as Katerpie has been an active hack moderator for a long while.
Ersanio resigned for personal reasons, mostly time-related ones.
Raidenthequick passed on his duties as YI Team Leader but remains on staff as YI Moderator, because he did not think he had the time to properly lead the sections.
Nimono was promoted to YI Team Leader, to replace Raiden, and because he has plans to rekindle interest in Yoshi's Island hacking.
Teyla was promoted to Public Relations: Twitter Helper, because out of all the applications he was the most trustworthy and brought up good ideas in his application.
white_moth has been promoted to Kaizo Hack Moderator, because he is visibly knowledgeable in the Kaizo arts and is quite prominent in the SMWC Discord #kaizo channel.
Medic has resigned due to a lack of interest in the SMW hacking scene.
Mirann has resigned, partially out of lack of time and partially for personal reasons.
Hinalyte has been promoted to Administrator to step in Mirann's footsteps as a userbase administrator.
idol has been promoted to Administrator, to fill the role of the Head Administrator since that spot had been left vacant for a while and she was the person staff collectively agreed to be the most capable of handling the position.
Teyla has been promoted to full time Public Relations. He will continue to take care of our Twitter account as well as other PR matters.

Lui37 has resigned from the staff team, due to disinterest in music moderation.

Nameless has been promoted to Music Team Leader. This is because she shows exceptional moderation skills and is constantly keeping tabs on making sure other music mods are doing their job.

HuFlungDu has resigned from full time staff.
Sonikku has resigned from full time staff.
Both will remain as section helpers. This is due to their time constraints permitting them from being full time moderators, but they're both still interested in helping out and are able to do their jobs exceptionally.
Mathos was promoted to ASM Moderator
Telinc1 was promoted to ASM Moderator
Berk was promoted to Graphics Moderator
Pinci was promoted to Music Moderator
Wakana was re-promoted to Music Moderator

They were all chosen from the Staff Applications.

JackTheSpades has resigned from the staff team, citing lack of motivation.
Noivern was promoted to Forum Moderator, because he's active around the site, a mature poster and a good boy that has shown promise over time.
FPzero is now a Forum Moderator in addition to being on the Public Relations team.
Gloomy is now a Forum Moderator in addition to being Graphics Mod and Public Relations.

Other staff have been given specific forums to maintain. Check for their names in the Forum Index where it says "Moderated By".
Blind Devil was promoted to ASM Moderator for having a great knowledge of ASM and being a large help with the recent sprite remoderation.
Alcaro is now promoted to Administrator. He will be primarily handling site coding among other matters.
Gloomy has resigned, looking to focus on his own hacking projects instead of moderation.
Mathos has resigned, citing personal reasons.
queueRAM was promoted to SM64 Moderator to help out with the sections.
Raidenthequick has resigned, saying he's chosen to resign from romhacking altogether.
Sariel has resigned, citing personal reasons.
Narogugul was promoted to Kaizo Hack Moderator to fill the gap left by Sariel.
LX5 has resigned to spend more time focusing on his personal SMW projects.
white_moth has resigned to spend more time working on his own hacks and playing other hacks at his own pace.
Dan has stepped down to a Public Relations only role citing a real life schedule that doesn't allow him the time to have a full staff position. He will still manage the CaffieCraft server.
Ivy has also moved down to PR only due to school taking up his time. He will still be producing Youtube stream content.
telinc1 has been promoted to ASM Team Leader to fill the position left by LX5.
randomdude999 and RussianMan were both promoted to ASM Moderator positions.
Linkdeadx2 and DoDeChehedron were both promoted to Kaizo Hack Moderator positions.
Pinci has resigned to concentrate on schooling and personal projects.
Dan has resigned, citing personal reasons.
idol has resigned as Head Admin, citing internal conflict.

And no, this is not an April Fool's joke.
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