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Staff Status

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 Fernap has been promoted from SMW ASM Helper to full SMW ASM Moderator.

 MarkAlarm has been hired as SMW ASM Moderator.
PermaBan will no longer be inflicting bans of any kind, as he has decided it is time to resign from staff (Discord Mod/Forum Mod/PR Team).
TickTockClock has stepped down as Discord Moderator.

Everyone congratulate  Segment1Zone2 for being promoted as our newest full forum moderator! Round of applause.
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
 Slash Man has stepped down from SMW Music Moderator & Section Leader due to inactivity stemming from obligations to real life.
If we gave him holy divine powers he'd be a Goderator.  Ahrion has been promoted to Music Moderator! His exceptional ports and musical history combined with an eagerness to help out really made this promotion an eventuality. Three thousand cheers!
Call me Santa because  Fyre150 is now officially SMW Music Helper!
 Anorakun is now a Forum Helper, specifically of the Requests forum.
Please welcome  TheJavabrew  JupiHornet  StayAtHomeStegosaurus  Valentine to the staff team! They are all our new PR Helpers. #smrpg{y}
 Tahixham has been promoted to Developer, in addition to his current roles as Administrator, Forum Manager, and Public Relations. He will help with fixing site issues, giving me more time to work on larger features.
Vitor Vilela has stepped down as SMW ASM Moderator and Tool Moderator.

 zuccha has been hired as SMW ASM Helper.
 Donut has been hired as a Discord Moderator, undergoing a trial period. This is in addition to his existing role as SMW ASM Helper.
After a successful trial period,  Donut has been promoted to full staff.

 NopeContest has resigned as Discord Moderator. He remains staff and continues to fulfill his other duties.

Local Helper Hero  Nanako has been promoted to full staff as an SMW Music Moderator! Say meowdy.
I went back in time to the year 2000 and got a happy meal, and hired the toy it came with. Welcome  KungFuFurby to the SMW Music Helpers team! He will primarily assist with any niche AMK technical concerns.
Please welcome  NinCollin to the team as a forum moderator! Whoopee!

(Good holiday name)
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Link Thread Closed