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 Doctor No has been promoted to PR Team Leader!!! :O
 AmperSam has stepped down from being an SMW Graphics Helper
 Mellonpizza has been hired as SMW ASM Helper.
Burning Loaf has resigned as SMW ASM Helper.
 StayAtHomeStegosaurus has been promoted to music moderator! at least if they're home we'll know where they are
For all his hard work  Alex has been promoted to Hack Manager! Enjoy the feather.

Our lovely  Eevee is also leaving a huge gap as they step down from Hack Manager, but worry not we're filling that gap with 10 new site helpers to assist in the hacks section.

Welcome  Blaagon,  blueribbonhighlife,  DonWafle,  Eden_,  Ringo,  Saphros,  Shoujo,  yogui,  YouFailMe, Zoreo to the team!
After re-evaluating the state of Tools section, due to it being low activity full moderator positions for Tools mod have been dissolved and existing responsibilities have shifted to being a Site Helper role.

Atari2.0 has been made Tools Manager (position established), Major Flare and dtothefourth have been made Site Helper as a result of the changes.
 dacin has been hired as SMW Hacks Helper, focusing on Tool-assisted hacks. Welcome in!
 Donut has resigned as SMW ASM Helper. He remains a Discord Moderator.
Congrats to  Blaagon,  blueribbonhighlife,  dacin,  DonWafle,  Eden_,  Ringo,  Saphros,  Shoujo,  yogui and  YouFailMe on their promotion to full staff!

With this many folks on the hacks mod team, we should never have a waiting queue ever again... right????
 E-man38 has joined on as an SMW Graphics Helper
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