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Staff Status

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AlcaRobot has resigned as hack moderator, citing increased peanut presense in the section and being allergic.
hey its me fp0

Dan and Sinc-X have returned to their respective prior positions as PR and music moderator.
Katerpie has stepped down from staff and SMW hacks section manager, to put focus on priorities in his real life, with Noivern taking up the manager role instead.
MaxodeX has resigned, looking to focus more on real life and studies.
Blind Devil has resigned, citing personal reasons and extenuating circumstances.
NeXuS15 has been promoted to Kaizo Hack Moderator.
randomdude999 has been promoted to Tool Moderator, in addition to being ASM Moderator.
Noivern has been appointed as PR Team manager, filling the previously vacant role.
A few changes have taken place today.

In regards to administration, idol has been repromoted as head admin, taking on the role of site manager, while Kieran and Alcaro have been moved down to regular staff, with Alcaro focusing sorely on the coding, and Kieran of course retaining his role as coder and site owner. Expect another admin to be promoted in the coming days.

HuFlungDu has left the role of section helper, while Sonikku has been promoted as an ASM mod.

ergazoobi and imamelia have stepped down due to inactivity. leod has also stepped down due to a lack of interest.
Following up on the changes from earlier this week:

Noivern and Impetus have both been promoted to Administrator.
Erik has been promoted to PR in addition to his other roles.

In addition, the PR Team Manager role has been split. Impetus will handle events as Site Event Leader. Noivern will handle Youtube, Twitter, etc. as Social Media Leader.
LadiesMan217 has been promoted as a new Music Moderator.
Magi has been promoted as a Graphics Moderator.
Noivern has stepped down as a Graphics Moderator.
Wakana has stepped down, citing personal reasons.
Nimono has stepped down as YI Section Manager and SMW Hack Moderator, citing lack of interest.
Noivern will be taking over YI Section Manager temporarily until a more suitable replacement is found.
Skewer has been let go as Graphics Moderator, citing a wish to distance himself from the community.
Noivern has stepped down from SMW Hack Manager, PR Team Manager and YI Section Manager, citing lack of time to dedicate to being Administrator and these three other positions. He will remain Administrator along with being a member of the SMW Hack Moderation Team and the Public Relations Team, but will no longer moderate Yoshi's Island hacks.
Hinalyte has stepped down from SMW Graphics Manager, to focus on Administrative duties.

FPzero has been promoted to PR Team Manager, where he will fulfill the Social Media-side of the position alongside Impetus, who will continue to represent site events.
Gloomy has been promoted to the position of SMW Graphics Manager, where he will help attend to both the SMW Graphics section and the SMW Graphics Team.
Eevee has once again taken the place of SMW Hacks manager.
XenonZed (formerly known as ZeNewDragon) has been promoted to the position of Yoshi's Island Manager, where he will look after and take care of the sections various needs.
Dan is now a Graphics Moderator in addition to his other roles.
xHF01x has been promoted as a SMW Hack Moderator. He'll be handling pit hacks.
Dan has resigned, citing changes in his life that no longer leave him with time or interest to continue being a staff member.
PercentN joins the staff team as a graphics moderator.
Teyla has also been side-promoted to graphics moderator.
Giftshaven and musicalman join the staff team as music moderators.
Major Flare and Maarfy join the staff team as ASM moderators.
BTD6_maker joins the staff team as a Yoshi's Island moderator (for all sections).
Magi has been removed from staff due to inactivity.
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