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Staff Status

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(This happened yesterday.)
I (Scrydan) decided to step away from the Discord Team due to being unsatisfied with the direction of the Discord Team and lack of time to properly focus on a very active server with my other responsibilities including family and other staff projects. I will be remaining a Forum Moderator and PR Member at this time.

I (Telinc1) have stepped down from my position as full-time ASM moderator, citing lack of time because of site coding duties and lack of motivation. I will stay on the ASM moderation team as a helper. My other positions on the staff team are unaffected.

I made this decision two weeks ago. It is not related to any recent events.
Erik has stepped down from his Discord Moderator position, though this decision occurred around a month ago. It is not tied to any current events whatsoever, it is simply being posted now to remedy an error in logging.

And to break the streak of resigning, let's welcome Pinci back to the Music Moderator team! He's proved himself to be an exceptional moderator in the past, and now that he has more time on his hands he's able to assist with the section.
bebn legg has been promoted to Discord Team Leader alongside Ryaa. We decided the Discord was just too large to be led by one person. He's essentially been functioning as Ryaa's right hand man for a while now, and together the two will help lead the server.
Sephazon has been demoted from Youtube Channel Operator for inactivity.
Dan has been promoted again to take over the position of Youtube Channel Operator from Sephazon. He brings with him an extensive plan on how to revive the channel and make it active once again.
Atari2.0 has been promoted to Hack Team Leader, where he will work alongside Eevee. Atari2.0 has displayed an admirable interest in both maintaining the SMW Hack section and managing ways to improve it, and with how large the SMW Hack section is we decided two leads would be fitting.
Deakula and Furyful Fawful have been promoted as Hack Moderators, specialising in the newly permitted Troll Hacks.
Oh boy.

Firstly, Nameless and Maarfy have been promoted to Administrators. You can read more about it in their fancy thread here.

Following the Forum Moderator applications, we have chosen to hire Aja, Ninja Boy, Tahixham, and Sayuri. We felt each user had an impressive application, and we have chosen to go forward with them.

As for Discord, please welcome Dan, E-man38, poopsey, Syndrilevosse and Tob to the team! They will be Trial Discord Mods to test the waters. All have been very active and engaged members of our Discord community, and we're excited to put them to the real test.

Finally, Super Maks 64 has been brought on as an ASM Patch Remoderation Helper. Hurrah!
Adeleine has been demoted following a 2-week inactivity period and ultimately leaving the Discord server.
Veck has resigned from the Discord Moderators team to focus on other site duties. He will remain staff and tend to his other duties. (September 6th)
E-man38, poopsey, Syndrilevosse, Tob, and Dan have all successfully completed the Discord Moderator trial period and are now full staff, if they weren't already. Let's give them a warm welcome!

K3fka has resigned from staff, citing lack of motivation to perform staff duties as well as hacking as a whole.
Major Flare has now become a Super Mario 64 co-manager (alongside me). He will be helping me in managing the SM64 section on this site.
Tob is now an SMW Graphics Moderator in addition to his other role of Discord Moderator. He brings with himself lots of experience in making pixel art, along with a history in making good-looking tilesets, sprites, palettes and animations.

Flagpole1up has been brought on as SMW Graphics Helper. They displayed some interesting custom graphics skills with their released tilesets. (September 29th)
Veck has resigned, saying he needs to focus on real life right now and doesn't have enough time to continue being on the staff team.
Blind Devil has resigned, saying he no longer has the time to devote to the position due to real life circumstances. (October 27th)
Bruno Visnadi has been demoted for inactivity. (October 29th)
Dr. Tapeworm has resigned, citing lack of motivation for being staff and desire to focus on other projects and real life.
Doctor No has been promoted to the Public Relations Team as a helper. He will be hosting the upcoming Kaizo Level Design Contest 2020, which will be a cross-community contest with Romhack Races.
Ryaa resigned from the Public Relations team. He will continue as Discord Manager and Moderator.
BlooberryPi was promoted from a Helper to a full-fledged Super Mario 64 Moderator. They will be responsible mainly for the Super Mario 64 Hacks Section.
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