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Staff Status

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Dan and FPzero have resigned from their Discord Moderators duties in order to focus their energy on their other responsibilities as staff. Both are still staff and maintain their other positions.

Ryaa has resigned from staff, wishing to focus more on his real life duties.
After almost three months of assisting with remoderation, Tamaki has been promoted to Music Moderator! Her enthusiasm to help, as well as the work she's already put in and a solid knowledge of porting in general makes her a solid candidate for the staff team.

sorry to everyone who voted most likely to become staff but also your prophecies came true LOL
Giftshaven has resigned from the staff team, citing real life duties that he needs more time to himself to tend to.
Welcome Maxodex back to the staff team, and Exodustx0 to the staff team! Both are exceptionally good musicians who know their way around SMW, and will be helping maintain the section. Congratulate our first new staff of 2020!
As per A confession and apology, Nameless has been demoted from Administrator back to SMW Music Manager. Past that, she will no longer be involved in the userbase part of the SMW Central staff team, including user discussions.

Further information can be found here.
Tob has resigned from his position as Discord Moderator, citing personal reasons. He remains staff and a graphics moderator.

PercentN has resigned from staff, looking to focus on his postgraduation, career pursuit and other real life affairs.
Flagpole1up and MM102 have been promoted as SMW Graphics Moderators. Additionally, Ruberjig has been brought on as SMW Graphics Helper.

Flagpole1up was previously hired as helper and has done a good job in their role, warranting a promotion. MM102 displayed impressive graphics skills with his latest works and contest entries and Ruberjig brings with him an extensive good history and talent in graphics and general art making.
Erik has been demoted from staff following a lengthy unexplained absence.
Following applications, Ninja Boy has been promoted to Discord Moderator, while Aeon and patcdr have been brought on as SMW Hack Helpers.

After multiple weeks of absence without any updates, even after being notified multiple times, Aeon has been demoted from Hack Helper.
Meanwhile 1UPdudes staff duties have been transferred from Discord Moderator to Hack Moderator due to changes in overall availability.
Additionally Ruberjig has been let go of his SMW Graphics Helper role due to lack of motivation and being busy with other things.
Doctor No has been promoted to Public Relations after having been a PR Helper for a few months successfully hosting KLDC. We're happy to have him on board to help with future KLDCs and other contests and events.
MarioFanGamer has been added as a moderator to the YI ASM section.
Syndrilevosse has resigned from his position as Discord Moderator.

Gloomy has resigned from his position as SMW Graphics Manager. Likewise, Dakras Hayashi has also resigned, noting unsatisfaction with her own moderation inactivity.

We wish them both the best in their future endeavors!
Noivern will be filling in temporarily as SMW Graphics Manager to help work on the high waiting submission queue.
Tahixham has been promoted to Forum Team Manager, taking over the role from me. He's shown a huge willingness to work on forum-related projects and get them done in a timely manner, so we're happy to have him take over the position.

And for completeness, FPzero is no longer Forum Team Manager. I was always just holding the position temporarily after Impetus left until we could promote one of the Forum Team members to take over from me.
poopsey has resigned as Discord Moderator, citing having lost interest in the position.

KevinM has been promoted to co-manager of the SMW ASM sections, serving alongside Maarfy.

LMPuny has resigned as Patch Remoderation Helper citing real-life concerns.
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