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Staff Status

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Slash Man has been promoted to SMW Music Manager. His previous experience leading the section made him a logical candidate to operate as co-manager alongside myself to help push the music sections forward.
Scrydan has resigned, citing personal reasons and internal disagreements.
Veck has been promoted to forum moderator.
From a few days ago: shovda has been promoted to SMW Hack Moderator, focusing on kaizo hacks.

Also from a few days ago: LMNtals, NopeContest, and DeppySlide have been promoted to Discord Moderators for their positive and mature presence in the server, as well as interest in the position. The latter two are under a month-or-so-long trial period, like other new Discord Moderators in the past.

From today: brickblock369 has been promoted to SMW Music Moderator for his expertise and engagement with the SMW Music Section.

From a few days ago: For going above and beyond with their roles, DeppySlide and NopeContest have passed the Discord Moderator trial period and have been promoted to full staff.

From a few days ago: FPzero has resigned from his forum moderator duties. They still remain as an administrator, and the PR Team lead.
NeXuS15 has stepped down from SMW Hack Moderator, citing lack of motivation and interest.
Tahixham has been promoted to Administrator! What an exciting time, you can read all about it here. honk.

Furthermore, NopeContest has been promoted to the Public Relations Team, due to his interest in being a part of our Twitch team.
Katerpie has resigned, citing real life commitments
K.T.B. has been promoted to forum moderator.
Vitor Vilela has been promoted to ASM and Tool Moderator.
MM102 has resigned, citing lack of motivation and real life commitments.
Veck has resigned due to real life commitments.
 Amethyst and  GlitchCat7 have been promoted to SMW Hacks Moderators. They will be a Standard Hack moderator and a Kaizo Hack moderator respectively.
 Stivi has resigned, citing lack of motivation and a desire to focus on personal projects.

Devazure has been promoted to forum moderator.
 icrawfish has been hired as a SMW Music helper to help ease the C3 load given his knowledge of music and helpful critique in the music channel on discord.
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 Kevin has resigned from the staff team and his team leader position, citing a desire to pursue full-time crime fighting vigilante work in Italy. or university - whichever answer you like better.

 AmperSam has been promoted from PR Helper to PR Staff, because they are a good egg and are super helpful all around.
 Burning Loaf and Squirrelyman157 have been hired as general SMW ASM helpers.
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