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Staff Status

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 E-man38 has resigned, wishing to focus on his personal and real life duties.

 Ayami,  Carld923, and mason have been hired as SMW Graphics helpers.
Ethelfleda,  Losoall, and TickTockClock have been hired as Discord Moderators given their maturity and activity in the server, and will be undergoing a trial period as with previous Discord Moderator hires.

Tamaki has resigned, citing increasingly busier obligations in real life.
 Fernap has been hired as a general ASM Helper.
Ethelfleda,  Losoall, and TickTockClock have been promoted to full staff following a successful trial period as Discord Moderators.

Flagpole1up has been demoted from the graphics team due to a large period of inactivity.
 Alex has been hired as a PR Helper, assisting with our Twitter account.
 FPzero has stepped down from PR Manager, due to a lack of time to be active in the position. Instead...
 DeppySlide has been promoted to PR Manager, as a result of the huge drive seen behind the scenes in helping to organize PR contests and events. He will serve as co-PR Manager with idol.
Pinci has resigned feeling a loss of motivation and IRL issues. We greatly appreciate his hard work and dedication.
I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
JamesD28 has been promoted to ASM Co-Manager, serving alongside myself.
 Carld923 and mason have been promoted to graphics moderators
brickblock369 has resigned, wishing to devote more time to creative endeavors.
 icrawfish and  Hooded Edge have been promoted to SMW Music Moderator, having shown dedication to the section in submissions and quality as well as the former's work as a helper.
 Segment1Zone2 has been promoted to SMW Music Helper as a result of the Music applications.

We wish all of them the best of luck!
Continuing off of the previous promotions, Milon Luxy has been promoted to SMW Music Helper!
Maxodex has stepped down from the music moderator team, citing disinterest in the position.
Bringing in the new year with a bang,  Nanako and VecchiaZim have both been promoted to SMW Music Helpers!
 Kevin has joined the music team as a helper to help alleviate the C3 queue.
 idol has taken up the position of SMW Hack Manager, while  Atari2.0 has stepped down and switched over to SMW ASM Moderator.
 Alex has been joined the Hack Moderation team as a helper, focusing on Kaizo, alongside being promoted to full staff for his PR duties.
 Anorakun has been demoted from Staff to SMW Graphics Helper due to sharing information from staff channels elsewhere on more than one occasion.
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