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Staff Spotlight - September 2017 - The 2AM show with idol EP1 (ft. Nameless)
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Display Case - Interview Archive - Staff Spotlight - September 2017 - The 2AM show with idol EP1 (ft. Nameless)
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this interview is a feisty profane boy and as such children under the age of 40 should not read it. thank you in advance.

idol: lets literally do this shit
idol: every single thing makes it into the interview
Nameless: including this
idol: no one will notice if i just take all the questions from rpg hackers interview right
Nameless: i'd do it

idol: So, the first question for today... Let's get right into the staff part of the staff spotlight first! You've been moderating ASM and the much neglected Tools section, how has that been so far?
Nameless: I hate ASM. The tools section isn't as neglected as me during my childhood on the streets.
idol: nice

idol: So how's the experience of being a Music Mod? Is it all you could've ever hoped it'd be? What's your way of handling submissions usually
Nameless: It's pretty kickin' rad. I get to yell at people to help me clear out the section sometimes, and that plays into my expertise of bitching until things get done.
The process is poor as shit, usually starrting with "Let's knock out XYZ today, and pretend like I deserve this position." Then I give it the good ol' listen, determine if it even sounds good, if it's pleasing, what can be fixed, and the occasional "Do I accept it despite a couple flaws? Do I reject it because of those flaws?" Generally, if it's acceptable enough, we move on to "is it a gosh dang ol' mess?" That's your standard stuff: looping, proper syntax, effective use of channels, all that stupid nonsense. If that's all solid, then it's ready for approval. If it isn't, I'll gauge opinions on things that need to be brought up in removal because I'm really good at missing stuff.
Nameless: don't tell anyone but if its a clusterfuck but it sounds dope i'll probably accept it
idol: can i put that in the interview
Nameless: totes
idol: thanks
Nameless: only if this goes in too
idol: what else should go in
Nameless: your tony hawk musical idea from months ago

idol: Since you've joined you've done a tremendous amount of effort. At what point do you just bite the bullet and accept the fact that you must kill Lui37 and assume not only his position but his identity?
Nameless: Soon I will be Papa Lui, and I will be the most amore pizza chef this side of Italy.
Nameless: I'm excited at the prospect of doing what Lui37 does, which is not too far from my standard duties but now I get to fire the losers.
Nameless: inside staff leak maxo's days are fuckin n u m b e r e d

idol: So do you have any future site ambitions now that you're in this position? Any plans for upcoming music contests we may have?
Nameless: I really liked judging the 48 hoes SPC contest, and I hope to be able to do that some more. I'm intending on finishing an Idol for once, which is a wild concept in and of itself (here's hoping we can make it dope as hell in the future). I still occasionally work on stuff, and I'm fixing to get that productivity back up to what it used to be (i looked through an old archive of really bad spcs i did over the course of 2009-2010 and there were like 76 of them in there but nowadays i do like three ports a year lmao). Though, at the end of the day, I'm totally cool with taking care of the music section for now. It's a mess, but piss easy to manage.
Nameless: gonna fuckin destroy the graphics section in terms of submission count tho cuz we're in second place and second place is the first loser

idol: Do you have any plans to take a stab at composing anything for VLDCX?
Nameless: We'll see.
Nameless: when do we get to the lightning round

idol: What's the most you've ever Bled
Nameless: i once filled a small pepsi bottle with blood

idol: So why SMW Music? What brought you to learn how to do this?
Nameless: I've been around music damn near my whole life, but it was like late 2008 when I joined thinking I was hot shit and making a bunch of hacks that weren't good in the slightest because I didn't know how to do anything of quality, but I wanted to learn how to do custom music because it was still kinda new and the standards were nowhere near what they are today. I ended up dicking around on IRC at that time, barely knowing how to even use addmusic, met my Good Pal Buster Beetle who showed me the ropes on how porting worked. I suppose after that I just fucked around a lot until like 2010 where I couldn't access SMWC regularly. Then, around 2011 I picked up Famitracker, which got me back into making music, and some time after figured that now that I'm not the hot trash I was when I was an edgy 15 year old and could actually make things of quality, I'd pick up porting again (the quality of life improvements really helped ease me back in). Since then, it's been an off and on ride of music, both SMW and not, just making stuff that isn't garbage.
Nameless: At some point I was even working on a collab hack with the same friends from years ago, because it was a good excuse to actually compose tracks (i only like maybe two of the songs i did back then now though), so there's that.
Nameless: SMW music is also an excuse to do SNES music and call it chiptune, because I'm really fascinated by the prospect of doing music that has actual playback on another system (why i do famitracker shit too).

idol: You haven't submitted a song since 2014 in the SMWC Music Section. What's up with that?? Literally you should be submitting everything ever and filling up the section with Good Music
Nameless: Technically, I did. It just got rejected because it was a meme.
Nameless: Besides, a lot of the stuff I like doing serves absolutely zero practical usage in SMW to begin with, and it's all a mess that I don't feel like cleaning up sometimes, and I certainly wouldn't accept them under those conditions.
Nameless: Perhaps later, though. The stuff that has a slight hint of practicality is building up. I was gonna just mass dump it all in a C3 thread so I didn't have to submit it but still have it out there, but.
Nameless: Then I got hired.
Nameless: So, there's that.
Nameless: also stop fucking stalking me you loser why didn't you submit your cldc level to the site as a hack????????
Nameless: yeah didn't think so NERD
idol: Wow!

idol: What's the second most amount you've Bled
Nameless: my 17th birthday where i filled a ball of paper towels with blood, i called it a human heart and showed it to everyone who came over
Nameless: i shoved it into a pepsi bottle and shook it around at people and it made a buncha gross squishy thumps

idol: Whom are... The Cell Games
Nameless: ask sayuri, his personal cell phone number will be provided at the end of the interview

idol: So enough about these SMWC shenanigans. What are your hobbies outside of this?
Nameless: being a hikikomori and watching childrens cartoons
idol: go on
Nameless: making fun of derpy
Nameless: playing overwatch but not getting any better
Nameless: subjecting innocent users to my riddles
Nameless: making fun of derpy
Nameless: smoking the dank green drug that you shouldn't smoke because its bad for you
Nameless: leaving comments on the internet for people to find
Nameless: making sure my sculpture of cat bones stays held together with epoxy glue so killary doesn't get into office
Nameless: making fun of derpy
Nameless: shitposting so people remember who i am, then not shitposting so people forget who i am
Nameless: being depressed 25/7
Nameless: watching judge judy episodes on youtube while eating a tv dinner
Nameless: being an asshole in dungeons and dragons
Nameless: asking people on younow if they would ever vomit on camera
Nameless: and, last but certainly not least, thinking a lot about death, the great beyond, what the purpose of life truly is and memes
Nameless: meme culture is killing society, people
Nameless: stay woke
Nameless: oh, and i'm good at cooking
Nameless: what are you good at idol
idol: im good at interview,ing

idol: are you good at cooking your tv dinners
Nameless: who would eat a poorly cooked tv dinner while judge judith sheindlin arbitrates over stolen yugioh cards
Nameless: not this guy
Nameless: pepper steak banquet meals are the best, spaghetti banquet meals are the worst
Nameless: the rice is kinda nasty sometimes tho but theres nothing you can really do about that
Nameless: i like to think about how nasty those brownies are
idol: what else do you like to think about
Nameless: how people are literally full of blood

idol: What was the inspiration for shitpost of the day?? And why did you drive a stake through its poor, depressingly meme-filled heart
Nameless: i was going through some old logs and found a puush named "shitpost of the day.png"
Nameless: i posted that as the first shitpost of the day
Nameless: i killed it because i wanted to see who would be stupid enough to try and recreate it after i left it to rot in hell
Nameless: no one understands the cold, calculated science that goes into shitposting
Nameless: it's all a numbers game

idol: What's the story behind every single photo and excerpt you have in your rather long profile?
idol: Where does each one come from?
Nameless: the quotes are literally signed gandhi
Nameless: some of them are really stupid youtube comments
Nameless: some are emojipastas
Nameless: some are seinfeld
Nameless: some is indian facebook
Nameless: some is word art
Nameless: some is simpsons
Nameless: some is asterios kokkinos miiverse shitposting
Nameless: some are bad chain letters
Nameless: theres space jam
Nameless: theres a george carlin joke in there see if you can find it loyal theorists
Nameless: my gamer bros
Nameless: like comment and fucking subscribe you degenerates

idol: Thoughts on Susan Boyle? Any Boyle headcanons?
Nameless: wasn't she the one that killed her baby and was on nancy grace
idol: very insightful answer!

idol: Favorite Shinedown song?
Nameless: 45

idol: Most powerful picture of Willem Dafoe you are aware of?

idol: What's the third most amount you've ever Bled
Nameless: this one time i had a nosebleed that wouldn't stop and it felt pretty fucking chill cuz i was stoned and blood was all over my shirt
Nameless: i felt like i was in a really bad metal song

idol: Speaking of really bad metal songs, what's the worst thing you've ever consumed?
Nameless: milk steak
Nameless: i didn't have the jelly beans to garnish it with
Nameless: saddest day
Nameless: then again if it doesnt have the jelly beans is it truly milk steak in the first place
idol: it's not
Nameless: thank god

idol: if both the 16 year old girls who ran your account fought to the death which one would win
Nameless: the battle woudl rage on for days, claiming the lives of thousands of innocents caught in the crossfire. allison would win in the end, though, because taylor has to be at school on monday, whereas allison got expelled. they say her parents are still looking for a new school to take her to this day
Nameless: if she gets kicked out of one more school, they'll be forced to send her to catholic school where nuns will crack her skull with a ruler in the shape of a cross

idol: What's your favorite Bionicle?

Nameless: this guy
Nameless: this bad little boy

idol: If you could give cholera to one member of the SMWC Staff, who would you choose and why?
Nameless: ergazoobi. You piss on me, you get infected with cholera 3 years later, on the same day. It's a proven fact.

idol: What's the longest song you've listened to and is it a good song?
Nameless: It's probably something from Dream Theater but I don't have the mental capacity to do my homework. I'll just say 2112 and that it was Good
Nameless: because 2112 is Good
Nameless: fuck guitar hero

idol: If you could tell 12 year old you one thing, what would you tell him?
Nameless: Freeze yourself for a year so you're not 12 anymore.

idol: If you could go back in time and kill baby Markiplier would you do it?
Nameless: Only if he has the same stupid hair he rocks now.

idol: Where are we
Nameless: In the endless cosmic voyage that awaits us all beyond the grave. We are all dead and living out a separate purgatory within our own perceptions.
idol: Nice

idol: Any last things to say or plug before I have to come to your house and kill you, officially ending this interview?
Nameless: Send me pictures of your houses.
fuck im high

(congrats i guess)
Disgusting. How was this man allowed onto the SMW Central staff team? He clearly has no respect and lacks the required skill for such an esteemed position. I am very disappointed in this website.

e: way overdue apology, that was too much from me
ok but you didn't give sayuris number


i hope you keep the weed on

(Congrats Nameless, you are the best!)
Originally posted by idol
idol: What's the most you've ever Bled
Nameless: i once filled a small pepsi bottle with blood

i fucking flooded my house once get on my level
very fuckin nice
Originally posted by Sixcorby
i fucking flooded my house once get on my level

who can blame you you're an asriel fan of course youre emo af

(ilu goatboi)


User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
congrats, let's celebrate it with beer in the nameless island!
Congrats friend!

congrats, interesting interview lol

as you asked, here's a pic of my house
What a beautiful interview.
Seriously though, this is great.

It's nice to finally see Nameless being in Staff Spotlight too.

Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco / Rest in peace, Near, thank you for everything
I killed shitpost of the day and I should feel bad
nameless made me speechless. Perhaps one of the most "interesting" interviews ever.


Still not to keen on all of this but okay congrats yay woohoo

at least he actually does his job

e: way overdue apology, that was too much from me
Originally posted by ‍
Originally posted by Minuy600
Still not to keen on all of this but okay congrats yay woohoo

at least he actually does his job

Could you like stop for once. Your constant whining isn't going to change things.

Congrats on the spotlight, Nameless, you've been taking good care of the section so far. 👍
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