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Come on guys! Show a little appreciation.

I just wasted my evening implementing the ranks system, and Smallhacker made our first rankset, but you don't seem to care... D:
<marquee>FUCK YEAH BOOM YOU ARE JESUS JR.</marquee>
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oh fuck you boom you made me waste my 2500th post by thanking you for wasting your evening baw
You didn't waste your evening! I think you guys did a great job. I don't care if I'm just a Cheep-Cheep, it's way better than nothing.

Could I not be a bob-omb.

I think this is a nice addition to this already neat site.
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
We were all talking about it on irc, rEtArD!
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by Tewi Inaba

*sulks in the corner*
I was wondering when these would show up. I saw the option for them forever, but could never select anything. Awesome. good work.
This is really cool, I've always wanted these,
but it gives people more reason to use postcount+ threads.
which is bad.
Woohoo! Thanks for implementing the ranks. :o

I'm Cape Mario, perhaps I'll be Star Mario soon...

EDIT: Perhaps we could have a page where we could view all the ranks?
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by
Originally posted by Tewi Inaba

*sulks in the corner*

oh don't let him bother you, i an very glad you finely uploaded the rank system, i really like it...
- ignore the watermarks, working on a fix for those
*Looks at Boom's rank*
what is this Buzzy Bettle that you speak of?
Seriously, I have no idea =P
ARE yOU KIDDING! I for one, l.o.v.e. love the ranks. I was all depressed that I was a level one. But seeing that near-dead fish puts a smile on my face evey time i see it now, so i'm afraid of being a level 2. oh and you gain levels from making posts... i better stop then! and bombette, follow this link for the ranks:
~comic mischief
Flopping Cheep-Cheep Forever!don't mess with the 'wigi man!

Thanks X 9000 (Any memes and the user will be shot) to WhiteYoshiEgg for fixing my layout!
also a link
I'm sorry, but I don't like the change, luckly for me, it can be disabled (:P)
I suggest you make a text only version. Some people (like me) might like that better.

EDIT: I might think again now that I'm rank 5 (125 posts woot!)
EDIT 2: I reached rank 5 much eariler... still 125 posts!!!
I've never been fond of ranks either, so I disabled mine pretty much as soon as it was implemented. ;)

The main problem I have is that the area is way too cluttered already. My name, plus "Local Moderator", plus "Level 15", plus some text, plus an image, plus my custom title, and then my avatar? It's a bit too messy for my tastes.

That being said, I don't dislike the new ranks system. I just don't want one. :P
I just felt that the picture went too far...
I just love the fact that both me AND my rank are explosives. :3