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The 2017 Old-School Level Design Contest's RESULTS!

Because they had to arrive someday.
Thanks for being patient! I’m pretty sure these results will not be disappointing. There were some complications with judging, including Aeon disappearing from the internet without leaving notice, and Impetus being unable to finish judging. This does not mean we only had one judge though; FPZero and andy_k_250 stepped up to help finishing judging as soon as possible.

With no more delays, here I present the results!
In third place we have
Luks with Milka Fortress, scoring 43 out of 50!

In second place arrives
Sixcorby with Ghost Water, getting 43.33 points out of 50!

And the first place goes to…
FrozenQuills, with Strip Mine, arriving with 44.67 points out of 50!

Congratulations! Trophies should be delivered Soon. You will also be contacted for your game prize, so look forward for that!

Overall rankings:
1. "Strip Mine" by FrozenQuills (44.67/50)
2. "Ghost Water" by Sixcorby (43.33/50)
3. "Milka Fortress" by Luks (43/50)
4. "Grinding To A Halt" by Enjl (42.67/50)
5. "Tower To Heaven" by Blue Leaf (41.33/50)
6. "What The Fuzz" by ft029 (40.67/50)
7. "Agaric Sabotage" by GbreezeSunset (40.33/50)
8. "Seltzer Fortress" by HammerGuy (40/50)
9. "Aquatic Mine(s)" by Agent Q (39/50)
10. "Yoshi's Island 1.5" by Sariel (38.33/50)
11. "Front Door" by lolyoshi (38.07/50)
12. "Superterranean Hill" by Nao (38.03/50)
13. "Primeape Bridge" by snoruntpyro (38/50)
13. "Notable Heights" by Quantix (38/50)
15. "Cut Him To Pieces" by Sockbat Replica (37.67/50)
16. "Epic" by Hobz (37.37/50)
17. "Goalsphere's Castle" by Sokobansolver (37.33/50)
17. "So Safe It's Boring" by Lazy (37.33/50)
19. "Crystal Castle" by RussianMan (37/50)
20. "Hold The Line" by MarioFan22 (36.7/50)
21. "Emerald Fortress" by NarioFan101 (36.67/50)
21. "*click* Noice." By ThePat545 (36.67/50)
23. "Slushy Moors" by Eevee (36.33/50)
24. "Streamside Grove" by Gloomy (36/50)
24. "Lemmy's Aquarium" by Pseudogon (36/50)
26. "Meringue Heights" by Grugi (35/50)
27. "Ice Cream Glacier" by SwagAssMustafa (34/50)
28. "Grinder Castle" by msi810 (33.67/50)
29. "#712 Big Boo Castle" by SomeGuy712x (33.33/50)
29. "Yoshi's Island 1" by yogui (33.33/50)
31. "Bullet Bonzana" by Minuy600 (33/50)
32. "Subterran Scaffolds" by Centipede (32.67/50)
32. "Tricky But Hard" by KDeee (32.67/50)
34. "Lakitu's Grassland" by Everest (32.33/50)
34. "Yoshi's Island 4" by Heraga (32.33/50)
36. "Floodwoods" by Prizm (31.7/50)
37. "Ghost Forest" by Matheus2653 (31.67/50)
37. "Block Snake Skyway" by Pink Gold Peach (31.67/50)
39. "This One" by mes (31.33/50)
39. "Vanilla Bridge" by Tob (31.33/50)
41. "River Raft Ride" by alexandrite (30.8/50)
42. "Donut Ghost Village" NGB (30.77/50)
43. "Lost Castle" by Wakana (30.73/50)
44. "New York Subway" by DogLivesMatter (30.7/50)
45. "Concrete Valley" by turbofa (30.67/50)
45. "Autumn Carnival" by yoshi9429 (30.67/50)
47. "Yoshi's Island 1" by Gamma V (29.37/50)
48. "Crossroad Canyon" by a hick (29.33/50)
48. "Volcanic Volcano" by Najeraldo (29.33/50)
50. "Lifty Heights" by NeXuS15 (29/50)
50. "Spoopy Forest" by MalusAmigo (29/50)
52. "Climb 'N Dodge" by Super Stiviboy (28.67/50)
52. "EAZY" by AbuseFreakHacker (28.67/50)
54. "The Boney Crew" by Wind Fish (28.33/50)
55. "Deadwood Forest" by solareclipse13 (27.67/50)
56. "Racing Party" by Kusrry (25.67/50)
57. "Fishing Jumps" by toad64 (25.33/50)
57. "No Waifu; No Laifu" by ThalesMangaka (25.33/50)
59. "Basalt Keep" by CondorTalon (25/50)
60. "#1 Iggy's Fortress" by Rykon-V73 (24/50)
61. "Ghostly Fiery Woods" by dreamworkman (23/50)
62. "Star World 6" by LX5 (23/50)
62. "Illusion Island #1" by yoshimap (23/50)
64. "Monty Mole Mountain" by Shiny Ninetales (22.67/50)
65. "Wendy's Hideaway 2" by glitch4 (22.33/50)
66. "Yoshi's Island 1" by TheRealGDColon (21.67/50)
67. "Above The Canopy" by Ivy (21.33/50)
68. "Mount Meato" by Cobster (21/50)
69. "The Haunted House" by Wii2 (20.67/50)
70. "#0 Big Boo's Castle" by Lsh0426 (20.33/50)
70. "Chocolate Cliff" by Celestial Seraph (20.33/50)
72. "Yoshi's Island 1" by DaiaNerd (19/50)
72. "Water Pool" by Minimay (19/50)
74. "Windbreaker Plains" by kamekku14 (18.67/50)
74. "Yoshi's House?" by Kyanite (18.67/50)
76. "Athletic Jumps" by Luansilva12 (18.33/50)
77. "#6 Wendy's Hideaway" by LucasRCD (17.67/50)
78. "Frigid Fortress" by YoFilthyMudda (17.33/50)
79. "#2 Morton's Castle" by mkwstar (16/50)
80. "Battle Royale" by Steven (15.33/50)
81. "Dolphin Paradise" by Galaer (15/50)
82. "Vanilla Secret 2" by zacmario (14/50)
83. "Limbo" by Flan. (2.67/50)
NA. "Yoshi's Island 2" by Final Theory (DQ/50)
NA. "Yoshi's Island 1" by homerscout (DQ/50)
NA. "Stalking Castle" by L0LIP0P1136 (DQ/50)

Individual breakdown and judge commentary:
- idol
- FPZero
- andy_k_250

Look forward to your participation badges, which should arrive to your profile shortly.
Due to the amount of equally scoring levels, tiebreakers were done for any 3+ ties.

For now, that’s all! Expect the compilation hack soon.
62th, smh i expected a lower rank
i did it mom
23, not awful, I was expecting worse lol

congrats to all the winners :D
congrats everyone!
congratz to all participants!
cant believe i freaking won
Originally posted by "results"
48. "Crossroad Canyon" by a hick (29.33/50)
48. "Volcanic Volcano" by Najeraldo (29.33/50)

We meet again. :O

(I expected results similar to these, its not like I didn't make the level in one day)
as expected tbh, if i remember correctly i did the level in like an hour before the contest ended.

grats to winners
Phew, 19, a lot better than in previous contests #smrpg{:D}
Congrats to everyone who participated!
Stop ninjing me.

That was pretty fun to judge.
Now the first place winner won't have time to complain about ranking low anymore #tb{:D}

Good stuff! Contests like this should happen more often.
trophies are handed out if i fucked up let me know

also it was fun to judge it was my first judging experience and i learned that im a mean and evil judge. i thought the good levels in this were more fun than the top levels in vldcx this year - i hope vldc11 channels this restraint with the creativity of the vldcs to make something amazing.
im 11
i can't believe i didn't win!!!

guess i'll just have to make my level longer next time

Idol enjoyed my level for the mediocrity that it was while FPzero demolished me—you've just made The List, bub.
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Originally posted by Erik557
cant believe i freaking won


48th out of 86 entries, with very different scores. I usually end up in the average in level design contests so yeah, at least I'm still first among the spanish-speakers.

Originally posted by a hick
Originally posted by "results"
48. "Crossroad Canyon" by a hick (29.33/50)
48. "Volcanic Volcano" by Najeraldo (29.33/50)

We meet again. :O

I'll see you in the LC tournament.
Congrats to everyone!
Very well deserved to the top 5. Great job to everyone in top 20.

Some of the judge comments definitely could have used some proofreading (Agent Q's level needed one more enemy to become more interesting??), but at least the judging got done. Thanks to the judges as well.

I got 40/41/41, so maybe that makes me the most consistent?
24th place definitely isn't bad at all. I actually think I did pretty good.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to the judges for their hard work!
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