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The 2017 Old-School Level Design Contest's RESULTS!

Congrats to everyone else too! The top placements look well deserved.
10th place? Didn´t expect to score that high.

I´m glad that you´ve enjoyed my level so much andy_k_250 and I hope the other 2 judges had fun too. Also thank you for continuously working on getting this done, especially since the amount of participants was way higher than expected.

And also congrats to anyone else who participated. The fact that there´s a difference of only 2 points between place 10 and place 23 shows how decent many of the submitted levels were.

not last :)

also this is the second time in a level design contest that tob's been ranked one place above me #ab{o_O}
congrats frozen quilz, sixkirby and lucks #smrpg{mlem}

top 5 is very well deserved. ft you will submit to my victory next time #smrpg{roar}
LX5 is above me wtf, rigged confirmed

Speaking seriously, congrats to all winners, this was such a quality contest #smrpg{y}
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Ayy, 31st is not bad at all. Funny how Andy and FP gave me exactly the same score, but idol didn't. Ah well, i'm still very content as I didn't even expect it to reach the top 50.
48 & 41 - Wow!
21 - WTF?!

20th is still pretty good though. #smw{:TUP:}
I am quite content with the 13th place I've earned somehow and will continue to do better next time.
I'd love to see another one of these contests. I had fun making the level! #tb{:)}
Congrats, everyone!

I'm looking forward to be able to enter next time. I look forward to the formula for these contests getting developed for the better fun of everyone involved. #tb{:D}
It's easily the best thing I've done
So why the empty numb?
60th place? Not good, but still not bad. Congratulations to all and can't wait for compilation hack!

congrats to Six and FrozenQuills!

Congratz to the winners!

Also, disqualified.

Good job, me.

EDIT: In my defense, I did ask whether my level gimmick was fine in the discussion thread, and the mod answer was "yes". Of course, my description of what I was doing was pretty unclear, so really it's still my fault.

Next time I'll definitely go for something less extreme, though looking at the judge comments, I'm glad that at the very least one of them enjoyed it.
sixcorby's level made me hard, frozenquill's level made me cum, so this is the ideal outcome for a boy aka man like me

Also happy my level was enjoyed. It was fun to make (tho revisiting it I saw a few things I could've improved)! :)
ask me if i give a f*ck...
12th place is really good for my first contest contribution! Thanks to all the judges.
When will the VLDCX results appear?

Anyways, I'm upset as I wasn't able to finish my level before the deadline. Wish I could do this next year. But I mean this will be sth new and actually better looking. I'm mainly aiming for creativity.

And the last, congrats to everyone who placed top 3.

EDIT: When will I stop getting ninja'd?
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Originally posted by Hobz
i forgot this contest even happened can we just give FQ first place and be done with it

hobz is the new oracle thanks
For being a lazy uninspired entry... I didn't score too bad tbh, lol. I admit I only wanted the gorgeous badge nmnmnjknmnmncdnckd

Congrats to winners! Will play your levels when I feel like it (since I didn't, iirc).
32th, didn't expect that high place since it took me hour to make with minimal playtesting lol.
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