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Mario Rescues the Golden Mushroom - V1.1.4 accepted
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Mario Rescues the Golden Mushroom - V1.1.4 accepted
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The Golden Mushroom was stolen by Bowser! Mario must defeat him and retrieve it to return to the Mushroom Kingdom!

I've been working on this hack for over 2 years (since November 2016).



Download Latest Version (V1.1.4)


In level 1-5 brick wall looks like foreground, you'd better to make it darker.


If Bowser stole the one and only Golden Mushroom (TM) why are there a bunch of golden mushrooms just lying around on top of those metal totem poles?

Anyways world 1-5 needs a serious BG change. The background blends wayyyy too much with the foreground. Without actually playing the demo, I like how some levels look, while others could use palette changes and more varied use of vanilla sprites.

Still, props for having interesting world themes. If you are already making a christmas and halloween one, it could be interesting to include more worlds based on holidays/seasons.

e: main issue with palettes is heavy saturation in combination with gradients and having no contrast. Don't use the Lunar Magic gradient feature, just try messing with the colors without picking such heavily saturated versions of every color (for example the green you use is like intense green). Use the original smw palettes as a base and change them slightly until you are satisfied and they vary enoigh from the original.
So I've tried to fix the palettes, and removed the small golden mushrooms lying on top of totem poles.

Title screen:


Dexided to change the BG here becuase it was very similar to the BG in TSRP2R's title screen.

W1 Map


Main level.

Bonus area.


Main level.

Bonus area.



Main level.

Bonus area 1.

Bonus area 2 (Ignore this pipe's colors, forgot to change them).


About this BG, I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?


Room 1.

Room 3.

W2 Map:

World 2-1:

World 2-2:

World 2-3:


For the BG issue, I think it would just be better to remove it altogether and think of something new unless you can find a way to darken it even more without it looking dumb. The rest looks brilliant by the way, there's only a small lack of enemies.
You should probably explain within the plot what is so important about this golden mushroom. As it stands, all I've gathered is: It's a mushroom. It's golden. Bowser stole it. So then, why does Mario need to retrieve it?

RussianMan already addressed the other nitpick I had, but I'll chip in and say that it really is something that needs fixed.

My layout has removed you.
About the plot, it'll be changed to a long cutscene later.

So I changed 1-5 to use 1-1's BG. Does it look okay now?


It does. Details which would normally use their vanilla graphics in the FG look confusing on the BG, but only when they use the similar/same palette as FG. It's not a castle level so it's not a problem if the castle tiles are not used.
I have a Discord server as well!


Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

Some screenshots:

Ignore the "C3 Demo" on the title screen. Demo 2 was intended to be released at the Winter 2018 C3, but I couldn't finish it on time.


Green Jerry:

These screenshots you've posted are pretty good. My question about screenshots 3 and 6 is, are they in one same level? I understand the cave tiling looks identical, but I don't know if the background changed. I can tell the difference that the pipe colors on the two screenshots are different.

Screenshots 4 and 5 need to be fixed for the following reasons:

1 - Both screenshots have the pink treetops covering the life counter, star points, reserve power-up box, timer, coin counter, and the scoreboard.
2 - Screenshot 4 has some sort of cut-off with the pink treetop on the top right corner of the snapshot.

I highly suggest fixing what I pointed out in your screenshots.
Screenshots 3 and 6 weren't taken at the same level.

And some of the screenshots are outdated. I have fixed these problems already.



I have made a thread for beta testing the hack in Hack Testing.
Link to the thread

I also made a Discord server long ago, but didn't want to post about it until now.
Link to the server


It's been over a month since the last post in this thread...

I have finished all of world 3's level except for the castle and Black Switch Palace.

World 3-1

Mario is invisible in this screenshot


World 3-2

Secret exit room:

The glitchy GFX was already fixed

World 3-3

World 3-A (Unlocked with 3-2's secret exit)

World 3-4
In this level you go right to left

Also Demo 2's second world hasn't been tested yet. Gamma V has tested it, but the game froze upon defeating the first boss, and this was fixed already.


Black Switch Palace

In this level you use the Spinies to get 1-ups.


W3 Boss: Tryclyde

World 3 is now completed!





This level is a vertical level.



Aye', those screens look really great, but there's way too much wood blocks.
If you're on Firefox 70+, and you don't see the blur effect, go to about:config and enable layout.css.backdrop-filter.enabled and gfx.webrender.all
For the best aesthetics, use Chrome, or with some settings, Firefox.

Colour scheme based on the awesome ViM theme, Gruvbox.




Blue Switch Palace


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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Mario Rescues the Golden Mushroom - V1.1.4 accepted

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