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This should tag leod in discord.

mod edit: me too thanks
posting in this thread highlights leod
leod you're still a bully even when you are a bully
hi leod
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread

10/10 thread

[22:25:05] <%andy_k_250> Turkey and Grease will one day be reunited - that day will be... Thanksgiving
le odd*
It's easily the best thing I've done
So why the empty numb?

mod edit: no 30x30px 1MB pics please
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anime is ani[REDACTED]
Officially a Mega Man addict.
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@leod 👋😳


Professional frame-by-frame time wizard. YouTube - Twitter - SMW Glitch List - SMW Randomizer
i love leod
he thread too big for he gotdam feet
Your layout has been removed.
y'all are nanned
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Link Thread Closed