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Regarding Contests in the Following Months.

Hey everyone. So, as you may have noticed, our schedule for the following few months re: contests are rather blank. We had a Yoshi's Island Level Design Contest planned back in August, but Raidenthequick dropped hosting it to focus solely on Yoshi Island ASM stuff. We were also hesitant to plan any more Level Design contests at that point, given the fact that VLDCX, KLDC, and OLDC judging had not been complete at that current point in time. However, now that two out of those three are settled, and VLDCX is on it's way to getting done (transparency out of the way, not much was done the past few weeks. However, a quick talk with the judges shows some immediate promise in wrapping this boy up), perhaps we can talk about what you guys would like to see happen in the following months.

One of the more popular requests I've received numerous times this year is CLDC - the do whatever you want contest. Regarding this, would you prefer it in lieu of a thematic level design contest, such as a Christmas Level Design Contest or a Halloween Level Design Contest? Furthermore, would you guys even like another level design contest in the next few months? I'm thinking if we did it, it'd be in November, to give some more room between it and OLDC. However, we don't really want an oversaturation of these kinds of contests. We'd also need people to offer to judge CLDC.

Idol (the contest) is unlikely to be done this year, given the host's involvement with VLDCX judging. We would like to do it next year though, perhaps earlier than later. EXGFX is likely to happen this year, right now in December. Would you guys be interested in an ASM Contest soon? Still interested in a YILDC?

Basically, I want to hear your guys feedback on what contests you'd like to see within the next 8~ months (basically until before next summer). We were throwing around the idea of delaying VLDC11 by a bit in 2018, due to how long results have taken this year. We want things adequately spaced out. We'll have a more in-depth discussion about this later, once VLDCX results are out. So keep this in mind as you can suggest events in February - March - April, potentially.
I'm kind of tired of level design contests honestly. If we had to do a level design related thing, it would have to be YILDC.
asm contest plssssssss
Hmm... CLDC seems more like a once-every-few-years kind of thing to me, gives people time to think about it, and we just had one last year. Perhaps we could pass on it this time? If we DO end up having it, I'd totally love to be a judge again, it was fun last time <3

For Christms LDC: Why does it have to be an LDC specifically for the Christmas contest? Same with Halloween. Perhaps this year we could have GFX contests for those events instead? Challenge people to make a nice Halloween/Christmas-themed tileset! That sounds like it could be fun, especially with how much people seem to be using haunted levels these days. Win/win for all!

<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
I'd really like to see another 24 hour contest.
Id say do CLDC in November, because of the fact that thematic levels (e.g. Halloween/Christmas themed levels) can be made and judged fairly (provided if you have good judging) under the umbrella of being free-for-all against other levels using different themes.

YIDC, Im not sure what month you have planned for it but I dont believe that contest's existence would majorly affect other contests like CLDC if its taken place around that timeframe considering iirc its more niche than SMW hacking.
Modern Redrawn Mario Bros. 1.5 (last update - February 14, 2023, some new bonus frames, tons of minor touchups to various poses)

On Pixel Art Requests: Depends on what it is and if I have the time for it. If its complex and I don't have the time, don't expect me to accept it.

Projects I support:

memehack contest
Make an ASM contest but for sane people.
Music Contest plz!!
Or Christmas Ldc
perhaps it's time to branch our little contests out to becoming collaborations with other communities. possible ideas:

1. TAS community (tasvideos etc.): Every hacker starts with the same base level, could be a vanilla stage, or something custom-created for the contest that's short/small. The hacker is allowed up to only FIVE changes of that level, a "change" can be defined however you guys want, moving a sprite, moving a level object, etc. Then each TASer takes on a level, or they can divvy it up however they please. The HIGHEST number of frames that it takes a TAS to go through your level wins, so you're looking to screw with them and make them take as long as possible, while they will look to break your modified level.

2. Speedrunning community: make a level that's DESIGNED with speedrunning in mind, then we hand it to them, they stream running through our levels blind and THEY VOTE on which ones they liked the best from a speedrunning mindset.

3. Let's Play: contact some LPers and, much like #2, have them vote on their faves, and they upload LP's of playthroughs.

4. Speedrunning community (again): Speedrunners know the game's mechanics from a practical feeling standpoint better than anyone. My idea for this is an ASM TROLL contest where we modify certain subtle behaviors and they have no idea, and we don't tell them either, we just say "hey here's these cool levels the SMWC dudes made, try em out" meanwhile it's pure TROLL and things handle, behave, and control JUST SLIGHTLY differently on purpose to troll. Highest number of deaths wins.

i'm sure there's better ideas, let's get the brainstorming going though guys
I agree with ft basically, but here's a few things that I would support/ideas I have:

YILDC - If SMW is a bustling city, Yoshi's Island is the frontier. I think this would be an awesome contest for people to step outside their comfort zones, and it would be pretty unique as well.

SMW Hacking Challenge/Battle - basically, the "contest" would involve someone coming up with funny restrictions to impose on another, while the other person would have restrictions themselves. Idk what form this would take, maybe like a "draw out of a hat", or something where people traded restrictions, but basically everyone would have a restriction and design a level around that. One way we could do it would be two people come up with a design restriction, and each person has to satisfy the other's request. The format would obviously work better in a 24 hour setting. By "restrictions", I mean "only make a level using vine tiles and dino rhino" for example.

ASM contest - except it's a free for all (any idea goes) and the ASM created must include a short SMW-like level to show it off. Basically this would allow ASMers to make ASM that can actually be utilized by level designers. Another idea I had would be to seperate the levek designers and ASMers into teams of two. Each team has one ASM and one design guy, and they would work together to make a nice level that shows off the ASM. Either that, or the designer and ASMer would each request something "they want" out of the other, and mash their creative skills together. Then each team would release their finished level and the teams would compete.

@Raiden, I support the speedrunning idea, but like no one TASes anymore so I don't think the TAS idea would work at all. The #4 idea is hilarious and I can't wait to see ldad die 100 times in a basic level because the A is mapped to regular jumping the B is mapped to spin jumps lol.
id totally be interested in a yildc because it’s fun to pronounce because i’d like to learn a bit more about yoshis island and golden egg.

i’d be down for cldc too; it’d get rid of my excuse for not knowing much about asm.

this has me excited for next year. can’t wait for everything to happen, guys.
I agree with everything in Gbreeze's post.
Honestly I was really excited to join in on a CLDC this year but it seems like it's unfortunately the least popular thing.

My two cents is really I think we should still run two design contests a year. The bigger problem is less that VLDC has a lot of entries and more that the VLDC collab is consuming fucking everything.

I'd like there to be more 24ho contests too, just that I probably won't be able to join any because lol work.

I also like the speedrunning idea honestly, it's pretty neat.
I agree that we've had too many Level Design contests up to this point, still I do think the CLDC is a good idea and shouldn't be dropped off. CLDC brings that breath of fresh air to the community, where you get to play some incredible levels filled with all kinds of surprises that you don't get off regular SMW LD contests. (even if they're rarity among the shitload of garbage) So, I support the idea of having a halloween or christmas CLDC mid-november. Or just a regular one, still would be great.

ASM contests can be quite the thing too, I would love to see those happen.

Also, I agree with Teyla too, the 24ho contests are quite the fun and slightly simpler to manage. I totally support the idea of having them more frequently!
More 24 hour contests please. I actually want to start entering them.
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Chocolate Contest. Or Christmas contest at least, because I think it's easier to make Christmas feel then spooky scary one.

we've had a lot of level design contests but I'm really less tired of making the actual levels than I am waiting for the results for a few months lmao

24hr contest would be nice and go by faster

What about another 12 Days Before Christmas Contest?
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Have a CLDC in October, and a 24 hour contest in November or December.