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Staff Spotlight - October 2017 - the interview with idol
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I suppose nothing would be more appropriate than interviewing our recently promoted head admin.
Hopefully I'm not out of shape for this interview thing

Koopster: To start, just to clear some curiosity, tell me about how you first found SMW Central, and what made you leave and return a couple of times until you effectively stuck around. Hacking-related, or something else?
idol: I first found smwcentral from raocow or protonjon or something lol. I've always had ambitions that kinda go beyond vanilla smw, and back when I first joined, trying to do anything non-vanilla was an exercise in tedium. Using block tool and xkas and having to set freespace for patches was annoying, and there weren't helpful things like a layer 3 editor or an effect tool / gradient tool to make things look nicer. I ended up leaving after a while due to lack of interest. I didn't really watch raocow anymore either, so I kinda had no clue what was going on. I kinda got a random desire to watch him again last year, & I found out about MaGL3, which inspired me to come back and see how much hacking had changed. Things are at a point now where I can easily do the stuff I wanted to do, and I have a lot more inspiration to actually hack. I integrated very quickly with the site, being inducted into the Illusive Code of the Dragon like a month after existing here, and ended up becoming member of the month just a few months later for winning CLDC. the fast track to success, baby
Koopster: Yeah things happened pretty fast for you 👀
idol: it's because i paid the mods in my blood
Koopster: how much can a liter of idol blood be sold for
idol: my blood isn't sold, it's given as a gift to extend peoples lives
Koopster: sounds p dandy

idol: h
Koopster: hol up I'm writing the next question smh
Koopster: this is a Live Interview

Koopster: I'm sure the fact that you were promoted to head administration has made many people feel a bit iffy, and if you're not someone they know, understandably so. Waking up to someone who jokes around a lot having been promoted to the highest level of hierarchy of the site when they were no more than a regular member a little bit more than half a year before was probably a shock to some lol
Koopster: I was one of the people who supported your promotion pretty heavily, and I had my reasons for that. You've proven to me to be very responsible and have an extraordinary interest in helping the site out everywhere you could during your time as Just The Twitter Person. How much one jokes around really doesn't say anything about their stand during serious tasks, and I think you're proof of that.
Koopster: But in your own eyes, from your own view - why should people trust you in your position?
idol: thanks. I already was the evil mastermind behind so many events such as "OLDC getting complete due to two of our judges not being able to judge", "KLDC being a collaborative hack", & "VLDCX having a leader after Vitor had resigned". I offered to run VLDCX when I wasn't even a moderator yet, just PR. I've been doing things for the site above and beyond what I was expected to since March, mostly because I find it fun to lead things and organize stuff. Most of what I do is behind the scenes - I don't really post a ton, and I just talk about whatever on the discord, so yeah it could be mad sus. But I enjoy being a part of this community and making sure this community can be good for others. Basically, yes

Koopster: What has adminship been like so far? Is it what you expected it to be, is it much different from being a PR leader. What have you already done, and what are some of the things you're willing to do in the near or far future for the good of the Central?
idol: What I do feels the same, except now I get to boss everyone around officially, rather than just bossing everyone around unofficially. I've pushed for most of the recent staff stuff, such as the staff applications. I didn't think it was very intimidating being inducted into this role, because of the stuff I was doing before (preparing events, contests, and communicating with fellow staff members) this is more of just an extension of that. We're currently sorting out a lot of contest-related stuff for the future, so that's our next step in the future. That and getting SMWCP2 actually done sometime this century - keep your eyes open for some more news on that soon. It's gonna go off 🔥 🔥 📡
Koopster: sick 🔥
idol: its powerful
Koopster: in many ways. I don't think any project has had enough power to stand as a work in progress for so long 👀

Koopster: What about community-related things - user policies and such - do you think we're good on that side or do you envision some changes? What is your opinion on the environment of our community
idol: We're taking the steps to make this community the best it possibly can, and much of that relies on our users. Things are always changing, but people can always post in Site Feedback or send in a Staff Feedback if they think things need to be addressed to make the community better. I like the community, if I didn't I wouldn't exactly have bothered putting in the time and stress to do what I've done thus far. the real question is does the community like me 😊
Koopster: I like you but I'm not as involved in the community as I was before
Koopster: maybe they do though,

Koopster: hmmmm let's talk hacking shit 👀 I heard you also do some SMW hacking ! Tell me a bit about things you've worked on, released, not released, and projects you've been investing yourself into at the moment.
idol: ihh im on a bus rn sorry for wait hi
Koopster: i like buses
idol: smw hacking? That old flame? I've mostly just done Award Winning Contest Entries Such As my CLDC 2016 entry and my KLDC 2017 entry (and hopefully my VLDCX entry too haha nudge nudge 👀). I've also helped with Mortons Empire & Jump1/2 + YUMP. i showed off a hack at last C3, but I quickly realized that what I wanted from it reached outside of what I could accomplish by myself. I want to make it a team hack in the future.
idol: However, I decided to make a much simpler hack just for the sake of applying myself and actually making something. It's called h and I made a hack thread about it. it's good and i can't wait to get executed for making it
Koopster: Me neither
Koopster: h

Koopster: I have one last think to ask before we jump into the random questions.
Koopster: How do you make your avatars/where do you get them from they are sick
idol: I'm in the bath as I write this, which has now officially become a tradition because part of the interview I did with Vitor for member of the month I was taking a bath. The water is Warm against my flesh.
idol: Also I get my avatars from the heart of the earth
idol: The life tree
Koopster: sounds sensual (but bathtubs are disgusting). also that sounds like a shady place
Koopster: I'll take it you get your avatars from business with artists from the deep web 👀

Koopster: It is time for the random questions! m
Koopster: What is your favorite number? What is your favorite color? What is the weather like in this fine evening!?
idol: bathtubs are NOT disgusting i am swimming with the stars. also holy Pee that's an onslaught of questions. I see the staff-retired Koopster has adjusted to a more aggressive approach degarding interview questions. That's fucked UP.
Koopster: that is Me
idol: I don't have a favorite number because I'm illiterate. Same goes for color. The weather makes me want to bleed
idol: Next question Trebek chop chop
idol: ✂
Koopster: How many eyes do your bathroom walls have staring at you currently
idol: the only eyes i see are my own looking at my reflection
Koopster: how many
idol: i can't count because i'm illiterate
Koopster: What's the fourth most you've ever Bled. This is a original question
idol: *an
Koopster: What is your opinion on blobs of pee
idol: remember de blob
idol: my thoughts on the two are literally identical
Koopster: Nameless would be proud
Koopster: Give me a string of two words
idol: mungle junction
Koopster: Who is the real illuminati of SMWC?
Koopster: Looks like the staff has done a good job fighting the illuminati. Glad to hear we're finally safe
Koopster: Someone you'd like to meet?
idol: I want to meet raocow in god's arena so i can finally destroy him and his legacy. In this wake of destruction I will form a new let's play channel in his place, aptly named "CeramicMike1995's Lets Plays", and i will finally do a 100% run of Quest64
Koopster: Cool! I've always wanted to see a 100% run of Quest64
Koopster: And at last, the most important question: when will I be finally fired from PR?
idol: You're trapped here forever.
Koopster: fuck
idol: sad day
idol: 1 like = 1 respect
Koopster: like share and subscribe

Koopster: Thanks for taking you time to answer this interview. I'm very good at interviewing people, (post a climatic reactionary image to finish the interview)

Definitely deserved. It's amazing how you (idol) can have so much motivation and willingness to help out on everything, and as much as others do, I dare to say. It all came out super fast. Also, many thanks for the idea of a KLDC collab and the difficulty setting for the contest front which so far have worked out well in comparison to previous contests (it's coming soon boyz~)

Congrats for taking the cake this month! Interesting interview too.
bath is a mixture of all ur bodily fluids and other stuff, which would in itself make it disgusting if not for the fact that they all came from u, so being inside or outside doesn't make much of a difference amirite. #smrpg{sick}

Originally posted by Koopster
Koopster: Who is the real illuminati of SMWC?
Koopster: Looks like the staff has done a good job fighting the illuminati. Glad to hear we're finally safe

Real answer:

basically we're not safe, but they don't need to know that #wario{^_^}

this is staff forum, right
Originally posted by Gloomy
this is staff forum, right

Yes but this is no secret whatsoever #smw{:peace:}
Sad Day

Originally posted by idol
the real question is does the community like me 😊

when will I ever access the realms of this mystical oasis called The Staff Forum tbh

seems pretty neat there
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string of two words
This was no joke a worse read than crooked Hillary's emails.

But congrats!

Your layout has been removed.
shut up it's good
not really

smwc is obviously sexist because idol is the only girl staff, how rude

Uh... can't think of anything nice to say here.
So let's just go with the generic congraturation comment.

Also, turn this site into Quest64Central please.

Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco / Rest in peace, Near, thank you for everything
congrats idol. Deserved staff spotlight.


Well deserved obviously. Not a chance there would be someone elsw to take the spotlight.

e: i should read interviews actually haha
Congratulations, idol ! Totally deserved, and to be fully honest, I would've been surprised if you weren't the staff person chosen for this month.

Mixed views about the random questions part since both you and Koopster were more joking around than anything, but that's actually a refreshing approach on them. Rest of interview is :relieved::ok_hand::100:.
"the plot is princess peach comes to my house and kills me" - gandhi

i am proud my child
I can't fit in my bathtub because tubs are tall-people-racist.

Good interview though I really wanted to see nameless interview you as reciprocation.
Lol I actually still remember that night the rock shoving McMans head in that dudes ass, I forgot his name though.
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