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Luigi's Misadventures 2: Leviathan's Mania

This is a sequel of Luigi's Misadventures: Tsux Namine Factor.

It's because of the Sonic Mania.


This hack is awesome so far!
I found these typos during my testing for this hack:

Screen 1: He meant to say "I won't accept anyone who stomps on my chickens!
Screen 2: He meant to say "I'll remember this..."
Also, I like the music you're using for this hack! #smw{:TUP:}
your hacks are always some of the wildest things to just jump into. being greeted the words "luigi saved the world from pewdiepie and rescued tsux namine" gave me an aneurysm instantly

i'd make the status bar not appear during these silly cutscenes though. just replace their gfx with blank tiles via exgfx or something

the overworld is kinda flat and uninteresting. the gfx are nice, but don't really fit with anything else in your hack. then again, having played half of it, your graphical style is pretty inconsistent.

the checkpoint block is pretty lame. i'd just replace it with the original midway bar, or use a flag or something. i was never fond of the yellow star block, especially since you "collect" it.

install this patch. i noticed a few times in your first level it was easy to kill koopas and have their shells fling into the blocks oddly. the setup at the end of this level with the two boomerang bros on top of each other is a pretty wild obstacle for the first fucking level, and i'd suggest you make it a bit easier to deal with. i do kinda like how this hack starts off tricky, but that's kind of silly to present as a sort of "final" obstacle.

i'd avoid using the boomerang bros again in the second level. in fact, you use most of the same enemies throughout (goombas, koopas, venus piranhas, jumping piranhas, etc). hammer bro's in the main path with no way around them are pretty annoying, as you're kinda just forced to tank them head on and go around their hammers. include ways to go under them or to kill them easily (shells, throw blocks, etc). the first few screens of search plains 2 is just a cluster of jumping koopas and rexes, and it takes about 4 screens to even get into the "meat" of this level with the hammer bros.

dry bones gfx in search castle are pretty bad. i'm not super fond of the graphics used throughout this hack at all really, but then again i'm not terribly in love with gamma v's graphics either. the dry bones are especially tepid though. the palettes for the bg / fg of this level are pretty similar, and should be changed. the fg pillars also look like they should be solid, as they look about the same as the castle bricks that are solid in this level. the whomp sprite is kind of an odd one as it's kinda hard to gauge what exactly it's gonna do, and how to kill it isn't super clear. i also came across slowdown a few times in this level, between all the whomps, firebars, and podoboos you had. it was especially horrible in the second half. boom boom also takes an obnoxious amount of hits to beat.

search plains 3 kinda just exists. it's probably my least favorite level, as it feels like a cramped tornado of buzzy beetles, bats, goombas, and the same boomerang bros that continue to clutter up your hack.

search plains 4 looks pretty bad. bg and fg clash, and the grass is just planted absolutely everywhere. the tileset also just looks like a worse smb1 smas tileset. the monty moles seem spammed wherever you saw fit, with little thought into how it'd effect the dynamic of the level. since they jump out near instantly, a lot of the time it's easy to get a mole jump right into your face because of how you set up a jump or anything.

search plains 5 shows what's becoming a recurring issue of you using very similar setups with the sliding koopas. you seem stuck on a few setups that you're just redoing and repurposing throughout this entire hack. i'd advise making the second half of this level just use the upside down lotuses instead of just introducing them randomly in the end.

your levels all seem like, a screen or two longer than they really need to be.

beck the xeloid is kind of an awkward as hell name. the weird sprites in this level look completely different from anything else, which is rather inconsistent. the bg not scrolling also makes my fucking head explode. there's some minor slowdown in the section with the two sets of platforms falling down near the exit. there's also no point for the sublevel through these doors, as it's just like 5 screens long that introduces thwimps only to do nothing with them. it's just a they're there and then they're gone kind of thing. the boss also takes way too many hits to be remotely enjoyable.

the ladybugs in ancient pathway dont hurt the player at all if theyre not on vines, which im not sure is supposed to be intentional or not. might be a bug with the sprite? or just a weird intentional thing but its kinda dumb. also slowdown in the section of two pendulum maces, the ninji, and the charging chuck.

you have some really neat setups and cool ideas so far, but you also seem to be pretty stuck in what seems to be your comfort zone. these cool ideas kinda get stuck in a slew of repeated concepts and other less interesting ideas. i'm not gonna play any more as i found it rather boring, but hopefully what i pointed out can help you fix up some things and look into making things a lot more unique for the future of your hack.


Feel free to test my hack.
It's been a long time that don't posted a base rom...



Feel free to test my hack and give feedback...
i wish world 8 or warp star is complete i want to play
The hack was released in full and fledged styled.
Feel free to do a LP of my newest hack.

Check this: