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Mushroom Kingdom 2 - The Dark Side [Open collab!] - On hold... managing another project
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Mushroom Kingdom 2 - The Dark Side [Open collab!] - On hold... managing another project
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Ok, thanks!
Hey, I kind of died for a while, sorry for that. I managed to lose not only my main computer but also my backup laptop, that combined with me being busy with my job.

Hopefully I'll be able to do SMW hacking on this computer that I made out of various parts that I had left somewhere lol.

So yeah, I'll get to work on my level again soon, and I'll let ya'll know how it's going.

btw Im super sad that I couldnt finish my cldc level, I had it almost done and I liked it so much :[
Oh, that's too bad to hear. Anyway, don't worry and take your time. As long as you show progress occasionally it's all good.

1/2 done
I just got a day off and I got to make some progress on my level. By the way, I kind of lost the rom I was working under for this level when my computer broke, but I had some outdated copy of it somewhere else, which was about 6 screens long. I took this oportunity to re-do most of the setups, and do a better difficulty curving on the obstacles.

One thing is bugging me though: I think I'm making the level "a little too much". My original idea was to make a level based off ON/OFF frozen water/hot water, which mainly line-guided grinders and simple hazards as obstacles. Since the project mostly aims to keep the original SMW feel I thought it'd be okay, but I think I got a little too carried away and started mixing more and more setups. I think part of that is because the on/off water gimmick is a little too limited (or maybe Im just not so creative).

Anyway, since nobody but Blind Devil seems to post any screenshots, here are some to keep the thread fresh:

I didn't do much aesthetic-wise yet. I plan on having layer 3 mist just to spice things a little, but I'm not sure it'll look good with vertical-scroll sections.
As you can see in the GIF, there is a very questionable obstacle setup right after the midway point. I'm most likely going to scrap it altogheter, mainly because the whole level is free for you to "speedrun" it, while this part in particular requires you completely stop and wait. Heck, you can even get stuck in it for a while if you don't hit the throw speed correctly.
I know I'm working on my own romhack at the moment, but I'd love to volunteer to design a level. Consider me for one of the normal levels in Worlds 1 or 2. It might take a few weeks to design and test before I'm all done with it though.

Check out my romhack in development, Super Dazran World!
Hooray I'm here again so it's time to reply.

@Chihaya: I like these screenies and the obstacle, though I think this particular setup would work best not as an obligatory part of the level, but a challenge for a diamond, for example. Anyway, that's pretty creative. Keep it up!

@MatthewGamingLive: Welcome aboard, bro! I'm going to give you a World 1 level, then. Here's a brief suggestion for it:

Level 8 (World 1 - Mushroom Kingdom) - Normal level, 1 exit, easy-medium difficulty

It's the level right before the first castle. This particular level in the old DSotK collab was designed around standstill hopping flames (they didn't hop lol), and StrikeForcer claimed it for this current project and dropped it later due to reasons, but planned on making a level based around note blocks. Particularly, a level with note block setups would be a nice option (anyway remember this is just an idea, you don't need to follow this strictly).

Suggested tilesets: vanilla grassland/forest BG/(optional) SMW-styled castle decorations

If you agree picking this level, I'll add your name to the list.

Alright, I'll take this level.

Check out my romhack in development, Super Dazran World!
Sorry for the lack of screen shots.. Long story.
You may modify this anyway you see fit, set it on fire etc..

oh by the way I can't disable the side exit,left over from original..
Good level! It only needed some little tweaks and other minor edits, but other than that, pretty decent. By the way, I renamed your W5 level to 'Sunken in the Sky' after brainstorming a bit, and finished revamping it aesthetically as well as making the multistep autoscroll smoother. Here's a video of it.

And I come with a base ROM update including lots of special stuff. zacmario's levels were both inserted, Nevaeh was recoded and got graphics drawn by lovely Eevee (many thanks!), and I coded a brand-new Bonus Game, too!

I may make a new level in the future, probably one from W7.

Nice, you made that ship level alot better. I had planned on a Wario hack, but this hack is kinda filling that gap for me. So I plan on claiming more levels, but I have too much on my plate atm. Once I get to a place I feel comfortable, I'll claim another.
I'm so sorry for taking so long to finish this. I'm so busy with life that I barely have any spare time to make levels anymore.

I'll ask you for another level whenever I get some free time. For now, I hope what I made isn't too bad. Zip File!
Hooray, thanks for the level! It's pretty good! On another note, I made some small improvements to it, such as making the secret exit more clear to get (the original idea was pretty much breakable by doing a ducking jump in the midpoint section while the switch is off), increasing the time limit by 200 seconds, and replacing the infinite throw blocks by respawning ones. #tb{:]}

I've finished a W7 level as well, one with two exits. Once the video finishes uploading, I'll edit this post with a link.

EDIT: Here, Tricky Turnarounds.

Been slowly working in this project from behind the scenes. I've just claimed level 113 and decided to make it a water bubbles-themed level, as a reference to an old DSotk level made by another person whose name I can't remember right now.

Also, the claimlist has been updated to include my name to said level. E-man38 also claimed level 00E which is meant to be a reference to my old DSotK level, too. And it's been months since toad64 claimed a level. There were no signs of progress or contact, and I was being lenient because CLDC was on going previously. But nothing has changed after the submission period was over so the slot is open again. Anyone, including toad64 can reclaim the level. Just keep in mind that you have to show steady progress in order to not lose your claim.

Sorry Blind Devil I still working on 00B but i working other things like school,SMWMORE!,etc

I will work on 00B very soon.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Okay, bro! 00B is yours again. Be sure to show something off as soon as possible.

Level claimlist was updated including toad64's name again to level 00B, and Centipede claimed 006 via PM. Good luck to both.

Oh hey, a spontaneous update for Level 00E! Otherwise known as Carrot Creek.

Now, I haven't been working on the level religiously, but I've at least gotten about half of it done. I should be able to have it complete sometime next week.
Until then, use these screenshots as eye candy or something.


What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
This is looking sweet, both design and aesthetic-wise! Can't wait for the complete level!


Now for the planned stuff and other news: it's been over a month and no signal of MatthewGamingLive and progress with his claimed level. His slot (level 008) is reopened and is available for anyone (including him) to reclaim.

And I finally bring you a base ROM update. This is a massive one. I've got some levels done and inserted, inserted Chihaya's, inserted Bonus Game and Bonus End songs, made changes to certain uberASM codes to apply bugfixes related to Wario Dash passing through sprites such as Wooden Spikes and others, and much more - all mentioned in the 'base rom history.txt' file.

To make stuff more interesting, here's an SPC file:
> Bonus Game song

And some screenshots of Bubble Trouble:

That's it for now.

offtopic but somewhat ontopic: I've been facing a shitload of trouble lately (I still am, tbh) so I'll likely be even deader than I was previously. Something that happened is that I've lost access to SMWC from college as they decided to update network rules and have also blocked the site (that's one of the many reasons I have resigned from staff, too). So, well, you know. I'll not be around so often. Anyway, I won't cancel this.

guess it's time to get new leaders for this. you can pm me if you're interested.

Okay, so I've finally finished Level 00E. It took a bit longer than I expected, but that's fine. Life can be quite the distraction!

Here's the ZIP file!

What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Just passing by to announce a base ROM update. Many new levels were inserted, including one which I worked on behind the scenes (Soaked Spinishells). Ghost Houses also got a new composition.

Expect more updates from me next month.

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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Mushroom Kingdom 2 - The Dark Side [Open collab!] - On hold... managing another project

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