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Super Mario World: einis5's edition by einis5

File Name: Super Mario World: einis5's edition
Submitted: 2017-11-24 12:09:11 PM by einis5
Authors: einis5
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 87 exit(s)
Difficulty: Very Hard
Description: SMW Hack by einis5. This is basic vanilla hack. Both original and custom music (AddmusicK 1.0.5) is used. There is also some custom Map16 tiles used. Thanks for everyone, who has ported and created awesome custom music in SMW Central! Thanks also for FuSoYa for creating awesome Lunar Magic level editing tool! I think, that this is my first and last SMW hack. In future there may be something music additions if there would be good custom music, which I would add to my hack and possibly some improvements which prevents cheating in some levels. I've been test played whole hack from the beginning to end with Higan emulator, so it should be compatible with real SNES hardware and every other emulator.

I hope that you like this hack and enjoy it! :)
I'm rejecting this hack because it does not live up to our level design standards. There are far too many unfair setups, some very obvious ways to get softlocked, and the difficulty curve is nonexistent. Certain parts even make you question if this was tested without tools. The "Very Hard" difficulty ranking is no excuse for such sloppy design.
Here is a list of the most glaring issues. I quit playing somewhere in the middle of World 2, so I'll just be picking examples from W1&2.


1) Unfair Setups

There is a huge amount of trial and error in this hack. For instance, in the first level, there is this setup where you need to bring a p-switch and press it when you're on that piece of ground on the left. There is no way of knowing this ahead of time and you're almost guaranteed to die once or twice. Another example from the first level would be this wall of bullets where you either need keep your powerup and damageboost or squeeze between them with a spinjump, which is tricky and not common knowledge. In the second level, there's this setup where you not only get thrown into the footballs with no time to react, you also need the football to bounce high to go under it, which is entirely luck-based.
Speaking of luck-based, this right here is a podoboo jump. Podoboos jump out of lava in random intervals, which makes these jumps extremely hard to do.
Then there are parts like this, which are ridiculously precise and very uninspired. A lot of levels also have blue koopas next to shells, which are notorious for not giving you enough time to react.
I found this room by looking through the ROM and it's a prime example of another point I want to bring up: sprite spam. Sometimes there are just too many enemies onscreen and it becomes impossible for the player to parse them all. Not to mention it causes the game to lag.
I could go on about this all day - the point is, these sorts of setups will punish the player even though it wasn't their fault. It should be obvious why this must be avoided.

2) Softlocks

While none of the softlocks I encountered forced you to reset the game, they do make you wait a long time for the timer to run out. The most painfully obvious example would be this room, where you have a 1/14 chance to pick the right column. If you dont' pick the right one, you have to wait for the timer to run out. It's Not Fun

3) Difficulty Curve

I found the difficulty balancing in this hack to be very inconsistent, both overall and in the levels themselves. More often than not, levels have a lot of relatively easy parts and then one or two ridiculously tough out of left field setups. This extends to the hack itself - for example, at the start of world 2, there's this hellish cave level with steep slopes and the aforementioned podoboo jump, and the level after it is a really easy line guide level. It just adds to the haphazard feel of the hack.

4) Graphical Issues

As a final note, there are quite a bunch of sprite limitation glitches in this hack. Apply the NMSTL patch to fix those. There are some sprites using the wrong tileset and some minor cutoff too. Those are often frowned upon, so I recommend you fix them too.


This hack is in dire need of beta testing. Get testers from the Hacks Testing subforum and take their advice seriously. If you can, try to spot the unfair design in your levels on your own. I can't give you much advice beyond that. Read up on some level design tutorials too - APPALLED is a decent one for beginners.