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Super Mario:Rise of BB(PERMAHOLD)


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Put on Permanent Hold.
Sorry all.
I will remake it one day though.
So, Yoshi is not a friend of mario?
I had to bend the Story a bit, to say that they are not the same Yoshies, just generic ones, of the Yoshi race.

Yeah, I bet there are other flaws in the Story too.
It has potential, I'll give it that. I'd certainly play it.
It's a good start. A couple of things to watch out for:

The coins above the invisible note blocks will become solid invisible blocks if the note blocks are struck from below before the coins are grabbed. There's a way to fix that, but I forget... anyone else here know?

I'm aware that you're still figuring stuff out for your hack, but the level looked a little samey to me. At least the ending did. A long series of pipe jumps with very little variety. If you want the pipe jump part, add some other stuff to it... I don't know, Banzai Bills, Spinies on the pipes (preferably something that won't fall off), Flying Koopas... something to give it spice.

Again, it's a great start. So do you start with Yoshi in every level? That's a cool idea if you can come up with interesting Yoshi puzzles and whatnot.
Thanks all.
Once I finish the Castle (which has Castle Grounds first, then you go INSIDE the castle) I'll show some pics of the Grounds, but Not the Inside.

Yeah, I just removed the coins to fix that one problem of invisble blocks.
Also, you do not play as Yoshi in every level.
I just had him in my Savestate when I loaded it and took the screenshots with him.
Story: Storywise, I don't think there's anything wrong with it, though I'm not sure what this "other world" Mario lives in is since the explanation of the plot was fairly brief. But, the idea of having a robot destroy the creator in pursuit of power is something fairly new for a Mario hack, and I would encourage you to continue using it.

S1: Nothing seems wrong with the first screenshot.

S2: Overworld is fine for the most part, except near the door, you have some grass that gets cutoff when you see it against the cliff, but it's over such a small area that it should be very quick and easy to fix.

S3: In the third screenshot, you have a bad corner tile near the lava - the corner has dirt behind it when it should have air. If you place the correct corners out of Direct Map16 Access, they won't be changed by objects you dragged underneath it in Lunar Magic. You can edit the pipe's graphics to make them fill their space so you don't have some air between the tar and the pipe as well, in GFX14. The palette has a very minor issue with the grass that can be easily corrected - just make the green furthest to the left darker so that the grass is properly shaded.

Video: Immediately I am concerned because you are starting off a level with a green baby Yoshi. The thing is, if you were to re-enter the level with an adult Yoshi, its head would glitch and look like the baby Yoshi. To fix this the easy way without it changing your plan, you will either want to disable Yoshi from entering (if the index has a rope, castle, or ghost house setting, you can use a No-Yoshi Intro) OR the other simple way would be to replace the baby Yoshi with an egg so it will check to see if Yoshi is in the level before it hatches. If it is, it will not yield a baby Yoshi, so the glitch will not occur. The downside to this is that you have a Yoshi with a special ability this early in the game: I'd recommend using the either the Yellow or Red Yoshi eggs if you're going with the latter plan, and avoid using the Blue Yoshi this early.

At :14, you see the bottom row being used to walk on. I'd move those (and the music blocks) up one tile because otherwise, you are only able to see one pixel of the cement blocks - making it difficult for many players to judge whether or not that is safe. Also, I would remove those coins from that part because as others have pointed out, it does make solid tiles in place of the coins.

At :28, there are some cutoff vines. Another really easy fix - just make them go up a little bit more so that if you climbed to the top and hit some kind of wall, you would still be able to reach the clouds, then connect the top of the vine to a cement block or something so they look like they are hanging from above.

Other than that, there's nothing really wrong with it, but there are some sections that could use a bit of cleanup:

A.) The area where you run up a slope, then the bullets go above you - they present little threat because of their placing, so I'd only keep the lowest bullet in and remove the unnecessary ones.

B.) The pipe section seems dragged on, and I noticed you didn't use any tileset specific sprites, so maybe you could use Super GFX Bypass and select different SP3 and 4 graphics for use with those, and have some things like falling platforms in place of the pipes to break it up a little. Variety is key in level design.

Good luck, in any case. You're off to a decent start.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
I did alot of Cleaning and I fixed those problems you said.

I added some enemies to the first level(since it was almost too bland) and spiced up the overworld.
This "other world" will be explained in the game, but it ISN'T another world, it's the same, just in a, umm...I won't tell :)

Can anyone make me a Robot Bowser GFX file not joined?
I don't want it joined because I have edited a lot of things ingame, to give it some extra flair.

Some more screenshots coming soon!
Also, got a new status bar that has "Time" replaced with "Clock" and the word Mario is White.
I got your message. I'd be glad to LP this when you finish or upload a demo. I can't wait.
Originally posted by ihatecompvir

Style Clashing Ahoy! Dont mix realistic forgrounds and background with cartoony sprites...

Edit: I'm surprised noone else picked that up.
Currently doing ExGFX Requests, please send me a PM, and i'll TRY to do what you want.
I couldn't change the BG because of the Palette would be messed up.
I'll try to get that BG to be more realistic if the palette fits.

Now that I think of it I'm surprised that no one caught that either.
Its Mainly the Sprites.
Currently doing ExGFX Requests, please send me a PM, and i'll TRY to do what you want.
Good news Guys!
I'm now having Custom Sprites AND Blocks in my hack to be EVEN better than before!

I have cleverly used Teleport blocks, and if you come across an empty area, look around.
What you see is not always what it seems...
Nice idea!... Way to give off a secret though...
Currently doing ExGFX Requests, please send me a PM, and i'll TRY to do what you want.
I've COMPLETELY figured out Custom Sprites and Blocks.

I have a small test puzzle (which may be removed...) which involves a few different custom block types, and some other stuff....

Also, there are NO Standard Bosses, all EDITED Sprites which are WAY stronger and that "when no sprites onscreen end level" sprite.

Demo coming really soon, I'm just scanning the ROM to look for graphical glitches and am going to spice up some Earlier levels with New Sprites/Blocks/Enemies and I'll release it.

When I get World 1+2 Demo(final Demo) up then you can.
Then, a long time after that, the final will come out, and you can then FINISH the Let's Play.
The Demo is just about ready.
A few more touch-ups and it's time to rock.

Anyways, the second world is an Ice World(unfortunately) and I only have one pic of the unfinished one.

There it is.
Please tell me if it needs touching ups(besides there are no levels..)
Once it's done though, it will be the 2nd world(maybe...)
The 1st Castle boss is HORRIBLE.
It's just some Bullet Bills that move along the screen and then once they're gone, the level ends.
It's just a placeholder boss.
Also, for SOME REASON, it freezes when going through the first pipe in ZSNES.
It works fine in Snes9x, and there are no problems with my ROM at all, everything is linked correctly, and works.
DEMO: Just got finished playing the demo and for the most part, it is quite fun. The overworld looks pretty nice and functions properly, and prevents you from moving onto the next world. The custom music you chose seems to fit pretty well with the original SMW music and the levels the songs are placed in, and your level design was enjoyable, but I have a couple of problems I need to point out before I can approve it.


Because the top tile of lava, the boiling part, acts like water, you can stand in it, and you can actually go down this pipe, which leads you to a never-ending bonus game:

The only way out of this is to reset the game. I would recommend making the surface of the lava act like the main part of the lava, which I believe is tile property 5. So, if you would just fix that one thing, then the demo is alright for approval. There are some other minor issues covered below.


These slopes don't appear to be acting correctly, but this is something minor.

The slopes in the ground are cutoff, but this is really minor since they're a decoration anyways. All you need to do to fix these is to add a left and right nonsolid wall to the ends of them from the normal objects selector.

Fade fix patch would come in handy for fading the colors on the second halves of the objects palettes, which the game doesn't usually fade without.

Ice world: It's definitely in the early stages. I would suggest, where the bottoms of the cliffs are where the purple meets the snow, to have some outline to define the cliff apart from the snow, and, of course, to flesh out the plateau stack so that not all the platforms are rectangular, but it's definitely an alright base.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
The Major and 2 Minor problems have been fixed(but I can't fix the slope one) and the hack has been resubmitted.

I hope you find it to your liking.
Judging by your screenshots and video, I found the following problems:

S1 (Soprano Hills 3):
There's a style clash.

S2 (world 1 OW):
The land around the door is cutoff.
The door is facing down, not up. I can't guarantee that it works.
The two big hills are cutoff at the bottom.
There's brown dots on the trees.
There's a big black line almost on the left border.

S3 (Soprano Hills 1):
There's dirt in the air (left platform).
There's air in the dirt (far right).
Lava should be red, not gray.
There's a pipe in the lava. You can even see four pixels of the BG near it.
The grass looks dark and boring.

Video (Soprano Hills 4):
Baby Yoshies should ALWAYS be in eggs. Fix: Use an adult Yoshi and move Mario one tile up.
The three bullet bills looks pointless.
There's cement blocks in the bottom line in LM.
There's coins over note blocks.
There's cutoff vines.

There's an enormous hill with nothing in it. This is boring.
All-caps messages is a little hard to read.
There's no period at the end of the message.
The message block warns about easy things.
These pipes looks boring.

S4 (world 2 OW):
Square land like this is boring.
Cutoff land (bottom of the two top squares) is not appreciated.

Gray problems is already told about by other people.
Hopefully you can make this into a good hack.
<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
MikeGnz has now let's played my hack.
Here is the video:
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Also BilleMagic has Tested my hack also.
'Nother vid:
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
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