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The 10th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest - Results

wow 2nd look at that my curse is at it once again

Seriously, that's way higher than what Gbreeze and I expected. So yeah we're both happy (Gbreeze is happy in spirit because he's not around rn #smrpg{sad}). Good job to anyone who put effort in their levels, and congrats to the judges for finally finishing a huge task
A congrats to everyone!
Please pardon the eye.
ell...this was certainly unexpected, I'll give it that. The last thing I was expecting after the, ah, shall we say, naïvistic first section was to be greeted by a cutscene, and the last thing I was expecting after said cutscene was an RPG-style battle.

Still scratching my head over the 10/30 creativity score, but otherwise I can see what happened with my level... Still really disappointed, but... IDK, honestly. Not just you, in general it was... well... not good, to say the least.
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Well I seriously didn't expect that!
Congrats to everyone who tried their best, there are a lot of really good levels this year and I'm looking forward to the (best-of) collab.
Participating was a lot of fun #tb{:]}
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I'm not surprised tbh
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Why am I not on the board at all?
I know that I submitted a (bad) level, so why am I not ranked?
There are three important things for me that came out of this:

- I got not dead last.
- My level design is somewhat decent.
- I need to work on aesthetics.

Also, is there a chance you could make a giant ZIP file of everyone's BPSes, since there won't be a full collab hack?
Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
Originally posted by Fostelif
Also, is there a chance you could make a giant ZIP file of everyone's BPSes, since there won't be a full collab hack?

Shoot, 169th place...
I bet if I had made the level now, I would've scored better, as my skills have improved since then significantly.
'Till next time, I suppose.
Congratulations to the rest of you guys. Awesome job NGB!
please click this!
Place Number 111!!!

...and above Shiny Ninetales, Pinci and MarkD! Victory!

Have a frost day~
Puyo Maguro World Creator
123rd of 171 entries, and i rushed it in some hours. I think it was good, hope i have more time next year lol
Huh. Only 64th this time? I guess my level didn't really "gel" well with some the judges (or however that phrase goes). Oh, well...

Originally posted by Noivern
Wasn't a fan of the fact that you can kill yourself in the last section of the normal exit route by hovering with the cape.

Umm... There should be almost no way for you to have access to a cape until after you've finished the normal path, unless you go waaay out of your way and do things in a very unusual fashion. And, even after clearing the normal path, you still have to know what to do near the end of the secret path to reach where the hidden capes are in my level. May I ask how you acquired a cape before you actually cleared the normal exit?


Nice. I give all of you judges hugs for playing all of these. This must've been hell. Kudos for the effort. Seriously.

Also: Nice. Top 100!

I'd love to update the VLDC winner statistics (you know? The one I did last year), however currently everyone has weird chrimmus names, so it's hard to do. Ping me on Discord when I should update it.
I noticed an error in the judging table regarding one of my scores. The table says I got a 64 from lolyoshi but I got a 73 from him in his text document. Could one of you guys please fix the score in the table and adjust my average and placement accordingly?

And to the judges who said my power-up filters were unnecessary: I put them in so you couldn't cheese the baby Yoshi puzzles by dropping a power-up down to make the baby Yoshi grow instantly.
Originally posted by Rockythetigre
I'd love to update the VLDC winner statistics (you know? The one I did last year), however currently everyone has weird chrimmus names, so it's hard to do. Ping me on Discord when I should update it.

Nobody has christmas names right now!
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Originally posted by SomeGuy712x
[normal exit stuff]

To be honest I don't remember which exit was which. I meant the exit where you fall and finish the level with 1 time left.

Regardless I didn't take off any points for that because of the absurdity it would take to get to that point. That was simply a note.

User was warned for this post.
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Originally posted by Blizzard Buffalo
...and above Shiny Ninetales

shut up maldito conchetumare

joking :P
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Originally posted by SomeGuy712x
Huh. Only 64th this time? I guess my level didn't really "gel" well with some the judges (or however that phrase goes). Oh, well...

Well, there's 171 levels submitted/participated this time instead of like between 100 and 110.

BTW judges, I think I tried to over-complicate things again. I think I overdone it aesthetically.

Originally posted by Rameau
- Confused and strange design, heavily reliant on projectile-spewers

Why am I not surprised?

Originally posted by Rameau
- Second half seems an afterthought

I don't understand what you mean by that...

Originally posted by Rameau

Other: Seriously, though, what's up with that Lotus? Is it a chocolate lava cake joke?


Originally posted by Rameau
*About the second half*

Unfortunately, I didn't know HOW to make it transparent and the enemies wasn't intended to be randomly placed, but yeah, I was too impatient to do this completely tool-less, because I thought I was just playing bad and expect anyone else to do it better than me.

Rameau, I gotta say, you did a good job saying this without being too-over-the-top.
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>142nd place

Well, that's actually the placing I expected, but I want to get a few things out of the way relating to my entry.

Originally posted by Koopster
That drop isn't very predictable, the pattern at the wall is clever but not obvious enough to justify it, and the shell at the bottom can hit you as soon as you land depending on the timing. One of the bowser statues also gives no reaction time, the way to get past it is to wait for it to fall in the pit. The second half involved some waiting but it was mostly fun.

I felt like the pattern did give you enough of an insight, maybe it wasn't spaced out enough? I don't know. As for the shell, looking in hindsight, it was kinda dickish. The bowser statue was also pretty dickish, and I do admit, I could have extended the second part.

Originally posted by lolyoshi
The first half seems totally irrelevent when you play the second half, which ends too quickly and
seems to hold many ideas, but isn't sure what to do with them.

Yeah, I feel like both parts are really unrelated. I guess I just like the first parts of castles to have Layer 1, and the second parts to have Layer 2. Again, feel like the second part should have been the level.

Originally posted by Sinc-X
Ice physics + precise jumps = not good design. The entire first half is a terrible frustrating mess with zero redeeming qualities.

I actually didn't have trouble with the jumps, but given how I used save-states and played my level multiple times, maybe that's a given. Also, the way you said the second part was kinda dickish, but again, maybe just me.

Originally posted by Rameau's Nephew
And all this with absolutely -zero- powerups (midpoint bonus excepted) until the boss.

How in the hell did I forget the power-ups? That's a f**king huge mistake, so sorry for doing that >~<. Yeah, making the level fair is NEXT on VLDC11.

Originally posted by Rameau's Nephew
but this good will is subsequently shattered by the inclusion of a Thwomp which, due to the slowing and spinjump-cancelling properties of water, is almost impossible to navigate unscathed (and this again with zero powerups, so failure is fatal).

I actually did have problems with the Thwomp while testing the level, but how I posted it like that despite me actually having problems with it (the creator of the level), I'm not certain. Again, this was over half a year ago, so hopefully I actually don't make that mistake again.

Originally posted by Rameau's Nephew
Honestly, it's not a bad shade of turquoise, it just doesn't feel remotely like ice, which makes the ice physics in turn feel all the more tacked on for the sole purpose of increasing the player's misery. For something called "The Frozen Fort", there's also a surprising amount of fire present.

I tried making it transparent, but that messed with a lot of the stuff, so I kept it like that. To be honest, changing it to more of a lighter baby blue could have helped. Also, it's supposed to be freezing water and ice balls, lol

Originally posted by Rameau's Nephew
I admit, I did laugh at "Wendy I. Kooper".

blue wendy recolor with a bunch of spikes is best boss


So I feel like this level is actual garbage, now that I see it, and this will most likely make the Worst world. I'm just hoping that VLDC11 has me actually make a better level.
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