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The 10th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest - Results

tfw i made a rushed as hell castle level and somehow made top 100 anyway

I'll be returning next year with a much better level, I can promise you guys that.
Damn I missed the whole contest.

Next time I want to participate too (and hope not to get in the last 10 or so).
Fun things are fun.
Next time, I'll try to participate, for the same fun
I think somebody asked this before but anyway: since my level is not gonna be on a possible compilation in any way, am I able to re-use my entry on another project?
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
even if it was in the compilation, no one could really stop you from using it elsewhere. go ahead.
Looking back, I didn't even really try, and I currently hate myself for not doing anything. I had the easiest
secret exit and 3up moon
in the history of ever, I had Bowser's back door as the second half for some reason, and I didn't even bother to change the internal level name! The worst part though, is that I had a better version that I could send in, but I didn't even do that. At least I still got in (though at 160th, which is deserved). If I can get a computer that isn't broken, then I'll work on a new level for next year. #ab{-_-}
How do I make one of these again?
Looking at my level again, I realise how shit it is. I never should've put in that crappy secret exit! Also, what the fuck was I thinking putting munchers in a 3-tile high gap?! #smw{-_-2}

Maybe I'll revamp it sometime in the future.