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If you got to design your own (insert thing here) in Pokemon...
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In this thread, imagine that Game Freak came up to you and said "hey, we want to put your idea in the next Pokemon game." Tell the world what you would do with that privilege.

For example, if I got to design a gym, I'd make myself the leader of a Ground type gym in a grid based game. The field gimmick would be that all my trainers have their sight following you no matter whether you walk or run, and it's in an open field so you can't dodge around them unless you use the gimmick, which is kicking sand off the ground into their faces, blinding them temporarily so you can pass by without fighting. You can do this after you beat the trainers as well. The more trainers you kick sand at, the stronger my team will be at the end of the gym, level-wise. It would likely be an early gym, so I'd probably just have a Sandshrew and a Sandslash.

I've got longer (wall of text) descriptions of what I'd do if I led an evil team or the Elite Four, but I'll spare you for the very first post in this thread. Be as verbose and descriptive as you want. You could make an entirely new Pokemon, or design an entire storyline around your evil team, if you want. I did the second one, personally. Get creative!

I admit that this is less a game and more a creative exercise, but I feel like it wouldn't fit in GD.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
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In all reality, this should be like an open door, but giving Latias and Latios a true leading role, as in, replacing your rival and maybe even more would be amazing. ORAS was alright, but they sure didn't have their lovable personality from the last decade.

You may now be annoyed.

Hack progress: 6/8 exits
Play the demo right here!
-Water-type gym where you have to use dive in order to get to where the gym leader is, and you have to fight underwater battles.
-Dark-type gym where all the sprites and walls are totally black colored and the floor is white (kinda like the browser game Shift), and it would probably be some sort of maze, complete with using the same gimmick, as much as it can be applied to an RPG.
-A bug and dark type mosquito Pokemon
-Guide-dang it methods of evolving and finding Pokemon are heavily toned down. No one shall evolve or be found in an unconventional manner without at least being hinted at somewhere in-game.
-Players can be awarded some amount of real money (or some sort of gift card) in real life just for completing the international Pokedex. IDK how that would work tho, but given how much time and effort would go into such a Sisyphus task, anything less than a tangible reward just isn't worth it IMO.

Spideon-bug type
Galveon-steel type
Eeveon-normal type
Soareon-flying type
Malefeon-dragon type

Gameplay mechanics
-Able to name your trainer “Viola” without any workarounds
-The return of Pokemon following you around like in Heartgold and Soul Silver. NPC's don't bat an eye at the sight of a shiny Arceus by its trainer's side.
-Able to ride your bike inside any buildings, not just outside
-Able to use dig to exit gyms and even peoples' houses
-If you lose, you scurry back to the closest Pokemon center rather than the last one you were at. Usually they're one in the same but not always.
-You lose no money from losing to a wild Pokemon

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
Have one of my two walls of text.
If I owned an evil team, I'd call it Team G. Our outfits would be based around grass and the ground, resembling lab coats that could double as hillside camoflauge. The admins would be four of my oldest friends and one character I made up, and the type of mons they use would be unique to them. Our goal? Capture Hoopa, and use it for its trans-universal properties.

The first time you come across Team G, our grunts would be harassing a smaller branch of Silph Co. for research documents on the Distortion World. After you defeat all the grunts, Drakendite (admin 1) would show up and ask where the documents are. Then he'd notice that you're not exactly a grunt of ours, and challenge you to a battle, realizing what you've done. One of our grunts would get away with photos of the relevant research, though, noted in his pre-battle text, so it's a win on our part.

The second time would be at a different branch, this one specializing in the manufacturing of research equipment, where we'd be trying to steal a machine that allows people to look into the Distortion World through a lens. You'd fight the same guy with the camera, along with a bunch of other grunts harassing researchers, and at the end of that gauntlet (you would be able to dodge a few fights here and there) would be CK (admin 2), standing right beside the machine. He'd send out a level 40 Froslass, which would be his only Pokemon, but severely over-leveled for this point in the game. In the end, we wouldn't be able to steal the machine, but the camera guy pulls through for us again, and he gets promoted to an elite grunt.

You'd often see us throughout the gym challenge in cutscenes, making deals with shopkeepers and other business owners for mutual benefit.

The third time you try to stop us from furthering our goals, you'd find us at one of our main bases. You're just traveling along getting your badges, when after badge number 5, you notice that the way forward still isn't open. The route is blocked off for construction, and the worst timing possible put the route directly behind in construction as well. There is some tall grass inside the city, though, so you don't have to worry about getting permastuck. You just got the badge for Fly, but not the HM yet, so you can't leave the town. You begin exploring, and you find what seems like a laboratory off to the southwest, and you decide to enter, on the notion that there might be Pokemon inside.

Unfortunately for you, there's a bag check, staffed by a Team G grunt. However, your morals regarding Team G have eroded away, (your protagonist has a personality, by the way) and you start demolishing the Pokemon teams (mainly early-gen ground and grass types and Aron/Larvitar family) of all the grunts you can find, trying to stop the underlying scheme you're sure is there. At the end of the facility, you open up the final door, and you come across my third admin, Rush, just sitting around and playing video games with two other grunts. One who you'd beaten earlier in a cramped corridor, the camera guy, and another who still has some of his team left.

That guy and Rush fight you in a Double Battle, using a Honedge, a Pawniard, a Tropius, and a Vibrava. They lose, of course, whereupon you question where they're hiding the research material. Rush appears to have no idea what you're talking about, and your slot-1 Pokemon will be sent onto the overworld to threaten Rush into telling the truth. He does - he honestly doesn't know a thing about the research. You get him to tell you everything about that guy with the camera, and you find out that the guy's nickname is Dark. Well, pack some fairy types, you guess.

Around town 6, you notice something familiar going on, if you've played Gen 1. You're in a town with one of Silph Co.'s main branch buildings, and nobody is allowed in or out by way of a guy who doesn't even accept any Pokemon battle challenges. Doesn't have any on him, so the rules of engagement don't apply to him. He's big and burly, though, so you can't get past. You decide to train in the place's distractions and Gym, which is dark type. It's also part casino, for some reason, asking the player some probability-related questions similar to Blaine's gym (but they actually require thought) and if you answer wrong, you have to fight. However, all it takes is a single badge earned, and Silph Co. is emitting a broadcast on its city-wide PA system. You know Team G has to be behind this, so you travel back over to the building's entrance, finding grunts led by this "Dark" entering the building, but just before you go in yourself, you're blocked by Big McLargeHuge again. You use Strength, as hinted by Mr. Buff (You're not gettin' past me on your own, kid. You'd have to use a Pokemon to have any chance!), and push him to the side, entering the building. As you work your way to the top, the camera guy is conspicuously absent, and some grunts are complaining about nepotism and how this guy climbed the ranks too quickly. Regardless, you reach the top, where Dark has just successfully pilfered a Master Ball! He takes his Honedge, which he used to break the glass, and points it directly toward you.

"Don't think I don't know about what happened at our barracks. Who do you think you are, just barging in for no reason and defeating everyone in there?! The Pokemon Center was filled to the brim with our guys! Someone needs to bring you to justice. ...Follow me to a more fitting arena."

And so, you fight on the roof. Dark has obvious fairy killers in his team. A Steelix, a Toxicroak, and a Zorua hiding as the Toxicroak. After you win, Rush swoops in on a Braviary, and snatches Dark away, noting that he'll have to tell his boss about this. The admins were all defeated. You head back inside, feeling like an idiot for agreeing to fight on a rooftop, and the president of Silph Co. gives you a Master Ball. You thank him as he confirms that he has enough material to continue the company's research, and go on your way.

Coincidentally, your way leads directly back to those barracks. You feel like you must've missed something and decide to check one of the walls near the front.

Fake wall, and the distortion viewer is right there. Draken's right there, too, looking through the viewer. You almost challenge him to a Pokemon Battle, but he stops you and says that you need to see this, so you look through. At first, there's nothing but a turbulent purple void, and Draken goes on about how Team G has been searching for a way into the Distortion World for ages. This is just one of their many Distortion Viewers that they've built independently, with generous help from their sponsor. Draken fiddles with some settings, and you see some landmasses come into focus, along with a man in a green cloak, whose face you cannot see. He seems to be alone, searching for something. You look puzzled, so Draken fills in the gaps - this is Team G's leader, Giga. He went into the Distortion World with the help of Palkia, which he caught legitimately, and now Giratina is all pissed off and searching for him. However, he stops there, with a conspicuous pause.

"If you want me to tell you any more, if you want to have even a CHANCE at stopping us from achieving our goals, you've gotta beat me in a Pokemon battle."

So you beat his fighting-based team in a battle, and he tells you the location of their main hideout, where they have the stable Distortion World portal. Your mission? Go retrieve the boss.

"You think I'm going to help you?"
"Ah ah, your mission is just to retrieve the boss. Not to retrieve him *after* he catches Giratina. Don't worry, you'll be rewarded."
"...Alright, but I'm not gonna be soft on him."

On the way into the main base, you run across a blonde, long-haired girl. She asks where you're going, and when you tell her, asks to tag along, offering to heal your Pokemon for free between fights. The two of you fight your way through the Team G base, her using a powerful Delcatty, you using whatever you've brought together over the course of the game. You eventually reach my Distortion World portal, and enter, with the girl, surprisingly. She seems like she knows her way around, and the two of you take a cutscene all the way to Giga. The girl wordlessly heals your Pokemon one final time, then thanks you and bows. Throwing her pretenses away, she runs straight at Giga, and hugs the fuck out of him, preventing him from continuing further.

"C-Corona?! How did- Why-"
"Do you have any idea how worried I was?!"
"But- but- the rings! I still..."
"You complete fucking imbecile! Did you honestly think I wanted you to start a goddamn CRIME SYNDICATE just to get some rings?!"
"...No. This was a necessary step, though."
"How so?"
"Well... thanks to mister genius over there, Giratina found us."

The primal beast lets out a deafening roar. You and Corona flinch, but Giga just hucks his Master Ball as hard as he can, hitting the Giratina square on the nose."

G: "Phew... we avoided tragedy, at least."
C: "Wait- what was that you just caught?"
G: "The only 'mon here, and the key to finding Hoopa. Giratina, the dweller of the Distortion World, thought to represent anti-matter in the creation myth."
C: "...Hoopa?"
G: "Hoopa."
C: "What kind of dumb name is that?"
G: "The kind of name something takes when it can't be bothered to care how dumb you think its name is. Hoopa is ridiculously powerful, so much so that catching Palkia and Giratina, two near-gods that have power over space and wormholes, are just stepping stones to seeing it in the first place."

You butt in right then, and I turn to you and bow.

G: "My apologies. It was very kind of you to wait while me and Corona had that heartfelt reunion."
You: "...Look, I'm not stopping you, am I?"
G: "Nope. Can't imagine how you would, considering what I've got."
You: "How about a wager, then?"
G: "Depends on the terms."
You: "If I defeat you in a Pokemon battle, you're gonna stop all this crazy bullshit with altering space and time and whatever, and just go to a jewelry store and buy, not steal, a wedding band."

Corona and Giga are surprised.

C: "Wh-"
G: "We-"
You: "Shut up. I don't care. I stopped caring about a week ago. We're fighting, and that's that."

Corona and Giga both face you, and take out their Pokeballs.

You: "Look, lady, I know you had ulterior motives, but you're just as guilty as me."
G: "Wait, you let him in?"
C: "Can you blame me? Every second you were in here is a second Giratina could've killed you outright."
G: "...I guess I can't. Let's do this, then."

You are forced into a double battle with Giga and Corona. Giga uses his Giratina and Palkia, and Corona uses a Blaziken and a Crustle. The legendaries are level 50, while Corona's mons are around level 60. You win, because of course you do, you're the protagonist.

G: "Huh. We work really well together, so it's honestly surprising you beat us."
You: "Was it worth it?"
G: "Come again?"
You: "Was it worth endangering those innocent researchers just so you could try to find some stupid Pokemon?"

Giga produces a second Master Ball.

G: "Well, of course it was. I can guarantee Hoopa exists."

Giga also produces a Pokedex.

G: "Look in here, entry 720. I've met one before."
"...Look, like I said, I stopped caring. I'm going home."
G: "Here, least I can do is get us all out of the Distortion World."

Giga looks around in his various pockets, and doesn't find what he was looking for.

G: "...Uh."
C: "I've got it."

Corona pulls out a small remote, presses a button on it, and opens up a portal leading back to the regular world. The three of you leave, and you make your way out of the base, and back to the barracks you fought Draken in. He gives you a tidy sum of money and a set of fifty Ultra Balls, to thank you for retrieving the leader. You continue on your journey, and finally reach the Pokemon League, which will be described in my next post in this thread.
Hopefully this'll spark inspiration in someone. I'm gonna wait until there're more posts in here before I throw my other wall at you.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
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If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
-Able to name your trainer “Viola” without any workarounds

Well speak of the Giratina. I actually did that in Ultra Sun.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
So, the main idea for this thread came from a series of videos by Bird Keeper Toby, wherein he gives detailed descriptions of what he'd do in this situation. It started a bit of a trend on Youtube, and that's the idea I was going for here.

Anyways, lemme dump my second wall of text on you.
If I were a Pokemon League champion, my League would be situated underground. My elite four would consist of real-life friends, and no in-game NPCs. And it would be an Elite Five, instead of an Elite Four, because the first battle is a Double Battle. As you enter the building, you wonder why it's so small, maybe ask at the reception after presenting your badges. The reception would tell you about the Elite Four living underground, and how the entire place is set up like a bomb shelter.

Anyways, after you take the elevator down to the first challenger floor, you see the first two Elites having a mock fencing duel. One of them is a little portly, and the other is kinda short - you might recognize them from my evil team as Rush and Dark. After Rush wins the fencing match, the two notice that you're there, and you're free to walk up and challenge them, even if you only brought one Pokemon. The league would provide to you a level 5 Squirtle for that one battle, so that the game doesn't glitch and you send out Missingno.

Rush's mons would be mainly blade based. He would have an Aegislash and a Bisharp. Dark's would be Dark type, of course, the mons being an Absol, a Weavile, and a Pangoro. One of Dark's pokemon would have Nasty Plot, and that would be the pair's ace.

After you beat them, Rush gives you a plastic card, similar to a credit card, and tells you to swipe it in the back of the room. You do, and Dark fiddles with the panel. Rush says you can use the card in the elevator to get to the next challenge floor, and the two go back to fencing.

The third Elite Five member, who would be giving you your second challenge, comes in the form of CK. His room would look similar to a cross between a laboratory and a server room, and he would have full control over the facility, being the sponsor and tech guy. He applauds you, saying that most don't make it past Rush and Dark on their first try, what with the whole Double Battle thing tripping peopole up. He tells you to get ready for a different battle type, and you break into a challenging stance.

CK's pokemon would be mainly Ice and Ghost types. He would lead with Abomasnow, and follow up with Shedinja, Walrein, Decidueye, and his ace, Froslass. He would use them in a Rotation Battle, switching Shedinja in to block attacks entirely when it would benefit him, Walrein to take out threats to Shedinja, and Abomasnow for a powerful Mega Pokemon. Froslass would have the Z-Crystal, though.

CK again applauds you for taking such an intelligent approach to battling, and hopes it will help you with your next fight, since you're going to need more than just intelligence there. You hand him your card, and he updates it with access to the third challenger room.

The third room looks like a munitions factory. There's no other way to put it. Everything is red, and there are odd, goblin-looking green men working on assembly lines. A slightly chubby man is barking orders at them, and when you tap him on the shoulder, he turns around and laughs for a moment, then acknowledges your tenacity with a Pokemon battle.

This man is, if you hadn't guessed, Drakendite. He leads with an Emboar, a Conkledurr, and a Toxicroak, his style being Triple Battles. In reserve, he'd have a Hawlucha with a Z-Flying move, and a Medicham, which would Mega-Evolve. After defeating Draken, he would pat you on the back hard enough to make you stumble, and get one of his Orky Boiz to run your card thorugh another update, letting you into the fourth challenge floor.

As you set the elevator to travel to the fourth floor, you are treated to warning signs and a general air of "shit's gone wrong, the elevator is falling". This is all a ruse, of course, but the elevator does travel a very long distance downward, and when you reach the bottom you come into what feels like an oven. It is in fact a geo-thermal power plant, wherein you meet a catgirl (a Neko if you want to use this chart) with long green hair, wearing a yellow sundress. She asks if you're feeling under the weather, offers to see if you have a fever, and you tell her you're just here for a battle. She nods, and steps back toward the generator, sending out her first Pokemon in a Single Battle.

It's a Heatran. Her quote after turn 1 is "Surprised? We're preparing for all sorts of things down here~!" Her second pokemon is Terrakion, her third is Cobalion. After that is a Blaziken, which Mega Evolves, and a Groudon, which undergoes Primal Reversion and has a Z-Ground move. As it turns out, the Primal Groudon was powering the generator, and after you defeat it, the place goes on backup power while Corona updates your card and heals the Groudon. You may take the elevator to the final room, where the Champion awaits. If you didn't talk to the receptionist, you say out loud, "Wait, weren't you the champion?" and the girl responds "No, we're the only league to have an Elite Five, since we focus on the different types of battles you can have."

You take the elevator one more time, worried that you won't be able to leave otherwise and anxious it'll break down again at the same time, and the final room is stark white. A generic logo shows up on the back wall, and you can see the results of a computer's operating system booting up. In the corner of the room, there are two mattresses sitting on top of one another, and on top of those is a man cloaked in a green blanket. You can't see his face, since the desk he's sitting at and the three monitors sitting on top are obstructing your view, but he pulls the blanket over his head, hops off the bed, and walks over to you, Pokeballs in hand.

"Y'know, I always hate it when Corona loses a fight. Makes the power flicker." The operating system boots up fully, and the room is revealed to be a holographic hardlight projector. The man in the blanket sits down on a throne of rock that appears to push itself out of the ground. "Welcome to the final challenge. My name is Giga, and I'll be your opponent. I like Ground pokemon, sure, but there's one thing I like more, and that's having fun with the impossible. I'm sure you're aware of the legendary pokemon that my girlfriend is using, so I'll show you one more. Hoopa, you're up."

I throw the Master Ball, and out comes Hoopa Confined. "Y'know, this little guy is amazing. He can take whatever he wants out of whatever universe he wants. As such, I'm now going to test your limits with physically impossible Pokemon. I wish you the best of luck, and guarantee that this will be your hardest challenge yet. Oh, and don't be afraid of losing - I won't take your money no matter what."

My first Pokemon would be a Golurk, which would start the battle by using Fly, because of course it would. It has Iron Fist as an ability, every Punch move in the game and Meteor Mash (breaking the four move limit), and would be holding an Expert Belt. He would, however, only be Level 70, so you have some solace there. My second Pokemon would be Slaking, and it would have Scrappy for an ability, Belly Drum, Extreme Speed, Substitute, and Drain Punch. It would also be Level 70, so if you've grinded enough, you should be able to take out its Substitutes in one hit. My third Pokemon would be a purebred Missingno. from Generation 1, which knows Water Gun, Water Gun, and Sky Attack. Its ability would be Pure Power, making Sky Attack more powerful, and it would be level 153 or something ridiculous like that. After you defeat Missingno, I would apologize about the health bar wrapping around the screen, fix it up with a broom and dustpan, and send out my fourth Pokemon, Shedinja. However, this is no ordinary Shedinja; it's a Sturdy Shedinja. Normal attacks will do nothing to it - you must use entry hazards, a move like Whirlpool or Infestation that does damage over time, or status effects to defeat it. It is holding Safety Goggles, so weather doesn't affect it negatively, and it has Safeguard, which it uses on the first turn of battle, so you'd better hope you're faster than it. Its other moves are Endeavor, Shadow Sneak, and Aerial Ace, and it's level 100. My final pokemon would be, well, myself, in the style of PokeStars Studio. I would step onto the battlefield, and the challenger would be confused for a moment, until I used Precipice Blades, and intentionally miss by just a hair, in a cutscene. I would be the fastest Pokemon on my team, and would have No Guard for an ability, along with Fissure, Precipice Blades, Catastropika (the Pikachu exclusive Z-Power move), and Recover. My stats would be on par with Deoxys-A, with the difference being swapping my 180 Special Attack for 29 extra Speed, 75 extra Defense, and 76 extra Special Defense. I would have 0 Special Attack, but that's fine. The only things that could possibly outspeed me are a Deoxys-S, or a pokemon with speed buffs, which you would not have had the time to set up, unless you set up way back on Golurk. My typing, by the way, would be Ground and Dark.

I can't think of a method how, but you beat me. The hardlight projectors turn off, and you see that over on the bed in the corner is a guy laughing maniacally. It's the same guy you just demolished, but you can see his face now. He congratulates you for taking part in his experimental battle and coming out on top, despite all odds being against you. As a reward for your efforts, you not only get put into the Hall of Fame, but Hoopa pulls one of the Pokemon you fought out of an alternate dimension and you get a chance to capture it. Missingno, fittingly, would give you 128 more of the item in the 6th slot of every pocket of your bag, but you wouldn't be allowed to capture it, even with a Master Ball - it would break out of even that before the first wiggle.
And there you have it. The second of my walls of text, and hopefully inspiration for someone else to create something in a similar vein.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
[19:24:05] <~Impetus> i only got staff because i own # and BotServ on irc
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
Here's something I'd been thinking on the other day: A Pokémon trainer equivalent of Sans from Undertale (in terms of being the most unfairly hard trainer battle in the entire game, so like an SNK boss in a Pokémon game). Their team would consist of Ultra Necrozma, Mega Rayquaza, Arceus, Totem Lurantis, and Sableye and Spiritomb each with wonderguard, all at level 100. They would also sometimes switch out Pokémon and use revives during battle. They would have their own Rotomdex that can sometimes give them another Z-move to use in battle. Basically anything that you take for granted in battle that NPC's rarely or never do in the core games, this trainer can do.

Of course, this would be a post-game battle.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
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