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Staff Spotlight - December 2017 - featuring Mira- I mean Hinalyte
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If you don't question either of us' sanity after reading this, then that means I failed.

Erik: Today's staff boy is none other than Hinalyte; a long time user, and graphics moderator from 2013 to 2017, who was (not so) recently promoted to userbase administrator! How the heck are you doing today, my laf?
Hinalyte: Wait, let me sleep more! Jokes aside, I'm doing pretty good!
Erik: you're living The Life, are you
Hinalyte: A life full of sleep is healthy. Take every opportunity to sleep whenever you're not doing anything.
Erik: no slepp

Erik: Anyway, let's get right into the questions. You were promoted to admin in... September? Wow, time sure flies. Can you explain your duties to the Normal Users?
Hinalyte: Yeah it was September. Times sure is really fast! I bet it's Christmas tomorrow! Anyway, I do the basic and generic admin duties: helping someone recover their account by resetting their password, changing their names according to their request, and nuking someone's who's problematic.
Hinalyte: The other half is pretty much behind the scenes, which is what I wrote on my bio as "managing the staff team". But I see our staff team has been functioning super-well so props to that!
Hinalyte: Oh and, I'm that person behind the name colors and holiday names. I like fun events!
Erik: the clock doesn't lie, it is christmas tomorrow
Hinalyte: yes, that's accurate
Erik: *ahem* In the timespan you have been admin, do you feel the contributions you've made to the site (like the behind-the-scenes ones ) have helped?
Hinalyte: Yes, I'd like to think that they've helped in some form. That way, I'd feel motivated to go on and do what's next on our to-do list.
Hinalyte: My favorite part is yelling at my fellow admins.
Erik: as long as you dont yell at me
Hinalyte: I actually have made contributions to the site before getting admin, lol.
Erik: hey hey hey, im heading that way

Erik: Back before being Ascended, you moderated and even got to manage the SMW Graphics section. What was your experience handling the staff nerds when you were the secion manager?
Hinalyte: fun, the best part was yelling at Gloomy because we each other on every occasion
Hinalyte: .
Hinalyte: lol
Hinalyte: Gloomy
Hinalyte: Anyway I think it was a great experience! I feel like before I became section manager, I have high concern regarding the graphics section. Like, I'd rather also make the section tidy and easy to use for our users instead of just moderating the files.
Hinalyte: Then there's the part where I tell them to moderate; whenever they don't comply when they're not busy, I cast a fire () on their house.
Hinalyte: I feel like ever since becoming admin I haven't done much regarding that, lol. But I still haven't finished my 'personal' project on that: to fix all the filenames and remove the duplicates for Ultimate Consistency.
Erik: Good to see you worried for such stuff even before you got The Charge. I do stuff like that sometimes for our ASM guys.
Erik: Is managing both a section and the userbase/staff too much job, or have you managed to handle them both at the same time?
Hinalyte: I actually haven't gotten the chance to handle both at the same time. It's always one or the other, not both.
Hinalyte: The userbase is being handled nicely by my two fellow admins
Hinalyte: Regarding staff, I try to help them sometimes, although most of the time they're active is the time that I'm asleep. lol
Erik: sad day
Erik: you can give me that mf admin spot if you want
Hinalyte: no
Hinalyte: how about you moderate the section with the highest amount of waiting files instead of going rage!
Erik: maybe after the interview
Hinalyte: we'll see
Erik: When admin, you have to do forward thinking; even in a small community like ours, you can never know what's going to happen. As such, with the current admin team, (which has been the most stable since 2015 imo) where do you see the site in the future? Will a greater future reminiscent of 2009 arrive, or will we ensue in the chaos of a C&D? ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ or will nothing change? Do you see yourself playing a vital role for said future?
Hinalyte: Well, I did some forward thinking months, although the thoughts are kind of too far lol. I'd like to see a proper direction. I'm curious where the site's direction is going to, now that idol's taking care of our collab hacks, and having Alcaro on the coding side. I'd like to see more than just hosting our annual events and contests. Maybe try to introduce something fun every now and then??
Hinalyte: Heck let's try and open up a new forum just for fun right now! I can't wait for idol to yell at me and tell me to bleed!
Hinalyte: All in all I wouldn't worry about the site's future too much; I'd rather address concerns regarding the present. So I guess that's it!
Erik: she'll tell you to pee blood instead

Erik: I guess that wraps up the moderation stuff then. Time for Super Mario World hacking related stuff.
Erik: As I said you moderated graphics. When did you first start making SMW graphics? Do you still do it?
Hinalyte: nah, smw hacking is dead
Erik: good
Hinalyte: I don't know when, but I think it was way earlier? I used to draw things, so eventually I'll also draw stuff for SMW too.
Hinalyte: My first drawings were like, during the first Winter Level Design Contest, the one with Good Prizes™.
Hinalyte: It's bad when you look at it now lmao. But I believe I posted them around the forums!
Hinalyte: My recent drawings, I believe they're fine! But I'm keeping them secret for now, because they're going to be used in my own hack lol
Erik: i can't believe hina still hacks wtf
Hinalyte: I haven't even touched LM ever since VLDCX ended LOL
Erik: LOL
Erik: Speaking of hacking you have two hacks: SMB3: The Secret Place and Vanilla ; the former being an indivial project and the other being a collab with your alter ego. Are both alive?
Hinalyte: no because like I said, smw hacking is dead
Erik: searial murderer
Hinalyte: searial
Hinalyte: I actually haven't done anything both. For the former, it's stuck at making a vertical level with horizontal wrapping.
Hinalyte: The plan was to use firebars on that level but ever since I didn't get them, I stopped. That was 2 years ago, lol.
Hinalyte: For the latter, it's figuring out what to do. Originally the plan was to make a hack without anything custom. I guess that was hard for Mirann lol.
Hinalyte: I'm thinking that we could remake it, but I haven't figured it out all yet. More details should come up whenever I get into hacking again!
Erik: so never
Erik: We should make a team hack. Neither of us would do anything so it's okay
Hinalyte: yes
Erik: yes
Hinalyte: we can say "We Did It" even though there's nothing done!
Erik: The Deed is done.
Erik: Alright, now the part of generic answers. When and how did you find about SMW Hacking and SMW Central?
Hinalyte: go find that out yourself I already answered that in 2013 smh!
Hinalyte: .
Erik: copy paste it
Erik: .
Hinalyte: I'm too lazy for that! Do you know how much it requires for me to copypaste stuff!
Hinalyte: Alright well, Everything Started when my brother found some couple of emulators and level editors for games. One of them was Lunar Magic.
Hinalyte: I never know any level design back then (late 2007!) so all I did was copy pre-existing levels from our favorite game called SMAS. lol
Hinalyte: Then days later my brother brought some New Things; the "SMW Hacks". And those are Pac's remake hacks. Those two showed me that editing graphics was possible!
Hinalyte: As I ask for more information on how to hack, eventually he showed me This Place, the SMW Central. Then eventually I registered!
Hinalyte: And to those who can remember the last time, here's my last interview. (
Erik: wow have our interview formats come a long way since then
Hinalyte: Yeah, props to Tahixham for the new idea lol
Erik: Look at your old self. What do you think of him now? Would you have thought you'd ever be where you are now?
Hinalyte: My old self is funny and lacks self-confidence much more lul
Hinalyte: I probably thought of becoming a manager of the graphics section, so maybe??
Hinalyte: I like looking at my post history. I want to see how much I've changed: from some really shy noob, to a rather silly person.
Hinalyte: I say that but my first 5 posts are deleted. lul
Erik: Please layout me like this one.
Hinalyte: Hola, esque tengo un problema con AddMusicM, es que cuando parcheo el ROM (expandido a 2 MB)en xkas con el INIT, salta el error de SPC700 Stall (dicen que se quita |-O). Pero cuando inserto la música, ahora aparece "Nintendo presents" y una pantalla negra. Nada más. ¿Cuál es el error?
Hinalyte: I can't believe I can speak spanish fluently!
Erik: delet delet delet delet delet delet delet delet delet delet delet delet delet delet delet delet delet delet
Hinalyte: lul
Hinalyte: that's what you get for copying one of my old posts!
Erik: Having been in this website for 9 years, what do you think about its evolution? Do you like the community more or less than back in The Day?
Hinalyte: I was barely active on my early years, lol
Hinalyte: It was interesting to see how much the site evolved. Back then holiday names used to be like a permanent thing until the event is over and we had to request one to an admin! There were more fun and silly events like subtracting your postcount if you posted in a certain forum, or just turning the website's postcounts all into '?'!
Hinalyte: There was so much interactivity back then. I can still remember that people were panicking about what will happen if S.N.N. reaches 10000 posts, lol. I still remember when the Forum Games reopened and I was so addicted to them back then, lol.
Hinalyte: The community has evolved too. With each day I interact with them I get to know them more, and they get to know me. Nowadays I can just goof around them most of the time; I don't think I can do that in 2013 lol.
Hinalyte: And also on the hacking side. I heard things used to be simple. Like for example, ASM used to be some form of black magic that only a select few users know. Nowadays there's a lot of people who can do ASM, and how much they can do with that.
Erik: you heard but didn't experience????
Hinalyte: Nope, absolutely not!
Erik: Anything you want to add before going into the randumb questions?
Hinalyte: No, let's end the interview now because you're taking too long because of you eating french fries slowly
Hinalyte: .
Erik: wtf
Hinalyte: Anyway, if you want me to say more stuff, maybe find out what to ask!
Erik: ok that means random wuestions time then
Erik: wuestions
Hinalyte: wuestions
Hinalyte: what are wuestions
Erik: you will find out
Hinalyte: okay
Erik: What's the worst emoji?
Erik: inb4
Hinalyte: that's a good question
[BOT] Clyde: That emoji you just used doesn't work here because it's from a different server. Discord Nitro can solve all of that, check User Settings > Nitro for details
Hinalyte: shut up clyde you're not included in this interview!
Erik: rip
Erik: Did someone ever layout you like that one?
Hinalyte: Yes, WYE did.
Hinalyte: Congratulations on not actually viewing that post.
Erik: my job is a simple one
Hinalyte: yes
Erik: What's your favorite hack?
Hinalyte: The VLDCs. Those are the only ones I play recently anyway, lol.
Erik: How many languages can you speak? And, if you could, what other language would you learn?
Hinalyte: Filipino and English. The one language I want to learn is Japanese, not because of I'm a weeb, but because I'm rather interested in Japanese culture.
Hinalyte: And Japanese sounds amazing. Sugoi desu wa~
Erik: weeb
Hinalyte: nerd
Erik: What's your favorite music genre?
Hinalyte: Anime
Hinalyte: fuk u my music player literally has that as a genre!
Erik: Alright. Last question. When will you play Civ with me!
Hinalyte: no, because
Hinalyte: 1. I don't have it
Hinalyte: 2. my laptop can't run it
Hinalyte: 3. erik
Hinalyte: 4.
Erik: Oh!
Hinalyte: Oh!
Erik: Anything you want to add before concluding this Fine Interview?
Hinalyte: yes, anime pictures. this interview needs them
Hinalyte: .
Erik: post kotori for the world to see then
Erik: Kotori.
Hinalyte: kotori for the world to see then
Hinalyte: one sec
Erik: korean kartoons
Hinalyte: do you want me to send you to korea
Hinalyte: good, behave then
Hinalyte: Anyway shout-outs to my friends once again, especially to the #hyperpower admins for always being super-fun to talk to! Another shout-outs goes to the staff team for being good boys doing impressive work for the team, and for them being silly sometimes. Another shout-outs goes to the community, because I'm glad you've decided to stay here. I hope you stick around this site!
Hinalyte: Special mention goes to Mirann for being best girl.
Erik: im the best staff mem(b)er
Hinalyte: best staff baby
Erik: berk is the staff baby now

Erik: Anyway that concludes the interview. As always, fun talking to you, and to the audience, hope you had fun with a sillier-than-usual interview!
Hinalyte: Anyway, this is your friendly admin Hinalyte, please contact me about anything regarding the site, or just if you want The Talk. See you arou-
Erik: lad
Hinalyte: laf

Quite sillier than usual, but enjoy!
anime has infected our society
A very emblematic staff member and user. Continue with your good job on the site #smw{:TUP:}
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Incident Stuff!!!
Congrats for your time

Wake Up Girls series 96... Err.
Hinalyte. You are great with Erik.

This is for you Erik.
Cristian Martinoli Anime
I was expecting a puto mamon joke. Learn about Filipino dishes, Erik.
Can't say I really know what to put here, but nice job!
:P I wonder how different things would've been if I joined way back when I started getting into SMW hacks.

Please pardon the eye.
Chonghratulhations Hinalhyte!


Originally posted by Interview
What was your experience handling the staff nerds when you were the secion manager?

None, he just slacked off.

jk, Hinalyte did a pretty good job at
playing 100% Orange Juice, hahahaha lololol.

ban me.
👀 Congrats! 👌 h
It's a good thing the admin team has you
Anime is bad. Be gone. #smrpg{:O}


Congrats for spotlight Hinalyte best girl, also great interview! I'm happy that the staff team (and recently the adminship) has someone so fun and nice aboard!

Hinalyte: Special mention goes to Mirann for being best girl.

Major thanks to Nenilein (a.k.a. @PinkGeekNeni on Twitter) for the profile pic I'm using!
Help us raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. #ДопомагаємоРазом / #HelpTogether
“Even if you personally are so dissatisfied with life that you want the world to end, surely the cruel reality is that it will continue on, unchanging. All the better for someone perfectly content, like me.”
Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
Originally posted by kamekku14

Hinalyte is more important.

congrats ;)
Congratulations on the spotlight Hinalyte! I'm very glad that you've been selected for this and that you've been around for so long (Longer than me.) supporting this community each new year. I hope that throughout the new years this wonderful community gets great things from your excellent work! Hope you have a marvelous Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa! Happy Holidays!
Hinalyte is a cute birb
Congrats Miralyte ;)


shit shit shit i totally forgot about all this 👀

Congrats Hinalyte ! You're a great person to work with, and I'm sure you'll do as great as you're already doing during all your adminship !
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