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Woji World speedrunning/testing

I think this is how I create the thread thing \_(0.0)_/. If you want to discuss speedrunning this game (because it is quite easy, disregarding the final few levels) or want to point out issues with the hack, do it here. My current PB is 1:43:09, but I can get through most of the game in about half an hour.
Thit your fix the duplication block glitch infernal courtyard?
I ask because the way your whant to get to the secret exit.
ore us this patch Block Duplication Fix v1.4 by lolcats439.
Yes if i bring the bowser statue down i can us the glitch or can then use the bowser statue to get to the normal exit.
finsihed 2h game play.
The Barren Hosptial is now easy
This thread has little to do with the subforum you'd posted it in. Please link to your hack, and make it clear that this is for its release rather than speedrunning, i was actually confused at first i thing that is what he whant > Why not add a curve to replace the dot down there?
^ That's what I meant.

In the future please link to your hack next time you make a similar thread.
That would have looked good as overworld.Als reward when you bet the special world.

good luck with your work.
overworld needs to be working a little more