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Favorite Game That Came Out This Year?
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I'd have to go with either SMO or Yooka-Laylee.
Splatoon 2!
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And so the Courier who had cheated death in the cemetery outside Goodsprings cheated death once again, and the Mojave wasteland was forever changed.
“Even if you personally are so dissatisfied with life that you want the world to end, surely the cruel reality is that it will continue on, unchanging. All the better for someone perfectly content, like me.”
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Probably Pokémon USUM because I really haven't bought any 2017 games other than that.
I only played two games this year, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokémon Ultra Sun. I didn’t play through much of Zelda. I guess I’m not really into open world games. So by default that makes Ultra Sun my favorite game of the year. I did like it, and am still doing postgame stuff.
Definitely Sonic Mania lmao

To me, it's as good as S3&K, which is honestly a surprise because I didn't think any Sonic game would be topping S3&K for me anytime soon (tho Sonic Colors was pretty good, and heck, Sonic and the Black Knight was actually pretty enjoyable for me too believe it or not, but still). Too bad I haven't played anymore games tho; really wanted to play Ultra Sun too

oh well
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Originally posted by Pixel-Gon

My favourite game that came out this year is What Remains of Edith Finch. I've explained why a lot so I'm starting to feel like a broken record, but it was just the most effective storytelling I've ever experienced in a vidya, and one of the only narrative-driven games I've played that actually benefits from being a game.
It's an example of a way of story-telling that's only possible to achieve with the medium, and I think that in the context of "walking sims" it sets a new standard of quality and interactivity for these kinds of games to attempt to strive toward. Like for me it's incredibly upsetting to label it as a walking sim because rn that genre carries a lot of negative implications (when you hear the term you most likely think a bare-bones 'walk from point A to point B and listen to audio logs' experience). But then idk what else it could really be classified as, if it has to be classified as anything at all.



Originally posted by Ultima
Sonic Mania

Shit I forgot about that one. Hell yeah!
Is it bad I say I'm liking Sonic Forces so far?
Probably Cuphead.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.

Sonic Mania

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I played Cuphead for a few hours thanks to my uncle over Christmas. It was pretty fun and difficult, even if I couldn't get past that bird with an ungodly amount of phases. I would say that was my second favorite this year.

But hands down I've got to go with Mario Odyssey. Game lets you do crazy, game-breaking shit. I literally skipped to the boss of one of the water kingdoms with a ground pound jump, throwing my cap, wall jumping, and diving over the wall. And Nintendo knows you could do this because Cappy said "Amazing jump!" They literally reward you for having skills, something I haven't felt for a while now. And crazy jumps aside it's so creative and fun, and one of the most inspired games they've made. The NPCs aren't obnoxious and moons are hidden just about everywhere. It's taken me a few days just to get to 200 moons, and that's only less than a quarter of the game! I still have weeks of playing to go. And don't even get me started on the music holy shit. There are plenty of reasons this is my favorite game of the year, but those were pretty much the highlights for me.
I'll have to go with Fire Emblem Heroes for this one. I'd list off the big name Switch games... if I had the money for a Switch. Holy hell, I have not been cucked so hard in a year moneywise in my entire lifetime.

If that was the case, I'd be praising Super Mario Odyssey or Breath of the Wild instead, since Fire Emblem Heroes is starting to become a love-hate game for me right now.


In the Indie Game Area I really enjoyed A Hat in Time. Probably the best of the Indie-3D-Platformers being released this year. Another great one being Little Nightmares though it has a really big focus on atmosphere and 'horror' aesthetics. I didn't play through this one yet but the time I spent with it until now great.

For the big guys: The Nintendo Switch with BotW and Mario Odyssey was amazing (obviously). Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy looks great even though I didn't play it. Sonic Mania was good for the most part too.

My GOTY is either Super Mario Odyssey or A Hat in Time.

2017 had a lot of great games though.
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Sonic Mania, Super Mario Odyssey, A Hat in Time, Breath of the Wild, Cuphead, Xenoblade 2, A Night in the Woods. This year was packed with so many amazing games. I can't just pick one.

If I had to narrow it down though, it would probably between BOTW and A Hat in Time.

I'll make a layout eventually...
I've yet to play my copy of South Park The Fractured But Whole and I'm considering buying Cuphead, but I've played Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Sonic Mania and both were 👌👌👌.
The only game I played that came out this year other than FE Heroes was A Hat in Time so that makes this is extremely easy to answer. I really enjoyed Hat even if my computer could barely run it at times. Well worth the 4 year wait!

>Mark danced crazy!
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I honestly didn't play any new games this year, but I will say that they tempted me a lot more than previous years. Once I get a job I may just pick up a switch and a few games.
Didn't play many new games this year.
But of the ones I that did I loved Cuphead the most.
It was just so interesting to me.
And it was amazing.

Mario the Gaul
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