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New Super Mario World 2 C3 2018 Demo
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After more months of working, here's another demo of my hack but this time i wanted to do something different, instead of releasing a demo with X Worlds, i wanted to release a demo including some of the levels from Worlds 4-9 which are the worlds i've done after the last C3, there are 20 levels overall and 27 exits.



Have fun

If you find any issue, feel free to report me.
My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
I really like the visuals you got going there! Your graphics are still vanilla-ish and rooted in SMW but with just the right amount of custom, and the palettes are delightful. (Loving the HDMA gradients!)

I'll give this hack a try. #tb{:)}


I might check this out but there's two other hacks I wanna try already.

After 17 minutes.

Sure looks good though.
I'm so going to play this, i love your design

VLDC11 Out Now!

Super Mario Travelers

That looks gorgeous.
Custom graphics and sprites are great, congratulations and good luck with the ROM hack
The perfect blend of custom/edited vanilla GFX.

If SMW had a proper expansion a lot of the levels would not look out of place.
I'll be giving this hack a try for sure. :D
I love the style and colors on that images. I would try it.
Amazing, i wait full ver

plz pm me ideas to put here cause i dont have ideas

quando que será lançada a versão completa do jogo new super mario world 2?
Originally posted by SAMYR DUTRA ARAUJO
quando que será lançada a versão completa do jogo new super mario world 2?
(when is the full version of the hack going to be released?)

Por favor não fale em português fora do forum português, nem todo mundo aqui no site é brasileiro. Agora respondendo sua pergunta, ainda não há uma data de lançamento já que ainda não terminei a hack.

(Please don't speak portuguese outside of the portuguese forum, not everyone here on the site is brazilian. Now answering your question, there's no release date yet because the hack isn't done)
My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
A demo of your neat hack is finally out? Guess i´ll give it a try when i find the time for it, since the screenshots look really promising (but i think you know i like your hack, since i regularily comment in your WIP-thead :p)


I love everything that I see, will try this out later. From only what I see though, I'll say, great work!
Layout by RanAS, modified by yours truly.

I just finished it, and it's good. The visuals are good, some levels are just decent, while others introduce cool ideas. There are only a few levels where ideas aren't used as much as I wish. I won't be talking about all levels, because all of them are good, but I'll highlight the levels that are better then others or just got problems. And the issues themselfs. Duh. Anyways, let's go!

General Issues:

-There are some lags in some levels, thanks to some patch that is about some status bar.
-In speaking of status bar, when closing message box, some sprites in status bar disappear for a sec.

And with switch palace, they disappear just because message is there:

Growing Pipe Forest:

I kinda find it silly how there's SMW, SMB3 and YI enemies in one level, but that's not an issue. What IS issue, is

Moving Pipe Top Disappears when cutting goal tape, leaving cut-off pipe. You can fix it by using tweaker or just moving it somewere or removing completely.

Wood Cutting Woods:

Reused idea from previous hack, huh? But there's not too much to say, the gimmick (the fact that grinder can break some blocks) wasn't used that much and doesn't adds whole lot to the table. I wish there was more ideas with it.

Oriental Castle:

No complains, it's a good level and well designed with transformations gimmick. #smw{:TUP:}

Mysterious Forest:

I got cofused with those "switch blocks", so I wish there was explanation somewere on how gimmick works... even thought it can be clear when you saddle yoshi. Level design is pretty good.

New Year Show:

I don't really like palettes in cave section, other than that it's another decent level.

Tick Tock Clock:

If I'll hit one of those guys when they go left, they start going down instead (I'm invisible here because I got hurt, and got a nice screenshot of it).

And when it collides with stopwatch, it just... doesn't do anything. It stops moving. Untill you collect stopwatch.

And lastly, I'd suggest you to make that after you pass 200+ blocks, they won't become solid after timer get's lower than 200, because you can just crush yourself in them:

Desert Train:

Those guys are just ignoring the fact that the train is moving! I'd suggest you to either make them die instantly when touching ground or just set their speed to the left so they'll touch wheels and die.

Desert Ruins Race:

It looks silly how the goomba touches some block after goal and just moves away from it.

Christmas Night:

So far it's my favorite level with some tricky setups, it got some slowdowns though and

Issue that can be fixed with this patch.

Bouncy Mushrooms:

Squished sleepy goomba doesn't have gravity.

And I can't destroy those blocks. IDK why, spinjumping doesn't works. There's no bob-o,bs to blow that up, so... #wario{:whistle:}

And lastly, why fireballs go throught those bouncy mushrooms? That's odd.

Tree Cut Mountains:

Either move this coin one tile up/down or use patch.

Blue Switch Palace:

Eating block part is kind of okay puzzle, but it got a few of issues.

-Yoshi's Block doesn't respawn, which means if you'll enter door without him (if you're big for example), you're stuck here, so I'd suggest you to put yoshi's sprite here. You can also lose yoshi if you'll drop him in here:

City Square:

Miscolored micro goomba? And when you kill it, it's a goomba! (Galoomba).

I dunno why, but by default you can't kill dolphin-like cheep cheeps with fire, so I'd suggest you to fix it with CFG Editor.

And that's all I can say, overall I'd give it 8/10. Good Job so far #smrpg{y}


How i Can Play this on Zsnes ?

Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

Originally posted by lordkronos100
How i Can Play this on Zsnes ?

By using ZMZ.

(assuming it doesn't work in zsnes, haven't tried)


Thanks for the Info and Link :D

Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

Originally posted by RussianMan
level critique

I'll just copypaste what I posted on your thread onto here, then.

Originally posted by lion
Ok, so, I've played the C3 demo and I'm gonna try to word this as nice as possible.
As good as your visuals are, they're really the only thing driving this hack.

Your levels all play it too safe, they feel too repetitive and samey.
The only thing telling them apart is "this one has X sprite" or "this one has X graphics set".

If you remove the aesthetic theming and the "gimmick" (which usually isn't really explored much) from most of them, there's nothing to distinguish them in terms of level design or difficulty.
They're all over as soon as they begin, just hold right and jump when needed (outside of the Blue Switch).

I'm not saying this to get on your bad side, I'm saying this to help you improve your level design.
NSMW1 had the exact same issue and that's why I gave up on it at the cave world.

Sorry if I'm being too rough.

In a nutshell, your levels look good, but really their level design is very basic.

I'm not trying to shame people for "daring to enjoy" your hacks (more power to them), but it seems like people are praising them to high heavens purely on aesthetics alone and ignoring the level design underneath.

Again, sorry if I'm being mean.

Originally posted by RussianMan
And lastly, I'd suggest you to make that after you pass 200+ blocks, they won't become solid after timer get's lower than 200, because you can just crush yourself in them:

You could just make them solid from the sides whilst making it so that they're pass-through while Mario's inside, couldn't you?
You'd have the issue of locking yourself out by accident but what're ya gonna do


When is the exhibition open?

My name is Hanmiso.#fim{<3}

I love you! I'm a girl.

I like the cartoon character of the girl the most.

This place will update photos every month.
I played through the demo a little and ehh. It was fine, i guess. Most levels didn't feel to interesting without great gimmicks or something most of the time. And if there were bigger gimmicks in a level the always were used interestingly in just 2 or 3 parts of the level (the yoshi block level being a perfect example). Most of the levels were just "Oh look its a SETTING and there's an SPRITE/BLOCK special to that level!" While the levels were fine for this type of sampler I imagine them being really tedious in a full fledged 16 worlds hack.

edit: not having the rom locked and leaving all the levels in it is a very good idea #smw{:TUP:}
// Layout by Maxo
Though I don't disagree with the level design comments made here, I think your level design is perfectly serviceable! I probably wouldn't have noticed the weak points if they hadn't been pointed out.

There's one bug I came across that hasn't been mentioned yet: for some reason, falling on this watch from above made it act like a level-ending switch palace switch instead.


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