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Sicari Remastered (oh yeah it's actually done)

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I like how this is one of those "transformation" hacks. You know, where you transform the hack into something totally different. I think I've played some version of this in the past, however I am wanting to try out this new "final version".

Congratulations for completing this. Finishing hacks can be really tough sometimes.
I'm so glad to see this hack finished, although I've never played it until the last demo. I have to say, it looks awesome nonetheless. Great job on finishing this masterpiece, Eevee!

As others have said, I'm kinda shocked on how you can turn SMW into something completely different. To be honest, I never really had an interest for extreme chocolate hacks, but this one really got my attention and when I played the previous demo, I wanted more.

I might as well give it a go later on, as I'll be kinda busy this weekend, unfortunately.
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grats on release #w{<3}

ill be sure to try this out
thanks for all the kind words, I appreciate them all so much #fim{<3}

anyway, here's a minor update:
click me

you can of course use the same srm files, it just fixes a few little things I somehow missed lol
finally finally finally

I literally refused to play the original hack because I know this would come some day

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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
I have to say I'm really proud of you.

Ever since I first met you you've been working on this hack for several hours per day. I've seen multiple graphical overhauls, level rebuilds and new stuff getting added in as months flew by. Seeing this finished makes me very happy for you.
another small update

it fixes a weird and specific visual issue, once again you can use the same srms and stuff

I hope those who have played it already are enjoying
I started to play this in my channel. Despite I was a tester, I didn't go full trough this, and I'll hopefully do now. I only showed the first levels, but I went trough most of it, so I could give a more detailed feedback about this hack.

No big surprise your hack is extremly enjoyable. I somehow adore the simple design while going trough many colorful and atmospheric levels. The eventual spice with different things, like the bonus houses and the introduction of different gimmicks give to players that feeling of wanting to see more and more of it.
I got stuck at the creepy level where you have to ride Litsy to go trough the level, where the infamous "1-tile jumps" are. I must admit that sometimes the hack can be suddently tough, like in this case. But atleast it's not something that happens all the time in your hack. Again, your design is simple and straight forward, I like it lots.

I renew my congrats for this important relase. You did a great job and I hope you'll be doing more in future!
thanks for the lp ;3

here's another update btw lol
I was hoping not to see those of the "heroic" type showing up around these parts, always putting my plans through the ringer... oh well, seeing how one of them is on a quest for redemption and not to actually put my plans to stop lessens my worries.

I've actually installed this on my gaming hardware and I've enjoyed the first couple of worlds, even streamed the event; an event I'm glad you were apart of. Well, I guess I had my jail bird stream it, but the watch was nice.

You know my feelings on the product, I think you've put out an excellent work I hope to further enjoy down the line. Although with updates, one does appreciate a change log, unless the updates are minuscule in nature, in which case, don't bother.
Er yeah actually a change log would be nice how could I forget one lmao

granted it is mostly minor stuff, save for me fixing an area the player could get stuck in, but if i do anymore updates i'll be sure to list changes

also thank you :3
right one last tiny update for now, it basically removes a powerup i forgot to remove from gracie's level which i didn't intend to keep which led to incorrect gfx showing

here if ya care

hopefully the updates weren't annoying or anything lol, I'm only gonna update if I find more major stuff now
Wow, those custom death animations are terrible. Whomever made them should feel bad.

But no, I'm glad to finally see this hack finished after only 20 years of development and I hope everyone enjoys it. It's hard to finish a hack, especially one with as much customization as this one has had done.
Oh yeah I started let's playing it too.

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

I've taken my time to play this in a comfortable pace and just finished it today. There were a couple of technical issues along the way which I've been reporting. Most of them were minor, so definitely nothing that affected the overall experience.

Anyway, this is one of the hacks that best pulled hardness, which honestly, I found more impressive than what was already obviously good at first glance, like the visuals and the ASM. Sure, sometimes it felt rough around the edges (Ditsy sections, amazing flying hammer bros placement and usage, lightspeed bullet bills, Mervin's homing energy bullets of doom), but nothing that couldn't be overlooked everything else considered. This is one of the most unique and fun experiences I've had in all SMW hacking, thank you for spending so much time and effort into this. #tb{:j}

Now get back into writing. >:(
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