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The small progress on The Haunted Desert 2... now playable?

Since I have nothing to show this year and I haven't touched SMW hacking for quite a few months now I thought it'd only be fair to let people play what I've made up until what I last did a few months back. Please do note it's very unfinished and is supposed to be a sequel to the first Haunted Desert hack.

I'm considering picking this up again in the near future when time allows it, but I'd like to receive some feedback and/or opinions on what you guys think of this. Having your guys' thoughts on this may help in me getting back to this sooner.

Download here.

Thanks to Harumi/Izuna, Blind Devil and my friend Ms. Galaxy for contributing to this hack.

Some screenshots but these don't say much so just play the hack instead:
nice, although this seems to be going really slowly, I hope you'll be able to be able to pick it up again, since a lot of work has already went into it

the concept is pretty neat, and a full hack made out of it would be cool to see
Even if the screens don't tell much (you lazyyy =w=), I'll definedly give this a go, hopefully I'll make a LP too. I remember seeing progresses of this, it looked really interesting, and I'll be sure to give as much feedback as I can to motivate you in finishing this!
It's pretty hard to actually comment on this, as there's rather little gameplay. I do like that you're trying to go with a bigger plot rather a simple horror hack like the first Haunted Desert (which wasn't very scary, by the way) and I hope you continue it.

The overall presentation of everything is good, but very confusing at first if you haven't played the first hack. The hack feels like a weird mix of Chrono Trigger, Mushroom Kingdom: Under Crimson Skies, and game.bps (except without all the scary bits). It works out rather well for RPG fans like me. The attention to detail (parallax scrolling, scrolling HDMA) is also neat. There were a few spelling mistakes here and there, but nothing too major.

For now, I can only wait for a more complete demo of this. Your foundation is solid and I can't wait to see where it will all go.