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Staff Spotlight ~ January 2018 ~ The Last Minute Show w/ special guest Impetus
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Display Case - Interview Archive - Staff Spotlight ~ January 2018 ~ The Last Minute Show w/ special guest Impetus
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Noivern: Welcome all to the Last Minute Show! Tonight's guest is Impetus, our forum team manager and the woman behind the Odyssey C3 gimmick.
Noivern: How are you doing tonight?
Impetus: Uhhhh.......
Impetus: Well I'm on vacation from the 3AM show.
Impetus: But the only vacation destination I could afford on my budget is in the fires of tartarus.
Impetus: So, let's say, warm.
Noivern: Sounds painful.
Noivern: Terrible ratings.
Impetus: Most certainly is
Noivern: I vaguely remember you being a guest on the show before as a staff member. Am I remembering correctly?
Impetus: I think you should remember better than that
Impetus: This isn't our first interview rodeo. Nice to see you have your own show now.
Noivern: I'm an amnesiac fill me in.
Impetus: SMH.
Noivern: Oh wait, you're talking about the dual interview. That doesn't count. :P
Impetus: Well this is the first time I've been staff spotlit, as far as I know.
Impetus: I liked the VLDC Double Motm 2 month long custom colour feature more.
Impetus: I liked the name colour so much I became staff.
Noivern: wow same
Noivern: Anyway let's stop embarrassing myself and ask the real questions everybody wants to know.
Impetus: "Why did you ruin C3"
Impetus: thanks for asking
Impetus: I'd like to take this opportunity to blame everyone else in the staff team c;
Impetus: EQUALLY of course. We're an equal staff team.
Impetus: Even the ones with nothing to do with the event. In it together tbh.
Noivern: smh we were supposed to throw idol under the bus
Noivern: read the script
Impetus: You never sent me the script smh tbh fam.
Noivern: that explains why you got the first question wrong
Impetus: Its ok if this is like any other game show only the last round matters c=

Noivern: You've been the forum team manager since the tail end of 2016.
Noivern: What is the difference between the forum team manager and regular forum moderators, and why were you interested in the role?
Impetus: Well I guess I'll answer the latter half first, because when the role was created nobody on the staff team really knew what it entailed either.
Impetus: Starting in 2015 and becoming dire in 2016, there was a huge problem overall with moderation on the site. Because there were absolutely no people on the staff team who were hired specifically for their 'forum moderation' skills, and no central order or standards for forum moderation, the site had turned into a bit of a wild west, some moderators letting users get away with things which would clearly break the rules, and other moderators handing out huge punishments for things which are completely benign.
Impetus: In the past, admins had kept a degree of order, but the current administration back then (none of whom are admins now, bar Kieran) were either too busy or didn't have the skills to deal with forum moderation effectively and coordinate other staff members. This all came to a head with some large incidents like the no-moderation policy, which kinda threw the site into chaos, and the general lack of moderation for some users ended up in long flame wars where users were pretty much trying to self-moderate, while at other times over moderation caused huge backlash.
Impetus: Finally seeing what a poor state things were in, the administration of 2016 started to make steps to improve things, which began as hiring extra irc operators due to the lack of active mods in irc, and then went to hiring a proper forum team (manager).
Impetus: I was actually asked to be the forum team manager, along with Koopster, who declined but eventually replaced K3fka as the PR Team Manager instead.
Impetus: Since I had been a vocal member of the community about the issues with moderation for quite a long time, I can only imagine that's why I was one of the first choices for the position. Generally, people seem to think I'm quite level headed, or at least good at judging situations in a fairly unbiased way and carrying through the logic of whatever rules are set.
Impetus: My motivation for accepting pretty much just boils down to wanting SMW Central to be a better site. A lot of people have a 'giving back to the community' angle, and I think that's fair, but I'm not really doing it out of a sense of owing the community something, just out of a sense of wanting the community to be better.
Impetus: As the forum team manager now, I do the same thing as most managers, which is checking stats and reviewing what everyone else has done. In this case, that means reviewing pretty much all moderation cases on the site. I also chime in on pretty much all moderation policy issues, and talk to users or take feedback when needed. I have to admit that, in terms of tackling the issues which caused this position to be created, things haven't gone 100% smoothly over the past year or so. But, hopefully people think things have been improved somewhat. Now we have a new dream team of admins, we should be able to make some larger improvements to things like the rules, site policy and such.
Impetus: On top of being a forum team manager though, I still do forum moderation work, and work for the PR team. Hence why this C3's theme and theoretical gimmick (we might bring it back next time) where done by me, and why I've been podcasting, interviewing and the likes. While you don't see it unless you're behind the scenes, I've had at least some input into most PR related things around the site.
Impetus: I also function as a sort of pseudo internal affairs, and do a little busywork like suggesting improvements and organizing that stuff, although it isn't an official position.
Noivern: We really do have a much more user-oriented admin team than we've had in a long while. All of them except Kieran discuss regularly on the forums and on Discord, and they all know what to do when things go down.
Noivern: You said you hope people think things have improved, but what about you. Do you think things have improved?
Impetus: Well, from my perspective, things are generally moving in a better direction now. People who literally only used the site to harass other users and cause drama aren't getting an endless free pass, which I think makes the site a better place to hang out on for everyone else. The severity of 'punishments', if we have to do them, are a lot more consistent. That was one of the most glaring problems in the past. With that said, a lot of the things I'd like to change or improve aren't things I can do on my own - that's where the new admin team comes in really. I obviously don't have the authority to make sweeping improvements to site rules and policies on my own, and getting the entire staff team on board with those things is a lot more challenging than it sounds. If you make these large changes to the rules, both users and staff members pretty much have to re learn what's acceptable.
Impetus: One of the big changes we made was the NSFW content policy, and it’s the most common rule people break here. What people forget is that we have no age gate on the site, so young children could come here and see your 2 paragraph smut or lewd face picture. Short of gating off all content for people under a certain age, or adding nsfw post tag site code and requiring users to input their age and put all nsfw content in those tags, this hardline policy is the only one that’s really a viable solution.
Impetus: The main issue with asking me my perspective though is that, since this is community moderation, what matters the most is that the majority of the community is happy with the moderation. It's impossible to please and cater to everyone of course, and we're not really interested in making the site only usable to a niche community of people, but what I personally think is an improvement might not be seen that way by everyone else. In that respect, giving site feedback or even just alerting staff to things you think are important is one of the best things you can do. After all, if people hadn't done that, and I hadn't done that, I wouldn't even be forum team manager right now.
Noivern: Very true @NSFW content. It's really hard having a site that I spend so much time on that sounds like it should be family-friendly, but I still can't recommend it to younger family because of random NSFW spurts in the forums or Discord.
Noivern: I think we should be a bit tougher in that regard.
Impetus: Yeah, I mean, it's mario, not trials in tainted space. Uh, please don't google that kids.

Noivern: So how are you enjoying C3 so far? There have been quite a few good hacks and tools released this time around.
Impetus: C3 has had some pretty cool stuff. I think the big winner this C3 is SMW hacking. I've got to be honest, for the past I don't know how many years I haven't been that intrested in SMW hacks. Most of them went for a vanilla-ish feel, retraced old footsteps, and after like 2012 things really felt like they had just stagnated for the most part. This C3 though, I've seen so many cool and inventive hacks, both releases and trailers, and I'll definitely be playing them. I'm strongly considering starting to stream them as well, because I've just been really impressed with what I've seen.
Impetus: I think people who were watching the live podcast probably already knew that though =p
Noivern: "I think the big winner this C3 is SMW hacking."
Noivern: okay, but like
Noivern: what's your favorite
Noivern: come on you've gotta have a favorite
Impetus: Supre Amiro, definitely c;
Impetus: In more seriousness, super wakana land looks pretty neat, with the magic mechanic and multiple characters.
Impetus: But there's no way to know what'll actually be my fave til I get to play them.
Impetus: Wait, multiple characters is eevee's hack. Now I sound dumb
Impetus: Let me try again.
Impetus: Ahem.
Impetus: In more seriousness, super wakana land looks pretty neat, with the magic mechanic and eevee's hack looks cool with multiple characters.
Impetus: While Eevee's is a remaster, I gather that there's a huge difference to the original.
Impetus: however I won't be playing Eevee's as he's a dirty traitor
Noivern: I haven't played a whole lot of C3 hacks yet, but I really enjoyed Buzzy's World Tour.
Noivern: Non-Mario playable characters done well make for fantastic hacks.
Noivern: What can we do as a site to take down Todd Howard?
Noivern: I've already uninstalled Skyrim.
Impetus: Play my new game, New SMW Central Rising Gaiden: Attack on Todd Howard 64 to support me in my fight.
Impetus: Only by playing Kingdom SMWC RE: The Death of Todd DX Director's Cut can you make sure that Todd Howard pays for his crimes.
Noivern: Is that available on Steam?
Impetus: With the current steam quality control standards, yes it probably is.

Noivern: So, due to technical difficulties, the original C3 gimmick didn't quite go as planned and had to be scrapped.
Noivern: You did quite a bit of work behind the scenes, coming up with the idea and fleshing it out into a full-fledged gimmick waiting to be coded.
Noivern: What was your original idea for the C3 gimmick?
Impetus: Well, some of my favourite events in the past were ones which built up a sort of site lore, and really encouraged users to become a part of it in a sense. The old eshroom corp and system vs chester events were really neat, and the former had a rankset which changed based on fulfilling a task.
Impetus: So, the main idea for this event was to try and revive some of the most fun parts of past smwc.
Impetus: We have the canonical world map (or at least part of it) for smwc, and I wrote up all of the lore for the kingdoms you see.
Impetus: It’s just a shame that the other half of the event, which would be completing C3 achievements to get moons for your rankset (and kingdom) was too intensive for alcarobot to manage.
Impetus: If we can get it fixed, I still think it would be really cool to do.
Noivern: Eh, I have a feeling it would have been fine if there was more time to test.
Noivern: It just kinda happened and then the sheer number of C3 posts overwhelmed it.
Impetus: Well I did tell people that a month wasn't very long to do it and I kept pushing for people to get it done but everyone else seemed to think it was plenty of time.
Impetus: I hate being right sometimes .-.
Noivern: .-.
Impetus: Once I can defeat todd howard and get the moons back, perhaps we'll be able to do the event proper.
Noivern: Even though it didn't go as planned, I'm still enjoying C3. Are you still enjoying it? What are your thoughts on the sudden rise (and hopefully just as sudden fall) of Todd Howard?
Impetus: I think my thoughts are quite clear. Todd Howard must die.
Noivern: Agreed.
Impetus: As for C3, well, we do regular C3s without 'gimmicks' and those are fine.
Impetus: So this is at least going as well as any one of those.
Impetus: Maybe we'll just switch the summer C3 to be the gimmicky one from now on to make up for this hiccup.
Impetus: Otherwise we'll be waiting a year instead.

Noivern: The live podcast was a blast, seeing you all checking out threads and resources and playing hacks.
Noivern: The podcast is doing rather well for itself.
Noivern: How did you get involved in it?
Impetus: Well, one of the first things I wanted to do regarding youtube content was start a SMWC Podcast.
Impetus: But the idea never got off the ground as we didn't have enough people interested in it.
Impetus: Enter the return of FPzero and other staff members like Teyla, and suddenly we had enough people for a regular podcast.
Impetus: And being interested in it from the beginning, I of course was on board ^-^
Impetus: The C3 live stream in particular went great though.
Impetus: I dunno if there's anything non-C3 we can do that for, Ivy does his streams sometimes, but it worked so well it'd be worth looking into what else we can do in that vein.
Noivern: Go full Game Grumps and make a SMW hack Let's Play series.
Impetus: That was actually kind of a spur of the moment thing too, originally FPzero had just planned to do the podcast about C3 content, and not stream it live.
Impetus: I think I thought he meant it was live for a while, and then later on he decided to do it live for real.
Impetus: Are we as good as game grumps though
Impetus: What would we even be. We're not that grumpy. I don't think.
Impetus: Game Chumps?
Noivern: It's not that hard
Impetus: "Hi I'm a chump. I'm not so chump."
Impetus: I'm unsure who the chump is in this situation.
Noivern: I'd be the chump, but then I'd have to be on camera.
Noivern: And I would literally die.
Impetus: But you're already dead?
Noivern: who

Noivern: Is it true that you're the best staff member?
Impetus: That's not my job to say about myself. It's other people's job to say about me. I would never boast like that.
Noivern: Yes or No
Impetus: I can neither confirm nor deny that I am the best staff member.
Noivern: We only ask the hard hitting questions here.
Noivern: You've gone by Soliera for a while on the SMWC Discord. Is a site name change in order?
Impetus: Nah, I just changed my name and avatar for halloween and never changed it back. My SMWC avatar is still on rotation.
Noivern: Free for all: Impetus vs. Soliera vs. Sophia vs. phenolatukas
Noivern: Who would win?
Impetus: Haileystraza, probably.
Noivern: vs. Haileystraza vs. LATUKAROG vs...
Impetus: I could make a fighting game roster using only myself at this rate.
Impetus: I'll call it "stop hitting yourself".
Noivern: Anybody in particular you'd like to see guest on the podcast?
Impetus: Raocow, somewhen. But I dunno when the right occasion for that would be.
Noivern: Do you hack SMW anymore outside of contests?
Impetus: I want to, but that never really results in me actually managing to.
Impetus: Rest in peace #collab.
Noivern: Now that Morton's Empire has been released and the main organizers have expressed interest in a sequel, do you plan on wrenching control of #collab from Erik's greedy collaborator hands?
Impetus: Maybe? I could just start it from scratch and do the more chocolate themed #collab of my dreams. But until I can BRK into ASM, or find someone else who can do that stuff, it's gonna be the collab of my pipe dreams.
Impetus: Plus, I'm working on Super Mystery SMWC Dungeon Ultra Team - A intermediary prologue - 01/3 DaYs over the Bethesda Kingdom
Impetus: That's gonna take a while to make now, which doesn't give me time to learn asm or make smw levels.
Impetus: And I have a hearthstone card design contest that I'm participating in, and assuming I qualify for the next few rounds, is gonna fill up my next month or so.
Impetus: But after that? Anything is possible.

Noivern: Rapidfire question time! I hope you're ready.
Impetus: I'm not =v
Impetus: Time to die.
Noivern: Too bad.
Noivern: Favorite song?
Impetus: 4′33″
Noivern: A classic.
Impetus: I'm bad at picking favourite anythings tbh =p
Noivern: Who has the best site layout?
Impetus: Whoever made the VLDCX or Rain ones c;
Noivern: Favorite Discord emoji?
Noivern: Least favorite game in your Steam Library?
Impetus: Ace of Spades, mainly for ruining a good game concept and turning it into a piece of garbage.
Noivern: Favorite Pokemon not including Noivern?
Impetus: Flygon or Poipole/Naganadel
Noivern: pick one
Impetus: <Impetus> “I'm bad at picking favourite anythings tbh =p”
Noivern: I'm putting you on the spot.
Impetus: My favourites change slightly like every 2 weeks fuck you I can't give solid data.
Impetus: As a soup maker said.
Impetus: There is no perfect soup, just perfect soups.
Impetus: So I declare there is no perfect pokemon. Just there are perfect pokemon.
Impetus: Doesn't work as well with those pluralization rules.
Noivern: For the record, Flygon is leagues better than every single gen 7 Pokemon.
Noivern: Least favorite color?
Impetus: Hot pink.
Noivern: Impetus Battles when?
Impetus: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Impetus: When I have more time.
Noivern: Favorite non-SMW game?
Impetus: Implying I even like SMW?
Noivern: Point taken.
Impetus: Why do you keep asking me favorite questions anyway :thinking:
Noivern: I'm doing the interview here.
Impetus: I'll just give you a handful.
Impetus: TWEWY, Kingdom hearts the series, hearthstone, civilization the series, mobas as a concept but not mobas the community.
Noivern: Did you hear TWEWY is being ported to Switch?
Impetus: Yeah I did, I'm gonna buy and play it again uwu
Impetus: And i never do that for remakes in general lol.
Noivern: And now I've got the soundtrack stuck in my head.
Noivern: Do you speak or write any languages other than English?
Impetus: No I don't really write or speak other languages.
Impetus: I know a vague working bit of Japanese, and I've 100% forgotten any german or french I learned in school.
Noivern: Favorite food?
Impetus: Fun fact about TWEWY though - I wouldn't have played it if it weren't for people signing up as TWEWY characters in amalgamation. Doing research for it was my incentive to get the game, and it ended up beign one of the most infuluental games in my life.
Impetus: Favourite food is kind of weird because like, are you supposed to give a kind of food or a specific food within that kind?
Impetus: I guess pizza and curry.
Impetus: AND sushi!
Impetus: nom nom nom
Noivern: Least favorite classical luthier?
Impetus: classical what?
Noivern: Anything you want to add to this interview?
Impetus: I'll take the safe route and say whichever one was an nazi is the worst.
Impetus: Uhh yeah I'd like to add something.
Impetus: Why am I staff spotlit =?
Impetus: uwu
Noivern: Because you're cool.
Impetus: Wow they're giving staff spotlight to just about anyone these days.
Nice interview, sir.

[slowly claps]

Also, great job, Impetus!!!
Not sure where to put here... or is it? (Also: Yay! Old layout!)
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Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
Originally posted by Interview
Impetus: If we can get it fixed, I still think it would be really cool to do.


Impetus: Maybe we'll just switch the summer C3 to be the gimmicky one from now on to make up for this hiccup.

I love Impetus because we pretty much agree on everything. #smrpg{<3}
Originally posted by Impetus
Wow they're giving staff spotlight to just about anyone these days.

lol that's true

Congrats Imp! That was well deserved.
Congratulations ^^

praise todd though
staff spotlights are surely fun these days.

Congrats Impetus #tb{:]}


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