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C3 Winter 2018 Voting
Forum Index - Important - Announcements - C3 Winter 2018 Voting
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With C3 having come to a close, it's finally time to vote for your favorite threads in each of the categories given below!
For everyone new to C3, these trophies are displayed on the profiles of everyone credited in the thread, right under their bios.

You can find the voting page here:
C3 Voting Page
left to vote!

How it works!

You can nominate up to 3 different threads in each category. Voting the same thread multiple times in the same category is invalid, but voting the same thread in multiple different categories is fair game.
To vote for a thread, simply look through the list below the voting form on the voting page and find its numerical ID, displayed in bold right in front of the title, and enter that number into the appropriate voting field.

The first category, Best Feedback, is special. It requires you to vote for a user instead of a thread.
To find a user's numerical ID, simply visit their profile and check the URL at the top of your browser window. For example, idol's ID is "18321" because her profile's URL ends in "/?p=profile&id=18321".

You can update your vote as many times as you wish before the deadline ends, and it will be saved for when you return to the page, as long as you don't forget to click "Vote!" to save them.

Please refrain from voting for your own threads or projects you have made significant contributions to, and especially don't make organized efforts to get your own project to win specific categories. All that does is ruin the event for everyone.
We can and will check this before publishing results.

The categories!

Here's a more detailed explanation of each category, to mitigate confusion about what any of the trophy categories mean!

1) Best Feedback
Did another user catch your eye posting high quality feedback in lots of threads, or did someone drop a very helpful reply in your own thread? This trophy would be a good way to say thanks!

2) Most Impressive
For that thread that just absolutely blew your mind, whether it be an amazing hack, a crystal clear port collection, an incredible ASM release or really anything.

3) Biggest Game-Changer
If there was anything that made you think "wow, this will change the way we hack SMW," then vote for it here. It could be anything, from an exciting, game-overhauling patch to a new essential tool.

4) Biggest Surprise
Was there a thread that caught you completely off-guard? Something you never thought would see the light of the day, something authored by someone you did not think to ever see again or something amazing that came completely out of the blue to you?

5) Most Promising Hack in Progress
This category is meant for hacks that are not yet finished, but look really promising to you. It can be anything from a demo or a level teaser to screenshots, a trailer or even just mere mention of an upcoming hack, it's all up to you.

6) Quality over Quantity
For that really tiny C3 thread that still clearly involved a lot of effort. One or two ports, a single sprite, one graphics tileset, a really small level teaser, anything that seems to have as much work put into it as other, much bigger projects!

7) Funnest Thread
Vote for your favorite joke or gimmick thread, or just any thread that let you have a good time!

8) Weirdest Item
If any C3 submission left you with a sour taste in your mouth or just completely dumbfounded, vote for it in this category. Maybe someone will explain it if it wins?

9) Least Organized Thread
Did any C3 submission thread make you feel like an explorer lost in the jungle? Was it so badly organized that it took you more time to find out what you're supposed to be looking for than it took you to actually look at it? "Honor" them here.

10) Best Finished SMW Hack
Vote for your favorite SMW hack that was released at this C3.
Cheat sheet: Eevee, Morton's Empire Team, PMH

11) Best Demo SMW Hack
Vote for the best SMW hack demo released this C3. Whether it's 3 levels or 4 worlds doesn't matter!
Cheat sheet: 1UPdudes, Aeon, Tob, alexandrite, Big Brawler, Super Stiviboy, Dan and co., Final Theory, IronFoxGaming, juhlyoh, kamekku14, lolyoshi, lukacspatrick, MarkVD100, Minimay, natnew, Pink Gold Peach, Qwoll and co., Roberto zampari, RZ1, Sariel, SMW DLC Team, superwiidude, telinc1, Ten, TheBiob, The Toadio Bro, tmauri, toad64, yogui (1), yogui (2), yoshifanatic, yoshimap

12) Best Non-SMW Console Item
Did you know that there are actually hacks for games other than SMW and homebrews shown off at this C3? You can vote for the best looking one in this category, no matter whether it's finished or not!
Cheat sheet: cpuHacka101 and co., Ersanio, Heraga, SkywinDragoon, w7n

13) Best SMW Hack Teaser
For any thread that did an outstanding job leaving you eager for an eventual release, be that through screenshots, an announcement or just a vague hint! Presentation is key after all.
Cheat sheet: JUMP Team, LMPuny, Mirann, Ragey, Sadistic Designer, StrikeForcer, Team Välfärd, telinc1, TheBiob, w7n, Wakana, yoshifanatic, Yoshin

14) Best Trailer
Vote for the most amazing, funniest or most immersive trailer video for any hack here!
Cheat sheet: cpuHacka101 and co., Daizo Dee Von, FedoraFriday, Luks, nickofzo, Tob, Wakana

15) Best Graphics Release
Vote for the best SMW graphics releases you had the pleasure of seeing. Sprite replacements are just as welcome as entire graphic tilesets, as long as they're pretty!
Cheat sheet: Big Brawler, idol, Katrina, Mogu94, Mr. Pixelator, Ninja Boy, Noivern, Paperdomo101, Roberto zampari, Rykon-V73, StrikeForcer

16) Best ASM Release
Vote for your favorite piece of ASM released this C3. Blocks, Patches, Sprites and uberASM code snippets are all up to be nominated here!
Cheat sheet: Erik (1), Erik (2), GreenHammerBro, LMPuny, LX5, RussianMan, Tsutarja, WhiteYoshiEgg, yoshifanatic

17) Best Tool Release
Vote for the handiest or most impressive tool released. Some of these might not fit the traditional definition of a "tool" but definitely have their own very useful functions!
Cheat sheet: 6646, TheBiob, yoshifanatic, Zandro

18) Best Music Release
Vote for the thread with the best music releases here. Both ports and original compositions are fine, no matter the amount.
Cheat sheet: Gloomy, JonKaruzu, Pinci, tcdw, Ultima, Wakana

19) Best Request Thread
If anyone completely shattered your expectations in their art, code or anything-else request thread, or if you noticed someone working tirelessly to fulfill other people's requests, you can honor them with this trophy!
Cheat sheet: 1UPdudes, Erik, Ladida, Luks, Tob, MalusAmigo, Mathos, MaxodeX, SkywinDragoon, StrikeForcer, Zekrom PKstarship

20) Honorary Mention
The category for any thread that you believe deserves a trophy, but could not find a category for, or that you simply ran out of space for. You can vote for anything here!
vote butt.smc for biggest game changer
No one is going to vote in me.
You nuked all your threads, so yea, nobody really COULD. They aren't listed in any cheat sheets for a reason.

Your layout has been removed.
quick reminder that the shortest and best hack has been released this c3 too.

I dont think I will win anything this time to be honest because I didnt really do anything spectacular. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
// Layout by Maxo
Originally posted by leod
You nuked all your threads, so yea, nobody really COULD.

: (

I just ripped 5 sprites of SMAS SMB1, that's crap.
Anyway, I'll try to do something more spectacular next time.

EDIT: I also posted a hack joke, but I also deleted.
That's not crap at all, it's legitimate work. You shot yourself in the foot by completely deleting both of your threads for no reason though.

Your layout has been removed.
well ... you're right, I was an idiot in deleting my posts.
Originally posted by leod
14) Best Trailer
Vote for the most amazing, funniest or most immersive trailer video for any hack here!
Cheat sheet: cpuHacka101 and co., FedoraFriday, Luks, nickofzo, Tob, Wakana

**Ehem** also you forgot me.

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

Darn, I know I'm not gonna win anything.
If only my AAA thread was still in existence
stares at noivern

please click this!
I'm not sure if anyone would even like my demo...
I think one of the levels might be broken. Haven't been able to take another look at it since the demo release.
Nothing of my name ... sad ...
Patrick demands you vote for me in every single category!

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
in me too.
Yeah vote for me or something like that lmao.
Honestly, just votes would make me happy (or people using the graphic rips).
Best of luck, all!
Layout by RanAS, modified by yours truly.

Imo there are some good stuff out there. But CHUCK FUCKS would get all the categories if it could. :)

(I'll see if i vote)


The winner should be Todd Howard.
==nuked, out of respect for those (Minuy) I have offended. I am deeply sorry for what I have done, and can only hope that one day you can learn to forgive me==

e: thanks for the cheat sheet leod, I'm assuming you're aware of how helpful it is so i dont really have to emphasize exactly how much easier it's going to make voting this year. I actually went into voting this year with the mindset of "only if it's been made easier", which it has. So thanks :)

check out my SKETCH SHOW onyoutube
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