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Chocolate Level Design Contest 2018 - Discussion

Link Thread Closed

Level Design

Discuss and ask questions here!

also let me start saying something: despite the contest having 'chocolate' in the name, it doesn't mean literal chocolate-themed levels - anything resource-related goes. sure you can make a chocolate-themed level if you want but it's not what this contest means to be lol

okay now that we've got that out of the way, discuss
vanilla chocolate
// Layout by Maxo
Aw Yeah, finally I get to pretend to do things
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
Hey, a chocolate-themed level would be nice to see tbh.
I hope I win
Originally posted by Hinalyte
Hey, a chocolate-themed level would be nice to see tbh.

I'm a judge!
Originally posted by FPzero
I'm a judge!

Can't wait to win (or at least finish my level for once) #smw{:TUP:}
I'm probably not going to pay much attention to this thread or the Submissions thread because I don't want to know who is entering what levels so as to avoid any potential judging bias. But if you need to ask questions about the contest, I'll look through here occasionally. You can also PM me here on the site or DM me on Discord.
All The Rulez.
One level Per Chocolate.

Let's Get Stert in progress Today! or tomorrow and we have Timer and Progress Meter
i came to hack mario and chew bubblegum...

...and i swallowed my gum. pelase call poison control i am choking to dea
umm... can i help you!?
I'm definitely entering, CLDC's whole concept really does open up to endless creative possibilities.
Now I can put a one-off level idea I've had for quite some time to use!
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Time to scout the deep web for ultra rare sprites.
Hopefully I'll find one that turns every level into DOOM.
welp, time for me to submit more garbage
I hope I lose.
Originally posted by Blind Devil
- Anything goes when it comes to external resources. Custom graphics/music/blocks/sprites/ASM are allowed. Go nuts!

Originally posted by Blind Devil
- No Kaizo/Pit allowed - we have KLDCs for a reason.

Oh. Well, I'm no good at making non kaizo, but I'll still try.
Expect little to nothing from me for now.

Player graphics are the only thing I do right, so come tell me to make one you want.

Go to my profile for more trash of mine.
i hope i make
ill participate

Level Design

Link Thread Closed