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Chocolate Level Design Contest 2018 - Rules and Submissions

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Level Design

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Welcome to CLDC 2018, the level design contest where anything resource-wise goes! I will be your host this year!

Well, let's get kicking on.

Participation Rules:
- Anything goes when it comes to external resources. Custom graphics/music/blocks/sprites/ASM are allowed. Go nuts!
- Your level shouldn't have more than two exits.
- No Kaizo/Pit allowed - we have KLDCs for a reason.
- You can work together with a partner if you wish.

Judging categories:
- Fun factor (30 points): How well designed is your level? Is it overall fun to play? Is it too long or boring?
- Presentation (20 points): How does your level look like aesthetically? Is the theme/gimmick consistent? Are there any graphical/musical clashes? Does the theme/gimmick overstays its welcome? Does the level work well or does it have functionality issues, like unintended massive slowdown, sprite memory issues or broken SFX/samples?
- Creativity (10 points): Does the level have an original, nice setup? Is the theme/gimmick innovative? Or is it generic/poorly set up?

Submission Rules:
- You can link a ZIP/RAR file in this thread including a BPS file of your entry, or link the BPS directly. Don't upload ROMs.
- You are free to update your entry at any time while the submission period is still open. But don't make a new post - edit your old one instead.

The judges for this year's contest are: FPzero, Noivern, and yours truly Blind Devil.

You have until March 11th, 23:59 PT to submit your entry. Six weeks given, so it attempts to be fair with everybody's time schedules.
Time remaining:

A last reminder that questions or comments about the contest should be posted in the discussion thread. Here, submissions only.

That should be all. Have fun, and good luck!
Freeze, Plumber!

This level centers around enemy projectiles that can freeze you in place, while your fireballs can unfreeze certain blocks to reveal goodies (or Munchers if you're not careful).
Quintesson Judge: Silence, or you will be held in contempt of this court!
Hot Rod: I have nothing but contempt for this court!
- Transformers the Movie (1986)
Growing Fields
Userbar made by Green Jerry

Chocolate Mountains
Here is my level!
It is called Chocolate Mountains.
Just a guy who likes hacking.

the tap tap menace by Tob and me

Living on the sky
Credits included.
Travel to Airship

This level is the stage where you help Mario to activate the airship and then venture into space.
Warning: If you want to play as if you Zsnes, open the file in Notepad zsnes.cfg. And per2exec to modify the 150.
I am yoshi9429 enjoying Lunar Magic and Touhou Danmakufu ph3 and RPG Maker MV.
First Hacking Ever!

Title: Revolution's Adventure

Current Version: v1.1.3 (2018-03-11 - 4 Times Updated)
Redownload and See Changelog.txt

Edit 1: I'm not sure why is not fun this level?
Edit 2: also The YouTube Link Has Removed because it's old.
Edit 3: This is the last update now.
Edit 4: Fixed at the level 3
First level
A castle level with two exits and a secret.
If you play this, please leave your opinion and suggestions(how to improve my level?).
One part was rushed.(1D2)

Choo Choo! Mario just wants to go on vacation. He's hopped on a train, and all his friends are there! However, he just can't catch a break, and disaster strikes.
Someone gets MURDERED!

This submissions contains a lot from the VWF dialogues patch, the powerups patch, all stuff I haven't touched before, so this was more of a mission to challenge myself. I also made a lot of the graphics, which as someone who isn't the best at visual art, was also a challenge.

I'd say the toughest part was actually making the trains exterior graphics, which you see in the welcome screen and the first section of the level where you enter the train. I based it off a smaller clipart image off Google, and scaled it up.

This is also my first entry into a contest, so I wanted to spend a lot of time on it. Hope you all enjoy!

Choo Choo - REDRUM
Summit Highislands v2


Fixed some bugs I found on the level! #smw{:peace:}
My Ports
here's my entry

something about pancakes
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Level Design

Link Thread Closed