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Chocolate Level Design Contest 2018 - Rules and Submissions

Link Thread Closed

OLD - Level Design

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Here is my short level
I was a little late for lack of ideas at first, but if you stop to think, it's not such a great level.
Having completed his adventure and gotten the salmon, Glitchcat7's cat Mallow takes a stroll through the city.

Uses stuff we didn't use in the first Super Mallow World hack, but which we're planning on using in the sequel. I tried to credit everyone involved that I can in the credits level, and there's a sandboxy level where we were trying out different blocks to see what would fit in our hack or not.

Obviously I want to acknowledge everyone else involved with the first Super Mallow World hack for making the hack, and for getting us started on the second.

Though the design of this level is 100% mine, the graphics and stuff are not, and I credited those in the credit level too.

Edit: Added music, fixed some palette stuff, removed a couple yoshis because 1-up sprites are broken.
#thp{=0}Rescue Cirno! ⑨


Edit: Ok, NOW this is the FINAL version. I'm sorry, guys, hehe.
Exclusive content and nostalgia!
Here is my level:

Lespna1's Level

I had fun working on this. I wanted to have more enemies, but I had some limits with the graphics overlapping and being in SP4, but I tried my best to test everything and make it work right.
The credits are in the Readme file.

Edit: I updated the ZIP file.
Galactic Adventure (ver. 1.03) - a collab by Wakana and me

Best thanks to our very helpful testers:
- Chosentw0
- Eevee
- Gloomy

Also thanks to all the people, which coded the resources we used.

Exhausted Mario

Updated. Now there's music.

Berk for the background
tcdw for music
morsel/morceau for assisting me with ASM
GreenHammerBro, JackTheSpades, MarioE, mikeyk for original air meter ASM

a collaboration with katrina.

uses msu-1, so you will need an emulator that supports it or sd2snes or something.
Sledding Through The Reactive Factory

Solo entry. Please do not use the GFX resources used in this level anywhere else as of now. Special thanks to Ruberjig for taking up my longstanding publicly-made C3 ASM request that is used in this level.

Modern Redrawn Mario Bros. 1.5 (last update - February 14, 2023, some new bonus frames, tons of minor touchups to various poses)

On Pixel Art Requests: Depends on what it is and if I have the time for it. If its complex and I don't have the time, don't expect me to accept it.

Projects I support:

Haunted Stronghold

No secret exit, utilizes SA-1, and tested using Bizhawk. Figured I should cover my bases just in case. :P

Best of luck to the other entrants!


DUMP - Level 613 - Smash Stronghold

Me and Mellonpizza thought Mario doesn't use his hammer enough. Press X or Y to use the hammer anywhere (ground & air).
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

(rip my other userbars momentarily)

New Entry

Collab by Miku & me.
Layout by Erik557
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OLD - Level Design

Link Thread Closed