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My very first Rom Hack


Hi everyone! I am working to my veryfirst ROM Hack since 6/7 months and I need some help in testing it. Nobody ever played it,
so it will be very helpful if you could give me some description or some suggests to improve it. I am focusing with the levels and I did'nt change at all the main screen or the plot of the story,
I will work at it when I will be satisfied with the levels!
There is a link to my files, so if you want and if you are pleased to play my ROM Hack I will be very gratefull.
If you need everything else, like screenshots,
you have only to ask! Thanks to everyone that will help me!
That link doesn't go to your file bin, but to the file bin of whoever clicks it. To link to yours specifically, use instead - or, better yet, right-click on the download link and select "copy link address".

Also, you uploaded a ROM, which isn't allowed on the site. Look into making a patch instead, then upload that. (you should probably delete the ROM too.)

That being said, your hack looks alright for a first attempt! #tb{:)} Seems on the Kaizo side to me though, so I couldn't actually play it all that much. (oh, and for some reason the player dies on the title screen.)

Thank you for yout advice! #tb{:D} Yes, he dies on the title screen, but I don't know how to fix it! XD I deleted the ROM and made a .bps file, and there is the link to download it:
Yes, is on the Kaizo side, because many youtubers inspired me to do this ROM hack #tb{:DD}
Hi everybody! Here there is an update to my ROM hack! I am hoping that someone is playing it and I hope someone would give me some suggestions! #tb{^V^}