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My First Hack v1.2 by Mario_B

File Name: My First Hack v1.2
Submitted: by Mario_B
Authors: Mario_B
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: My first hack i've created with Lunar Magic.

It's just a simple SMW hack with four Levels and one secret exit. But i did use custom Music!

I'd be really happy if i get some feedback so I can improve myself!

v1.2 fixes

-An English version has been added

-The Gameplay has changed in some levels

-The Overworld has changed a bit

-Fixed some wrong tiles on the overworld

-The checkpoint in 1-3 has been moved

-The bug that a Bone-Ride in 1-3 went through the floor has been fixed

-The slowdown at the end of 1-4 has been fixed

This is exceptional for a first hack. Unfortunately though, it's not quite long enough to accept. I encourage you to make 2-3 more levels and resubmit and you'll be fine.

While you're at it, there are a few things that could use fixing.

-Yellow Switch and 1-4 don't trigger any events when completed, meaning they don't count towards the exit total, which should be 6.
-Completing Yellow Switch doesn't show the pressed switch graphic on the overworld. This is purely a polish issue since you still can't re-enter but can still be fixed. To fix this, make the yellow switch level tile trigger an event on completion. Then select the level tile and click #lm{owdestlv}. From the drop box, select an unused slot (it should say "Event N/A") then in the box below that, insert the event number that you made the switch trigger on completion.
-Completing 1-4 doesn't bring up a save prompt like it should.
-Name the hack something other than "My First Hack". That name is pretty bad and will turn people off of the hack before they can even play it, regardless of hack quality.