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First hack you ever played?

It was the old C3 demo of The Fourth Sector. I thought it was so impressive, especially with the dynamic YI sprites. It all seems so normal to me now though, but back then it was just "oh my god."
Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.

First hack I've ever played was probably Sonic Boom (sonic 1 hack).
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The first one was some vanilla hack without a proper name, 13 years ago. I stumbled upon it, I remember.

Dream team (feed them, please):

Brutal Mario, it was one of the better rated hack in a blog* "mario hack" and there was even a guide with the location of all secret exits, it was probably a great hack to start since it had lots of graphics and features
I think my first hacks were Collection and Bowser Rampages Again (both by Zmann), Combo Breaker by Sokobansolver and Brutal Mario by Carol. I don't know what happened to Combo Breaker and Brutal Mario. All of them were great.

The first hack I ever played was MARIO, the creepypasta hack. The second was Super Luigi Land. I really preferred Super Luigi Land.
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The first hack i ever played was Marios amazing adventure! it was really great! when i first played it!
Ryu World was the first I played and I absolutely loved it.
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Super Mario Bros. Enhanced (Actually after I started SMW Hacking)

It's really impressive for me at that time, since it has modified graphics, different behaviors besides the original SMW, etc.
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Honestly think it was the original Kaizo a long time ago. I saw a video and had to try it. I was terrible, better than my friends but still atrocious. Years later I'm back into it trying to actually get good, or at least not awful, at these type of hacks. There's a lot more variety and a LOT more creativity now which is awesome to see.
I started with Super Demo World when I first discovered about Lunar Magic , but didnt bother to learn about it and start to hack smw at the time, one of the reasons was because SDW was really boring and way too hard so it didnt catch my interest.
Some years later I discovered other hacks through a brazilian blog named Mario Hacks made by Lester Vine and started playing other better hacks and then started learning about LM and developing my own hacks.
The first hack i ever played was Brutal Mario by carol in 2015. I found it through a youtube video showcasing its bossfights.
Back then i actually didn't even know about SMW hacking websites, i found the ROM to that hack in a SNES ROMs website. That was the only hack i played in the next few months, until i found the website "Mario Hacks" in 2016 and found out more about ROM Hacks and the SMW hacking community.

As for Brutal Mario, of course it was extremely impressive for me! Having only played through the vanilla SMW, i was speechless with the amount of custom resources used in that hack! And even up to this day, it's still one of my favorite hacks!
Of course, i know it isn't the best in terms of design, but it certainly isn't as bad as most people try to make it. It certainly has its bad moments, where it seems the addition of custom resources was more important than the gameplay itself, but it also has many great and fun levels!
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About 13 years ago, I played Super Demo World: The Legend Continues. Well, tried.

The hack is extremely difficult for me! (Either that or I suck at games. Probably the latter!)

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The first SMW hack I played was Kaizo Mario or the infamous level where the player(s) moves by themselves throughout the game. This was around 2013, I feel like nostalgia is gonna bust down my door in a minute, lol.

EDIT: Also, I remember that I made little progress in the Kaizo Mario game. I just went up to the fourth level and rage quitted lmao. Good times. #smw{@_@}
I Like playing Super SIG World Series, because of game has many variations.
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the first hack I played was Kaizo Mario world and I didn't know how to get past the first level :,v
I remember stumbling upon acmlm's board in 2004-2005; the screenshots of the Strange Mario series were the first contact I've got with rom-hacking.
At the time I was a frequent user of a website called the Mushroom Kingdom, and I was always googling bits and bobs about Mario trivia or how to complete a SNES Mario game. Good times. TMK even has a level editor page!

Other than that my memories are a bit foggy, I've begun being invested in rom-hacking for real in 2007-2008 on the french forum PlanetEmu, then only after have I discovered SMWC.

So I'm pretty sure my first hack ever played was Super Mario World remix, by French user Sylvain. Great guy who really is the French pioneer of this hobby.

Later on, I remember two epic rom hacks, both of which are from Gamma V, if I remember well : Super Mario World Starlight remix, and Henry's World.

Thanks for the memories :D

It was a very long time ago, it's hard to remember... 11 or so years ago, my father someday happened to stumble upon a collection of SMW hacks and we played them all together. Therefore, I know of a couple of hacks that have equal possibility of having been the first.

- Super Mario Bros: The Castle ("Final 1.1", might be an old version?)
- Super Mario Hell Version
- Super Carlos World
- "Super Demo World", not FuSoYa's first hack, but some hack built on top of it, internal name "Super Mario Bross 7", made in 2002 by "Sean".
- And some untitled joke-esque hack of Super Mario World, where every level was made to be excessively easy (giving the player an excessive amount of lives, covering every gap and trapping all of the enemies. Other misc. obstacles were removed alos)

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Shoutouts to wiiqwertyuiop

Brutal Mario World. INtroduced me to what was possible with rom hacking. Also made me realize that people put so much time and effort in hacks to make them as good as, or better, than commercially released games
Super Mario Bros 5: Reborn, this hack is beautyful and I play this in 2017